Saturday, 26 December 2009

Random Baubles and Guns

Sam taking a photo of the Bauble

Ah a Christmas suprise!

Well by now I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and all are nursing a rather larger tum. Thak yo so very much for our many many presents.

Our last walk together saw Sam and I walking at one of our favourite walks, Twizell. Usually the most exciting thing we come across at Twizell is the odd terratorial Robin giving us hell for daring to disturb their peace or the odd confident rabbit. Not this time tho, no in true Christmas fashion we were met with an intriguing sight...A bauble very high up in a tree with no clear way of how it got up there, the tree had no branches in which to climb and the branch it was on is very delicate yet if they had thrown it up there how on earth did the small tree hanging catch on?

Well I am sure of one thing we will never know but a very glad sight it was...not that any of the dogs appreciated it as they were preoccupied by the jack in the hole rabbits. Clever bunnies they were as they sat outside their burrows and waggled their bums provocatively then just as the rampaging dogs ran up back they would pop in...very amusing form our point of view not so amusing for the long suffering dogs.

Sam was given the day off on Christmas eve so I was on duty and Takodas mum came and joined me on the walks, in the end I was more than a little bit relieved to have had her company. Now for the first time I had forgotten my phone so didnt pick up the 10 phone calls from a frantic customer So blissfully unaware we carried on our walk at Twizell chatting away about what we had planned over the christmas period before we headed back.

Once our guys were happily on the lead we had spotted to drinking and clearly drunk lads walking up the path, we tried to pretty much leave well alone and keep the dogs concentrating on us but I did notice the lads hiding something in the dumped sofa, we both decided by now we wanted nothing to do with then and took the guys back to the van.

It was then that we noticed Malcolm who looked a tad worried and had said he had tried to ring a few times as he had spotted the lads take two guns out of a hiding place in the woods ( who would have thought an old tractor tyre could hold such things?!) and despite being drunk had gone into the woods, probably to pop off a few unsuspecting bunnies. Needless to say there is no way these guns could have been legal as they wouldn't have risked leaving them in the woods unattended. That explains the 10 phonecalls, poor Malcolm must have been worried!

After we phoned the police we headed off shaking our heads at the thought of two drunk (and possibl worse) lads using a gun. Later the police phoned and couldn't tell what they had found but they missed the lads. They thanked us for the phonecall and said it had been very helpful so here's hoping they found the hidden 'stash'!

Never a dull moment eh? Note to self, don't forget your phone and don't give Sam the day off, something bizarre always happens on Sam's day off.

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