Thursday, 28 January 2010

Was I smug?

Maybe I was smug? I thought I was just chuffed yesterday when I wrote the blog about our super, clever talented dogs. Ah well not today, today I am most definately not chuffed.

So you all know the usual routine by now, we walk the dogs, I either tell you how naughty, nice or bizarre they've been knowing tomorrow is another day and they will probably behave completely differently depending on the day, the weather and the pals they are playing with.

Today they did what all children and animals always do....they show you up, they infuriate you and make you feel like you took the wrong child/ dog/ horse out!

Sherleen's love of her life is Charlielab whose legs have a entirely enthusiastic outlook on life. On a much needed week off she decided it would be lovely to come out for a walk to see what CharlieL did at school. Then we had Julie who's ( once) love of her life is Takoda( stroppy cow) the high as a kite boxer bitch. Of course there was me and my guys, Truffle( not so bloody sweet), Sophie, Tallulah( hormonal bitch literally) and the wedger Murphy ( big gobbed bugger).

With Julie holding Takoda I got the guys to sit ( so far so good) adn then hormonal bitch decides she doesn't have to stay....then refuses to be put back on the lead. Charlie was being angelic ( hurray for Charlie) as was Sophie( not entirely sure she knew anyone had moved she had that delightful blank look on her face). Tallulah made the mistake of running past within reach of my very good catching hand and just as she was popped back on the leader Koda ran past still attached to the lead and both Truffle and her kicked off, Koda swearing like a squaddie and Truffle hissing like a cat, now we are talking a full on girlie hissy fit. By this time Charlie and Sophie had decided they had an overwhelming urge to pretend it wasn't happening and Sophie went off to have a wee and poop( oh great hunt the poop later in the leaves). I told Julie to let go of the now caught Takoda and to leave them to it. Now in 12 years I have dealt with fights mainly through doing the rescue dogs rather than at work and this was an adrenalin fuelled hissy fit rather than a remove parts of each others anatomy fight so getting to close would only given them an ally and possibly made them worse.

Of course they stopped shortly afterward, it seemed a lifetime before it happened of course and two stroppy opinionated little witches came over and seemed slightly perplexed at our very angry expressions, I am sure if they could have they'd have said 'huh what's the fuss?'. Arghhhh

Oh and of course I have missed out the giant gob. The giant gob decided he wanted some of the action despite being on the lead and gabbed my arm, luckily I like to be wrapped up warm so a giant gob wrapping around my arm next to my shoulder was more of a shock than a pain! After a sharp reminder of why that really wasn't a good idea he stood at the end of the leader looking put out.

So why did they do it?

They are dogs.

The excitement got them fired up and Tallulah holding things up caused frustration (ah what a shame, not!) and Koda decided to take her frustration out on Truffle who felt the same way about Takoda. They are firm friends though competitive with each other so it is understandable that they would be the two who would do it, mind it is NEVER acceptable. As for big gob Murphy he too was being a dog and with excitement, frustration throw in, oppurtunity to the mix and his dig at me was really because he couldn't join in with the girls. There are dogs (the bullies) who will take the oppurtunity to have a dig when another dog or dogs are incapacitated, injured or just not able to stop it happening!

What did I do?

Get mad, shout although I am pretty sure I didnt swear as much as the two bitches and frog marched them back to the van. No fun and games for those four ( hormonal bitch, stroppy cow, not so sweet and big gob) they had to sit in the van unwalked whilst the other guys had fun and frolics then had a tediously boring leader walk individually.

So Sophie, Charlie were then joined by their new pals and after a run through the woods had a spot of river plodging although it has to be said Charlie was more divebombing in the water than plodging. Little babes Louie was content with gently plodging with Nanny whilst enjoying treats for being so brave.

To round of the day nicely Lily has decided to blow her top and has a leaky radiator...I have a sneaky suspicion she has the hots for one of the garage lads, dirty gerty likes the way he handles her with his grubby hands!

Ah lovely hand me the toblerone and coffee...

Well Sherleen thank you for the sympathy toblerones and please come out again just so you can see they are not a bunch of raving, raging lunatics...

Did someone say don't work with kids or animals?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Getting fit?

Well yesterday was a delight. Really it was.

I took the liveliest dogs out with the bike and you know there was not one crash( minor miracle) not one wrong word and they were pooped by the end of the trip yeh!

Firstly and gently I took out the delicates Charlie and Murphy as Charlie is young and Murphy the Great Dane who are both fit but you have to be a little careful not to overdo it. Believe it or not they were absolutely fabulous!

Oh I will have to finish this blog later time to go to the dog physio with Izzo.

Be back soon!

I am back...Izzo had a sore back and hip it doesn't help him living with two whopping big St Bernards that both like to wrestle with him....

Can you believe the Daft Great Dane who spends most ofhis time up in the clouds was so good?

Next was the big group Bertie, Beau, Oscar, Hugo, Poppy and Truffle all out with me on the bike( I so need to be fitter)running alongside at the cycle track up to Stanley( huffing and puffing like a steam train, me not the dog) we met lots of people( how dare they do they not know its MY track?) and each time they sat by my side as good as gold then once past off we went again. I am so proud I have two pugs that run alongside a bike and love it though it does make me think I should be fitter, surely two pugs being able to keep up is saying something haha.

Lastly before I passed out with the exertion I took the horrors....Jasp, Vinnie and Madd one. On the way we met a lovely young boxer so we stopped to let them have some fun then off we headed back up to Stanley( which now seemed so much further) Jasp was a little bemused that despite running full tilt I was still alongside him, Vinnie was trying to work out how to pee on the move rather than wait till I did the wee stops( cleverly disguised as wee stops for the guys really they were breathing stops for me)...As for Madd she just ran then occasssionally stopped to look around to see where I was, not quite working out my voice wasnt the only think connected to the bike....BLESS!

Funny all the guys were nice and chilled today. I like it.

Happy exercising.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Our Version of revolutionary dog products

The revolutionary dog product that allows you to clean your dogs paws.

Here's what we do:

Dap spray to help ease lonely dogs suffering

Here's what we do:

Electric Shock collars for 'naughty' dogs

We train instead:

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More photos etc uploaded.

Proof of the sunshine on Monday

Mouse motorway

Today I had to whizz up to Castleside to check in with the mechanic Bruce used, my new van Izzy had a sticky Clutch and my usual garage said I needed a new clutch at £500. Well it ended up a shrewd move as he found it was just in need of a jiggle and oil so once sorted I whizzed the dogs to the Waskerely Way, can't say it was very scenic as I couldn't see a single thing, I lie I say a tractor with a load of cow muck I remember it well as all the dogs noses twitched in delight at that sensory overload.

It is nice to go different places although we do have to be careful to ensure where we go is safe.

I can honestly say Murphy was high as a kite, nearly literally! He is a tuxedo'd Tigger. Tallulah has worked out he's too tall and cumbersome to be a risk so she loves to wind him up, twisting and turning so he overshoots and has to twist around to see where she has gone.

Yesterday I walked at The beamish memorial walk and it was fantastic to see all the mouse trails now on view that were once a mouse motorway under the snow and ice. I am still daily seeing the local barn owls probably desperatley trying to make up for their lean period.

Everyone was remarkebly calm yesterday which was a little eerie Mondays are usually a little manic! Today they were just excited at a new place to visit I think. It will be nice to catch up with Sam tomorrow all being well.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow tracks

Bird art?

Truffle wondering what she is missing.

Takoda...bottom up!

Stoat tracks

Can I smell a rabbit?

The roe deer track

Run bunny run

Clever dogs!

We had two bunny runs today where the bunnes waited till the last minute then they decided to dash in front of the dogs just as we were passing. Everyone of them stopped! I don't know who was more shocked me, the dogs or in fact the bunnies.

It was great looking at all the tracks today and I spotted my first stoat tracks and I was amazed at how obvious the deer run was, they do tend to stick to one route and it was obvious in the snow. We also found the bauble again, looking very precarious as the branch is broken.

And just for fun, next time I call Tumble a mad cat you can remind me of this:

What a bizarre way to have a drink!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A walk I wouldn't recommend!

After a day at the field, which was very much needed for the guys, we needed to take them out on a calm controlled walk practising more leader work and also building up a tolerance to people walking past without reacting. So I decided to walk just along one of the greens in Chester le Street.

Never again, I can genuinely say I have never seen so much chitty in my life and as you can imagine I have seen a lot haha. I am sure the dogs thought we wee doing a random, high stepping walk just to catch them on when the reality was I was trying to hopskip and jump in order to avoid the poop.

So the thought for the day is pick up your poop ( I am of course talking about your dogs poop!)

Urgh what a horrible walk!

Friday, 8 January 2010

A few shots from Northumberland

An unusual view of the A68

Such low temperatures mean I am on water duty, I think it is the only time they have been caught sharing....

You don't just teach dogs the stay command, here is Zaffi looking at the view before the snow got too deep to get out and about.

Even looks minus 15 doesn't it!

It's a bit chilly and here's for Troopers

Well I am very grateful that I booked my friend Alex to transport Sam around in her super Trooper to do the dogs today as it was minus 15 at home and our diesel froze in our super Trooper! It took a litre of petrol( handy hint of the day) in the fuel tank to defrost it enough for us to go and see to the horses at 1pm luckily they live out so it didn't affect their routine too much. We then managed to go visit the little big girls to give Shy and Rossi a good run in the snow. The lake was avoided as I didn't fancy our guys trying to walk across something that could easily happen.

Sam and Alex are a similar age and are both of a sunny disposition so needless to say the day went well and thankfully we managed to get through everyone.

I managed to take a few snaps and the only thing to dampen the mood was me thinking of how the wildlife is coping with this cold snap, I can only imagine the headstart the barn owls have had the last few years will have come to nothing now. I have seen my first three snipe up close today as they have taken up residence in our village stream, our regular gaggle of geese are also now resident there eating the water cress and there appears to be more Buzzards in the sky than crows!

The Roe are certainly hungry now and you can spot them more now than ever, always a lovely sight. The other native creature in abundance at the moment is the sledger! As you know we have had our turn at sledging and as far as we are concerned nowt can beat a horse feed sack.

A lot of our guys that are walked near roads are starting to suffer from keens, small splits in the pads. This can bet kept to a minimum by keeping a tub with a top outside your door and filling with babyoil in it. Just before you leave for you walk dip their feet in it and it helps to keep their paws more comfortable. By the time you get home its walked of so doesn't wreck your house. Also trim the hair between the toes well back as this helps to stop the balls forming between their toes and making them sore.

Lastly if your dog gets snowballs building up the easiest and most pleasent way to deal with them is to dip the legs in nice warm water and they melt off easily!

Happy sledging!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Ok who turned the picture around?

Well what a day! It is a beautiful day, bright, crisp and of course cold. Thank you to everyone who let me know asap what I was doing with the guys.

Despite travelling so far I managed just fine thanks to the Trooper and I picked Sam up after she had walked the dogs in need in Chester le Street.

Next was the washington dogs and birtley dogs walking was certainly interesting with the deep snow especially with the pugs!

Finally we headed back making sure we had called in to everyone and headed to my mams for a welcome coffee with home made banoffee pie.

Well its time to head off, thank you again for keeping in touch with us and thank you to Sam for being as reliable and enthusiastic as ever.

More photos from yesterday and today

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


So it took two hours to do a forty five minute journey not directly because of the snow, no because people freak out when they see snow!

I thought I'd help people out a little and list a few helpful points.

Panicking in the snow does not help, just get in as high a gear as possible so you can rev as little as possible
Keep the breaking down to a mnimum but that does not mean you should pull out of a junction in front a white transit van just cos your frightened to use your break.
Make sure you have decent tyres on, yes your lovely wide sporty tyres look good but they wont help you get up that hill
Plan ahead, if you see a icy hill or a car stuck do not go hell for leather to join them in their predicament especially when a white transit is behind you and wanting you to get off the sodding road.
If you are going to get up said hill get in high gear wait till all the other lunatics are out of the way and steadily head up if the tracks are polished smooth try some of the unflattened snow to drive on.
Snow in the middle of the road doesnt't mean you have to travel at 15 miles an hour, SERIOUSLY its not good for anyone, especially when you have a white van behind you and you are in a JEEP
If you havent been able to get down that street dont feel the urge to dump your car so that the folowing lorry gets wedged and the tranist behind you has to park up, walk to the house to pick up the dogs then walk back only to find you have gone for a cuppa and left the lorry driver to dig your sports car out!

Ok happy thoughts
I have a better idea
Dont go anywhere
stay in doors and leave the roads for Sam and I
There feel much calmer now.

Dog Walking is a very serious profession!


We have had so much fun today and I seriously can't remember when I had so much good honest fun. The dogs thought it wa a complete hoot and joined in as you can see....

Monday, 4 January 2010

Connie Mears

Do you think the boys are interested in the new arrival?

photos updated

Some may be duplicates. More tomorrow and introduction to a new boy, nephew to Bobajob!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Rossi the toothless wonder

I thought it was time to do a catch up.

I am ever so grateful that his hooked puppy teeth are no gone!
I thought for once I would let the photos do the talking.
Buck has improved and is now acting like a demented puppy so a reprieve for now, heres hoping for a little longer( greedy I know)!