Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Smelly chicken walk yeh

Well today apparently I have been driving an invisible van again, I was also vocalising unhearable words funny how you have days when everyone can see your big white van and other days when people pull out in front of you, nearly run up your butt and the usual stuff when you are on the road a lot.

I am pleased I am not the only ranting woman on the road as Sam has exactly he same 'problem' we tend to be very considerate and try and have alternate ad days! In fact I quite enjoy when Sams having a bad day( sorry Sam) as she's funny when she's mad, even funnier when she rants although I am quick to turn down my headset.

Today was a day of change, it was cold but bright on the first walk, I love the smelly chicken walk with the pine trees and beech trees colourful in the delicate sunlight. Most of the leaves have been blown off but the few that remain glow. The smells must be so powerful all the guys had their nose down with Sky throwing his nose up as well.

Smudge is giving me so much amusement at the moment, I am not a lover of hairy white dogs from purely practical reasons but to see Smudge in his new trouser suit with his little hairy feet, head, tail and butt is just the best sight. His face was a picture when he first walked in it although he soon forgot when Ocsar decided to do his puggy best to distract him.

The second walk started out dry but the wind started to get up and it just seemed to fire the guys up. Sam joined us on this walk and boy oh boy did they fluff! Bobby spotte dthe water so Truffle thought it was a great idea to join him where Truffle goes Milliedoodle goes so we had Bobby, Truffle, Milliedoodle and Harvey in hot pursuit hoolying across a field with two ponies looking on in amazement whilst sheltering under the trees.

One hard holler had them turning on their heels I am pleased to say and all enjoyed a spell on the huffy leads, praised for coming back but legging it across a field after shimmying under a fence is not the way to win brownie points with am and I. Harry and Fergus looked on very smug, smug in the knowledge they were free to run, sniff and gallop about though the reality was I am sure they just didn't spot their mates running like eejits down the hill!

By the end of this walk the weather had started to kick off and Sam gave us all a running commentary on howmuch the trees were moving and swaying. We are both accomplished in making ourselves heard so chatting wasn't a problem.

With noses running and eyes streaming it was time for the next walk and I was out with the little fellas. As I wanted to focus on fannyannblot ( Her name is Lola she was a showgirl da da da da da)I only took Hugo and Bruno. Well I can definately say Lola( with yellow feathers in her hair)has some interesting moves! She tried lunging very unshowgirl like( more like a doing the CanCan on a bungee)then tried throwing herself down on the floor ( Darling she should be on the stage) but being the smart girl she is she figured a good supply of sweeties, a dollop of cuddles and a play if she was calm was a pretty good deal.

Hugo was tranfixed....the long delicate form, oh the aroma...shame it was the treats he was fixated on and not the lucsious Lola! The same can be said about Tash and Nero there is some serious pocket love going on with those three.

Bruno has found he is THE perfect height for smelling all things girlie so if we ever can't see him all we have to do is peek at the back of Sophie or any of the other girls and hey presto there is the little lovegod.

After having all the cobwebs blown away it was time to see to the leader guys and then that magical thing....COFFEE ahhhh Bliss.

Happy walking!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Without doubt many old sayings have more than a thread of truth in them and the same can be said about: ' ou can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Older guys are definately more set in their ways, less likely to learn new previously unknown behaviour but this shouldn't be an excuse to not try.

Suzy is an older lady, used to being the only dog and only going out with her dad. Once Bruno arrived and started being walked by us she decided it was only right for us to take her. That meant learning to travel in a strangers van with other dogs( Suzy didnt mix and was fairly intolerant of other dogs), to learn a new routine and to walk in a different way, mixing with the dogs rather than chasing a ball.

She learnt all these things with enthusiasm because there was enough reward at the end of it to justify the effort.....she actually enjoys mixing and going out and about with her new extended family.

Then we have Sandy and Ben. These two 12 year old dachshunds were not only not walked but lived with an old lady all in their self contained life. Little or no exposure of the outside world with all that brings. They messed where they wanted and ate when their mum did. Unfortunately when this lady became unable to care for them they went down to the daughter. What a shock that must have been for all of them!

So their new mum ha to contend with no housetraining, an inability to be able to cope with no company, any restriction and normal meals. Luckily the meals were solved fairly easily as they really enjoy the dogs food. Next is toilet training, down go the puppy pads and constant trips to the garden to try and teach them to toilet outside. As mum works she now has a Nanny or two looking after the lads and we have seen such progress they make me very proud!

As mum had already started wlaking them this wasn't as much of a shock to them so whilst reluctant to go far they enjoy their tootles. Not used to be being around other dogs and both being entire they had been fairly tetchy with other dogs yet both now enjoy quiet dogs as company. Coping with car travel and being caged whilst in the van seemed no problem at all to them.

Today we have had even more of a break through as Sandy the little blind soul pee'd whilst out on a walk and now walks quite happily off lead, sniffing, snuffling and bouncing around. So we have now progressed to popping them into a cage on their return home in order to teach them to hold on for the toilet for when mum comes home and lets them out. So how bout that for a old dog learning new tricks, they have learnt well over 10 brand news things in a very short space in time with very little disruption, go boys!

Some photos and vids updated.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Welcome Lola

I do laugh at this photo as she looks so intent.

Time to welcome Lola.

Lola is a very young Puggle ( Pug cross Beagle) and she knows she is special! Lola has been able to come on board as Leia and Zig are down to three days.

Her first walk was today and she coped brilliantly, I can see with time she will be very gungho and is well taken with Oscar and Hugo. I am hoping to keep her away from Jasper for the moment( haha) so she doesn't pick up any naughty Beagle thoughts!

Hopefully that will be the last newby for a while and all will settle. We do enjoy new dogs and the regular guys love a bit of excitement, it just takes time and lots of training to get them up to scratch.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Walking in the rain

Sometimes it is lovely walking in the rain....hardly anyone around and that virtuous feeling when you have gone out despite the elements.

You can't help but to be enthusiatic when the guys are still mad keen, well apart from the wussies, Hugo is usually a wimp and yet he ran, played, scooted and leapt about, fascinated with Koda and barely noticing the wet. Sisko also makes me laugh as his lovely primped topnot slowly slides down his face till it parts in the middle and he looks less like a smart poodle and more like a drowned rat.

Belle was in the bad books for running into the back of poor Suzy, she got such a fright and it obviously hurt, I caught her up and held her until she was calm, she hadn't seen Belle run up behind and I am sure she thought the pain was being caused by me. A few cuddles latter and a few treats and she had calmed down we will have to keep an eye on her in case she stiffens up.

I am really pleased with Fergus today, he is a confident, if not a little arrogant, little dog and he is at that stage where he is checking how long that piece of rope is! He thoroughly enjoyed running around and when we headed down to the stream I thought he was going to dive in from a great height. Today was in stark contrast to last week where he wouldn't recall, was being nippy when playing and was back to barking, he did spend sometime tied up on a tree when he was a toerag and it seems to have done the trick for now.

Sandy and Ben continue to do well although I look forward to the day they are clean in the house, at 12 yr old and never having mixed with dogs or being wlaked I am so delighted at how well they are coping with the change to their life and now they are barking with excitement when I arrive. Sandy is blind as well so who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!

Well I am downloading some of the photos and vids so I best go I might be a master of multitasking but even I am struggling tryng to eat, drink, sort the phonecalls and downloading all the photos!


I haven't been able to blog as I have been cruelly abandoned to cope ALL ON MY OWN! Mmmm that isn't entirely true, I did have Sam still( thank goodness for Sam) working away with the guys. No I have been left with the fairly large gang at home whilst Bruce went off and had a trip away. The fire may not be an animal but it has it's needs to I was making sure it was going to be on ready for me getting home.

Now anyone who knows Bruce will know he had left a freezer full of home cooked meals, a wood store full of wood and had notified all our lovely neighbours that I may need a hand. So off he went last Sunday and the work really started. At home we have the two old guys in the house Buck and Shy who are a doddle but need regular let outs as Buck is not only senile but his bladder is too. Then of course we have the mad cat who takes umbrage at being left ALL ALONE IN THE WORLD and usually pee's on the dogs beds if he feels he is any way neglected. Outside we have Nip and Buzz who as long as they get a play in the garden and a walk are quite happy then Rossi. Rossi is a hoot but timing his meals letting him out enough whilst not doing too much with him is a balancing act so most of my planning was to fit his needs in. Lastly are the girls, they were due to be fed haylage so I wanted to arrange a bale, pick it up in the trailer then organise a tractor at one end to lift it on then another at the other end to help me take the feeder off before plonking off the bale. Other than that my routine didn't need to change much.

How on earth do you lot cope with children ha ha?

Well in short I haven't had time to blog, the horses have their bale( It involved me going 'huff, urgh, heave, ouch!)the dogs are fed, watered, walked and loved, hugged and squeezed, fire was fed, raked and worshipped, Tumble didn't pee on any beds as he had the nextdoor neighbour Frank spending sometime with him and the freezer is looking decidedly empty!

Yeh he's home...I remember the days I was totally independent and mocked the afflicted woman who relied on their men....mmmm how many times have I had things come back and bite me on my bum!

Happy walking or as is the case today, happy splodging.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Drum roll.........

Hugo the baby of the outfit( that and Pixie) has cocked his leg today, woohoo!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Photos finally uploaded!


Monday, 2 November 2009

Petnanny pooches, a tiny pony called Smurf, two Nannies and the beach

Thursday we had a day out!
I have known Smurf and his mum for well over 13 years, we met whilst working with the clydesdales, so after she came and visited us I thought it was only right we went to visit them. Luckily for us Lisa lives less than a minute away from Cambois Beach so we knew we would have a great time.

It was lovely to see Bane in the flesh( I drew him beginning of this year for Lisa's husband) and of course Smurf, the last time I saw him he was travelling to his new home in the back of my Ford Escort van. Ah he was looking exactly how he has always looked cute and cheeky!

Once all the ntroductions were over we headed to the beach and let some of the guys have a good play whilst Lisa walked Smurf over. Now Smurf isn't any old mini pony he is such a sweetie and his new job is as a hired entertainer, a job he does so well. People can hire him for promotional events, birthday parties and can have a sit in his cart. So it was interesting to see him mixing with up to twelve strange dogs and of course our guys never even batted an eyelid.

As usual I was soooo proud at how well they behaved and Mark( husband), Grant ( son) and Lisa were thoroughly enjoyingbeing surrounded by very happy silly dogs. It was fantastic to see the big girls next to the little fella and I have to say Mila was so bemused and kept trying to sniff his bum Smurf being Smurf merely looked on in a truely tolerant manner before carrying on with his new mates.

The little guys at first were a little overwhelmed, A little more playing and walking soon got them bouncing out of their skins and Bruno fell madly in love and barely left Smurfs side, now that was a funny site! Vinnie was doing his best impression of 'I don't care' whilst making sure he avoided Smurf like the plague so he clearly wasn't as brave as he likes to think.
Once each and every dog had had a good run, meet and greet and plodge Smurf headed back and we got the guys settled they were definately ready for a sleep. Only the middle door on Lily wouldnt open, grrrr! We huffed and puffed and still it wouldn't open in the end I had to climb in the middle and open the emergency doors in the back cages. I am not particularly elegant at the best of times so I am pleased nobody could see me hauling myself over the bulkhead!

Needless to say the dogs thought it was great fun switching back and forth from cage to middle and again is a great testament to their temperaments and training, go Nanny dogs!
Finally we decided to have some fun and put a very good Belle into Smurfs Harness and cart to get a shot with Pixie ( Sam's Chihuahua cross yorkie)and Bruno sitting calmly on the cart waiting for a ride. What a shot what clever dogs! I think Smurf by now had decided if he wasnt going to be the star of the show he would head off and tuck himself into bed, who can blame him he is 19 or 20 yrs old!

Lastly Bertie decided he was cowboy in training and had a sit and ride on Smurf, now tell me how many ponies could be lose with a schnauser on their backs?

So all in all a great day was had by all, I can recommend Smurf 100% if anyone wants to have a pony come along to a childs party, they also work alongside a bouncy castle( yes he copes with people bouncing on Bouncy casltes). If he can cope with lots of curious, excited dogs I have no doubt he can cope with anything thrown at him.
Photos to follow, heres a couple to entertain: