Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Who'd have thought it?

Dexter is growing up! After lots of hard work from all of us( Sam, myself, his mum Emma and the flat sharer) he is starting to be a pleasure to walk, he is a hunk of a dog massive for a Dalmation but soft as muck. Many of the dogs look to him to have fun now and I am proud of whatwe have achieved, well done Sam you have done the majority of the work and it shows.....I know you won't want a gold star so a trip to borders is in order I think!

Harvey is also coming on leaps and bounds although he is far more opinionated than Dex, Sirus is a thug! He currently tries to do only the bare minimum to get what he wants and it will be some time before he will be reliable.

Well it's time for wee's( all of us I think) so till next time,
Happy walking

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