Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Smelly chicken walk yeh

Well today apparently I have been driving an invisible van again, I was also vocalising unhearable words funny how you have days when everyone can see your big white van and other days when people pull out in front of you, nearly run up your butt and the usual stuff when you are on the road a lot.

I am pleased I am not the only ranting woman on the road as Sam has exactly he same 'problem' we tend to be very considerate and try and have alternate ad days! In fact I quite enjoy when Sams having a bad day( sorry Sam) as she's funny when she's mad, even funnier when she rants although I am quick to turn down my headset.

Today was a day of change, it was cold but bright on the first walk, I love the smelly chicken walk with the pine trees and beech trees colourful in the delicate sunlight. Most of the leaves have been blown off but the few that remain glow. The smells must be so powerful all the guys had their nose down with Sky throwing his nose up as well.

Smudge is giving me so much amusement at the moment, I am not a lover of hairy white dogs from purely practical reasons but to see Smudge in his new trouser suit with his little hairy feet, head, tail and butt is just the best sight. His face was a picture when he first walked in it although he soon forgot when Ocsar decided to do his puggy best to distract him.

The second walk started out dry but the wind started to get up and it just seemed to fire the guys up. Sam joined us on this walk and boy oh boy did they fluff! Bobby spotte dthe water so Truffle thought it was a great idea to join him where Truffle goes Milliedoodle goes so we had Bobby, Truffle, Milliedoodle and Harvey in hot pursuit hoolying across a field with two ponies looking on in amazement whilst sheltering under the trees.

One hard holler had them turning on their heels I am pleased to say and all enjoyed a spell on the huffy leads, praised for coming back but legging it across a field after shimmying under a fence is not the way to win brownie points with am and I. Harry and Fergus looked on very smug, smug in the knowledge they were free to run, sniff and gallop about though the reality was I am sure they just didn't spot their mates running like eejits down the hill!

By the end of this walk the weather had started to kick off and Sam gave us all a running commentary on howmuch the trees were moving and swaying. We are both accomplished in making ourselves heard so chatting wasn't a problem.

With noses running and eyes streaming it was time for the next walk and I was out with the little fellas. As I wanted to focus on fannyannblot ( Her name is Lola she was a showgirl da da da da da)I only took Hugo and Bruno. Well I can definately say Lola( with yellow feathers in her hair)has some interesting moves! She tried lunging very unshowgirl like( more like a doing the CanCan on a bungee)then tried throwing herself down on the floor ( Darling she should be on the stage) but being the smart girl she is she figured a good supply of sweeties, a dollop of cuddles and a play if she was calm was a pretty good deal.

Hugo was tranfixed....the long delicate form, oh the aroma...shame it was the treats he was fixated on and not the lucsious Lola! The same can be said about Tash and Nero there is some serious pocket love going on with those three.

Bruno has found he is THE perfect height for smelling all things girlie so if we ever can't see him all we have to do is peek at the back of Sophie or any of the other girls and hey presto there is the little lovegod.

After having all the cobwebs blown away it was time to see to the leader guys and then that magical thing....COFFEE ahhhh Bliss.

Happy walking!

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