Tuesday, 5 January 2010


So it took two hours to do a forty five minute journey today....no not directly because of the snow, no because people freak out when they see snow!

I thought I'd help people out a little and list a few helpful points.

Panicking in the snow does not help, just get in as high a gear as possible so you can rev as little as possible
Keep the breaking down to a mnimum but that does not mean you should pull out of a junction in front a white transit van just cos your frightened to use your break.
Make sure you have decent tyres on, yes your lovely wide sporty tyres look good but they wont help you get up that hill
Plan ahead, if you see a icy hill or a car stuck do not go hell for leather to join them in their predicament especially when a white transit is behind you and wanting you to get off the sodding road.
If you are going to get up said hill get in high gear wait till all the other lunatics are out of the way and steadily head up if the tracks are polished smooth try some of the unflattened snow to drive on.
Snow in the middle of the road doesnt't mean you have to travel at 15 miles an hour, SERIOUSLY its not good for anyone, especially when you have a white van behind you and you are in a JEEP
If you havent been able to get down that street dont feel the urge to dump your car so that the folowing lorry gets wedged and the tranist behind you has to park up, walk to the house to pick up the dogs then walk back only to find you have gone for a cuppa and left the lorry driver to dig your sports car out!

Ok happy thoughts
I have a better idea
Dont go anywhere
stay in doors and leave the roads for Sam and I
There feel much calmer now.

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