Tuesday, 6 October 2009


There are some things that I would love to know...not for any other reason than I want to know.

So one of the routes I take home passes through a lovely village called Stamfordham and just as you leave, past the many pubs( how many pubs does a village need?), there is a house with a porch and in that porch two people sit. Now that doesn't sound life altering does it? Onl it is a basic porch, they have a whopping big nice looking house and rather than sit in there they sit where most people leave their shoes and hang their wet coats.

The man usually sits to the right( my right) and the lady sits to the left ( yup my left) they sit side by side not looking at each other and just watch the road. WHY?

No really, why?

I don't suppose I will ever know, huh.

Then take today, it's pittling down and I was still being munched on by midges, how did that happen, at least when the rain comes I am safe in the knowledge at least I won't have to face the sodding midges. I was not happy!

Finally we have Jasper, yup Jasper again and Maddie. Why would they think screaming at the top of their doggy lungs is going to make us choose them instead of the other, equally excited, dogs? When the other guys have the lightbulb moment and realise what magic formula gave them their fun and frolics WHY doesnt it happen to the Madd one and the Infuriating one?

Wht, why, why, why, why?

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