Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mixed end to the year

Well it's that time of year AGAIN. Where do the years go?

To review the year would be condensing so many trials, tribulations, fun, frolics and relationships that I am reluctant! We have met some amazing dogs who have become Petnanny pooches and I am delighted to say we have so many of our good friends still on board.

Well this is the first time since I left school that I have had a week off at christmas and I have to say its been a welcome break. Its given me time to spend with Buck who's health is declining, as usual when an old boy gets older it's never simple. He has had a blood problem all his life and is currently suffering from brain bleeds increasing his dementia and some bleeding internally. Now this sounds all very dramatic but he is in remarkable good health otherwise, bodily he looks fantastic.

So we are plodding along taking his mood into account and how much enjoyment he is enjoying a day ( me getting up makes him very happy, breakfast, tootle in garden even the green if he wants too, a chewtreat later, a good scratch where his stump wont reach, more treats, a go at the treat puzzle trip in the garden, lie infront of the fire and then teatime again).

Izzy the van has been a wench! Travelling home on christmas eve she had no warning lights on yet by Boxing day, despite having oil. her oil warning light has come on and refuses to go off. So other than ticking her over so she doesn't seeze up completely we haven't dared do anymore in case the oil pump has gone. Of course non of the garages are able to send a mechanic out to see if it is the sensor or the pump so we are a bit stranded. Bruce is currently working himself up into a state incase I have to use 'his' Trooper' for the dogs on Monday, oh the trauma! He is inventing lots of reasons and alternatives while I am resolute, hehe.

The horses are happy as pigs in *hit scoffing their expensive but tasty Haylage and playing in the snow with their new male neighbours watching on. I've only managed to ride out once in the snow before it got too icy, well worth the ride out there is something about having a good canter in deep snow, watching a hare run for miles, still visible against the white for many fields.

Sam has been uncharacteristically grumpy about the weather which makes me laugh, for some reason Sam is so funny when she gets grumpy!

Well I have a date with a hot ciabatta and latte with a friend so all the very best to all canine and otherwise and I look forward to seeing you all in 2010.

Oh and kisses to the newest member of Petnanny babies, Connie Mears I can't wait to meet you little girl and I am pleased you finally arrived!


  1. Not as pleased as the rest of the Mears family I'm sure!!!

    Thanks very much for letting me be "Pet Nanny official photographer" can I come back next year?!!!

    Have a lovely New Year.

  2. Haha silly girl for asking its expected of you, naughty Nanny didnt get photos of hansom and lil together so that is one job straight away then there is Lola, Louie and ore I am sure that will need the Chamfron treatment!