Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Getting fit?

Well yesterday was a delight. Really it was.

I took the liveliest dogs out with the bike and you know there was not one crash( minor miracle) not one wrong word and they were pooped by the end of the trip yeh!

Firstly and gently I took out the delicates Charlie and Murphy as Charlie is young and Murphy the Great Dane who are both fit but you have to be a little careful not to overdo it. Believe it or not they were absolutely fabulous!

Oh I will have to finish this blog later time to go to the dog physio with Izzo.

Be back soon!

I am back...Izzo had a sore back and hip it doesn't help him living with two whopping big St Bernards that both like to wrestle with him....

Can you believe the Daft Great Dane who spends most ofhis time up in the clouds was so good?

Next was the big group Bertie, Beau, Oscar, Hugo, Poppy and Truffle all out with me on the bike( I so need to be fitter)running alongside at the cycle track up to Stanley( huffing and puffing like a steam train, me not the dog) we met lots of people( how dare they do they not know its MY track?) and each time they sat by my side as good as gold then once past off we went again. I am so proud I have two pugs that run alongside a bike and love it though it does make me think I should be fitter, surely two pugs being able to keep up is saying something haha.

Lastly before I passed out with the exertion I took the horrors....Jasp, Vinnie and Madd one. On the way we met a lovely young boxer so we stopped to let them have some fun then off we headed back up to Stanley( which now seemed so much further) Jasp was a little bemused that despite running full tilt I was still alongside him, Vinnie was trying to work out how to pee on the move rather than wait till I did the wee stops( cleverly disguised as wee stops for the guys really they were breathing stops for me)...As for Madd she just ran then occasssionally stopped to look around to see where I was, not quite working out my voice wasnt the only think connected to the bike....BLESS!

Funny all the guys were nice and chilled today. I like it.

Happy exercising.

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