Monday, 16 November 2009

Walking in the rain

Sometimes it is lovely walking in the rain....hardly anyone around and that virtuous feeling when you have gone out despite the elements.

You can't help but to be enthusiatic when the guys are still mad keen, well apart from the wussies, Hugo is usually a wimp and yet he ran, played, scooted and leapt about, fascinated with Koda and barely noticing the wet. Sisko also makes me laugh as his lovely primped topnot slowly slides down his face till it parts in the middle and he looks less like a smart poodle and more like a drowned rat.

Belle was in the bad books for running into the back of poor Suzy, she got such a fright and it obviously hurt, I caught her up and held her until she was calm, she hadn't seen Belle run up behind and I am sure she thought the pain was being caused by me. A few cuddles latter and a few treats and she had calmed down we will have to keep an eye on her in case she stiffens up.

I am really pleased with Fergus today, he is a confident, if not a little arrogant, little dog and he is at that stage where he is checking how long that piece of rope is! He thoroughly enjoyed running around and when we headed down to the stream I thought he was going to dive in from a great height. Today was in stark contrast to last week where he wouldn't recall, was being nippy when playing and was back to barking, he did spend sometime tied up on a tree when he was a toerag and it seems to have done the trick for now.

Sandy and Ben continue to do well although I look forward to the day they are clean in the house, at 12 yr old and never having mixed with dogs or being wlaked I am so delighted at how well they are coping with the change to their life and now they are barking with excitement when I arrive. Sandy is blind as well so who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!

Well I am downloading some of the photos and vids so I best go I might be a master of multitasking but even I am struggling tryng to eat, drink, sort the phonecalls and downloading all the photos!

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