Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Knowing what they have learned

Mila, where do I start with Mila?

Now if you met Mila and asked me to show you what she had been taught since I have been taking her out I'd be able to show you a really shaky sit! Oh and I suppose she walks nicely on the lead. Impressed? Maybe not until I told you what she has afterall learnt.

Mila was one of the hundred St Bernards that were removed from a recent RSPCA( yee gods they do actually step in and help animals, must have been a tv camera there) case after being abused, neglected and abandoned. Mila had been fed well at the rescue home but still lay as if crammed into a cage, didnt look up or do anything other than the bare minimum.

So since being in her new home and being walked/ trained by Petnanny she has learnt to relax.....

She has learnt to be aware of her surroundings

To try new things

To initiate play

To initiate contact

To risk the possible wrath ( linked with trying new things)

To stretch out in a cage and to come out of a cage

Now there are many, many other things she has learnt but it gives you an idea of what has been going on since her complete change of life. he may not win any obedience championships but she has learnt some important life lessons and more importantly she has learnt to live.

Not bad eh? Dogs are amazing things. I can live with a shaky sit can you?

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