Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rossi, me and my mates.

Shys face saws it all

OOh what you doing Uncle Shy

Dogs being dogs
Buck doing a great job of ignoring Rossi

The lads and their 'dad'.
Well Rossi is starting to look like a miniature lurcher now, his long legs and his nose is getting longer. He thinks Shy is the best thing EVER unfortunately for Shy who thinks he is a complete pest. I am very proud how all the boys( I am totally out numbered with six males at home) are behaving around the puppy. Nip is very good and shows him very carefully what is and isn't allowed/ Buzz we watch liek a hawk as he's a devious little sod but again he is doing very well. Buck pretends he's not there and Tumble well he just carries on being Tumble.

Rossi is going out and about on walks with the guys, needless to say he walks for better on the lead when on his own. He's met sheep( boring), cattle ( Aye and?) and the horses (mmmmm lovely to lick and sit on) Ella finds him quite intriguing and enjoys having her face thoroughly licked she wasn't quite as impressed when I plopped him on her back! Zaffi thinks he's a nuisance.

Well time for the guys to have wees so I'll leave you with a couple of photos of young Valentino.

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