Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Raining dogs and dogs

I am guessing you have noticed the rain, if nt where on earth have you been?

Well yesterday we had the guys at the field and as usual they were mad keen, weather? what weather! So they were running around, dashing about splitting up in twos or threes having a game then splitting off to play with two other pals. Hugo who used to hate the rain has now decided its very exciting and he played non stop with Tallulah, Tallulahs hair plastered to her face. Oscar would occassionally join in before peeling off to torment another.

Leia was another who was fired up and boy did she run, run and run, I will never tire of seeing a totally blind dog running without a care running because she can.

Murphy the big lump that he is is still trying to master tight turns, you can't knock him for the effort he puts into training but I am guessing they are way out of his caapbilities, fast tight corner and great Danes dont usually mix. Most of the guys have overcome their mistrust of his size and think he is great for a game of rabbit, Tallulah was regularly the rabbit but it is currently Murphys role. What a funny looking rabbit he makes!

By the end of the walks we were getting chilly and even Tash was looking a bit woebegotten so I said to Sam I would be putting the guys who wanted in the vans back in and I turned around and they were all lined up ready to go in the vans, not just us who were weary of the rain then. I was chuffed with them waiting their turn as I popped them back in some waiting with am and the rest coming when called to sit in the respective cages, heater on ready to defrost them all. I often wonder how many paws I have dried in my time.

Jaspers tactic of trying to deafen us into allowing him 100% priveleges isn't quite going to plan and he is not a happy bunny, how dare we, do we know who he is. He even spat the dummy out with Harvey who he loves playing with as Harvey went for a walk first. Daft dog.

Dexter has also been a muppet and been chewing the mats again, whilst yodelling at the top of his lungs...we have to just relentlessly wait till we get the right behaviour then they can have what they want, to run and play with their mates, lets face it we don't get everything we want for free do we. Dexs mum is trying hard to retrain her spoilt brat and of course we are helping.

Photos have been difficult as its raining so hard most days I dont want to kill my phone but I am sure eventually I will manage to safely take some.

Well it is time for afternoon tootles so back out of the warm and into the cold for all of us.

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