Friday, 8 January 2010

It's a bit chilly and here's for Troopers

Well I am very grateful that I booked my friend Alex to transport Sam around in her super Trooper to do the dogs today as it was minus 15 at home and our diesel froze in our super Trooper! It took a litre of petrol( handy hint of the day) in the fuel tank to defrost it enough for us to go and see to the horses at 1pm luckily they live out so it didn't affect their routine too much. We then managed to go visit the little big girls to give Shy and Rossi a good run in the snow. The lake was avoided as I didn't fancy our guys trying to walk across something that could easily happen.

Sam and Alex are a similar age and are both of a sunny disposition so needless to say the day went well and thankfully we managed to get through everyone.

I managed to take a few snaps and the only thing to dampen the mood was me thinking of how the wildlife is coping with this cold snap, I can only imagine the headstart the barn owls have had the last few years will have come to nothing now. I have seen my first three snipe up close today as they have taken up residence in our village stream, our regular gaggle of geese are also now resident there eating the water cress and there appears to be more Buzzards in the sky than crows!

The Roe are certainly hungry now and you can spot them more now than ever, always a lovely sight. The other native creature in abundance at the moment is the sledger! As you know we have had our turn at sledging and as far as we are concerned nowt can beat a horse feed sack.

A lot of our guys that are walked near roads are starting to suffer from keens, small splits in the pads. This can bet kept to a minimum by keeping a tub with a top outside your door and filling with babyoil in it. Just before you leave for you walk dip their feet in it and it helps to keep their paws more comfortable. By the time you get home its walked of so doesn't wreck your house. Also trim the hair between the toes well back as this helps to stop the balls forming between their toes and making them sore.

Lastly if your dog gets snowballs building up the easiest and most pleasent way to deal with them is to dip the legs in nice warm water and they melt off easily!

Happy sledging!

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