Monday, 2 November 2009

Petnanny pooches, a tiny pony called Smurf, two Nannies and the beach

Thursday we had a day out!
I have known Smurf and his mum for well over 13 years, we met whilst working with the clydesdales, so after she came and visited us I thought it was only right we went to visit them. Luckily for us Lisa lives less than a minute away from Cambois Beach so we knew we would have a great time.

It was lovely to see Bane in the flesh( I drew him beginning of this year for Lisa's husband) and of course Smurf, the last time I saw him he was travelling to his new home in the back of my Ford Escort van. Ah he was looking exactly how he has always looked cute and cheeky!

Once all the ntroductions were over we headed to the beach and let some of the guys have a good play whilst Lisa walked Smurf over. Now Smurf isn't any old mini pony he is such a sweetie and his new job is as a hired entertainer, a job he does so well. People can hire him for promotional events, birthday parties and can have a sit in his cart. So it was interesting to see him mixing with up to twelve strange dogs and of course our guys never even batted an eyelid.

As usual I was soooo proud at how well they behaved and Mark( husband), Grant ( son) and Lisa were thoroughly enjoyingbeing surrounded by very happy silly dogs. It was fantastic to see the big girls next to the little fella and I have to say Mila was so bemused and kept trying to sniff his bum Smurf being Smurf merely looked on in a truely tolerant manner before carrying on with his new mates.

The little guys at first were a little overwhelmed, A little more playing and walking soon got them bouncing out of their skins and Bruno fell madly in love and barely left Smurfs side, now that was a funny site! Vinnie was doing his best impression of 'I don't care' whilst making sure he avoided Smurf like the plague so he clearly wasn't as brave as he likes to think.
Once each and every dog had had a good run, meet and greet and plodge Smurf headed back and we got the guys settled they were definately ready for a sleep. Only the middle door on Lily wouldnt open, grrrr! We huffed and puffed and still it wouldn't open in the end I had to climb in the middle and open the emergency doors in the back cages. I am not particularly elegant at the best of times so I am pleased nobody could see me hauling myself over the bulkhead!

Needless to say the dogs thought it was great fun switching back and forth from cage to middle and again is a great testament to their temperaments and training, go Nanny dogs!
Finally we decided to have some fun and put a very good Belle into Smurfs Harness and cart to get a shot with Pixie ( Sam's Chihuahua cross yorkie)and Bruno sitting calmly on the cart waiting for a ride. What a shot what clever dogs! I think Smurf by now had decided if he wasnt going to be the star of the show he would head off and tuck himself into bed, who can blame him he is 19 or 20 yrs old!

Lastly Bertie decided he was cowboy in training and had a sit and ride on Smurf, now tell me how many ponies could be lose with a schnauser on their backs?

So all in all a great day was had by all, I can recommend Smurf 100% if anyone wants to have a pony come along to a childs party, they also work alongside a bouncy castle( yes he copes with people bouncing on Bouncy casltes). If he can cope with lots of curious, excited dogs I have no doubt he can cope with anything thrown at him.
Photos to follow, heres a couple to entertain:

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