Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The photobucket site is now full( third one so far!) so I will be starting up another soon, use this link for the new videos I have just put up.


Here is the new site@


Charlielab made me laugh today, he fell madly in love with Hansom, who obviously has a very enticing smell as Charlielab isn't the first to fall for his bewitching smell. Now that isn't what made me laugh, what made me laugh was him running madly through the woods looking longingly at his new love and SMACK he ran into a tree that had inexplicably not jumped out of the way! The look on his face, he was quite clearly unhurt just a little bemused, lesson one to learn.....look where you are going.

So with that thought clearly not in his mind he started to run in the undergrowth still following his manly love and he was being thwacked with so many branches that he tried the close your eyes and keep running technique....mmm hard to look where you are going when your eyes are closed! Ah well it's all about the learning......or not in some cases ha ha.

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