Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rossi again


Well Rossi is finally geting out and about. His first walk was to the village green with Buck and Shy, he had his line on and he just didnt know what to look at, smell or taste first!

For his first walk he certainly had some excitement from his older flatmates....Buck doesn't like to run in frotn of Shy as Shy likes to play rough whereas Buck likes to run unabaited. So Buck look around, he sees his chance, he starts to build up his speed, starts to turn and wollop Shy and Buck collide with Rossi looking on....

So we return home with Shy walking like he's pooped his pants where he went spreadeagled and Buck walking like he had somersaulted ( he did unfortunately) and Rossi was bouncing along thinking it was all very exciting.

After a big cuddle for all three, painkillers for the two sighthounds who seem to had lost the ability to look where they are going and a warm comfortable bed each settled down to a hopefully restful sleep.

Isn't it the youngsters who are supposed to be causing us heart stopping moments as they get used to their legs?

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