Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Love is in the air

Or rather in my van!

First of all there is Charlielab he just lurves Hansom, Hansom just lurves Murphy and Bobby well Bobby also lurves Hanom but limits his desire by quietly airhumping whilst looking longingly at Hansom. So in the van we had Charlielab trying his hardest to 'lurve' Hansom whilst Bobby was airhumping quielty in the corner. Murphy was being hugged and snigged by Hansom whilst Lil the only female looked on in disgust. She went from one to the other telling them to get a grip( Charlie was really trying to get a grip) and I can just imagine her shouting 'erm HELLO I am a girl its me you should be lurving!'.

Lola is just desperate to dive, hug, squeeze and romp with anyone who even shows a passing interest in her direction. Then Poppy was enjoying her chewtoy only it was Truffle's Cone on her head to stop her bothering her stitches....Finally there is grumpy and twitchy Beau and Bertie who can't even stand a dog looking their way unless they happen to be seriously sexy girls.

So for once Izzy was not the relaxng haven she usually is. It didn't take long for the guys to chill out and return to the friendly platonic relationships they usually share although this is partly because Charles humpy pants was seperated from Hansom. Lola worked out that most dogs don't want to play nonstop and enjoy a good snooze before and after a walk then last but not least Poppy decided my offer of a rawhide chew was a far better choice than a plastic cone!

As for Bertie and Beau they continued to grump, Bertie half heartedly just to support his brother and then both fell asleep leaning against the cages back to back with the pugs.

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