Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hands up!

Ok hands up who has landed flat on their back today......
Oh that'l just be me then? Huh.
Now I am not a telltale.
It was Vinnie.

Bear in mind I had the Wedgers out....Mila ( a big wedger), Belle( a slightly bigger Wedger), Vinnie ( It was him it was him) Charlie ( more a numpty than a wedger), Bobby ( another numpty) and the wedger of all wedgers Murphy. Now if I was a betting woman I'd have said two St Bernards, a Wiemerarner, two labradors and a Great Dane I'd have betted on the Great Dane or one of the Bernies being the ideal I am not planning on being a betting woman anytime soon as it was Vinnie.

Never mind at least no one saw....huh you should know by now when I land on my face literally or otherwise I usually do it with an audience. Bobbys dad Kevin had joined me and with his camera. Luckily I had cleverly distracted him with a beautiful view. I really enjoyed our walks today as we mixed the dogs up a little so Kevin could see Bobby in full force.

Happy Walking!

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