Monday, 26 October 2009

Unusual step

I thought I would do something a little unusual and recommend a boarding kennel. Now I am often asked if I know of any boarding kennels that I could recommend, unfortunately I haven't come across any that I could recommend...that is not to say there aren't any good kennels out there I just don't see what goes on enough to know they are good kennels.

So this is why I can recommed LinnBank Kennels. Run by Cindy I see on a day to day basis how the dogs are cared for, how often they are out and how nipping clean everything is kept. They live on site and they have a range of paddocks, pens and a field in which they walk the dogs. Now I am not trying to make out they are walked out and about for hours, running loose and playing, that would be reckless with dogs who don't know each other and who may not recall. No the residents go out four times a day stretch their legs, pee and poop to their hearts content, sniff until they invert and usually shout at the cws and sheep who live next door.

The kennels are indoors, the bedding kept dry and clean, I coudl happily lie on the floor and time is spent with each dog so the seperation form their owners is softened by attentive care.

Yes they bark on occassions when they are waiting their turn for walks or when someone comes to pick up their guys but other than that I have heard very little.

As there are only 12 kennels you know they aren't churning out dogs like a production line and more importanly I see that there are repeat bookings meaning the customers are happy with the service.

All the details are on the website.

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