Monday, 5 October 2009

Well saying its Monday!

You can certainly tell it's monday.

I was held up today as we had a problem with the documents with the new van Izzy so we had to re test it and as I had picked up all the guy it meant they watched it all. The mechanics just couldn't get over how relaxed and friendly they were. Then I also had Tumble with me so he came in and thoroughly enjoyed showing off his kills to the other mechanics, I don't mind the dogs having different things happen, they are safe, supervised and it means if they are ever faced with a breakdown or even just going in a car wash its not going to be distressing. Its amazing how having their pals take it in their strides helps the new guys cope.

At the field we met Sam and tut tutted at Jasper and Fergus, they had created so much on arrival they were on the naughty bucket and had to watch their friends come out and have fun. Both were shouting, screaming, digging and furious. MONDAYS! Fergus is doing just what we expect and getting over excited at the idea of some fun and play now all he has to learn is the calm controlled behaviour in order to get that fun.

Once my guys cames out Tallulah decided she simply couldnt recall today and danced about when called in and the two St Bernards decided they would rather go anticlockwise then clockwise with us so they ended up on the naughty bucket...unlike the two boys they just looked woebegotten ah shame.

We finished off with an introduction to Tumble in the field, I was very impressed with Mila and Truffle especially with lot of interest and lots of restraint on their behalf. Belle, Izzo, Oscar, Hugo have spent time with him so they were fine although Izzo was having to be watched. Vinnie, Tallulah, Mila, Truffle and Charlielab all were amazed and intrigued clever dog clever cat!

Charlielab had a moment shouting to be let out then digging when I didnt instantly, next when he calmed down and I let him out he set off like a bat out of hell( what a strange saying!) and I managed to cover five strides without touching the ground. All to be expected and very soon he did us proud by trying really hard and settling, meaning he could after some time having fun with his new friends.

So heres to tomorrow and lets see if we have as much action then.

Happy walking

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