Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rossi, me and my mates.

Shys face saws it all

OOh what you doing Uncle Shy

Dogs being dogs
Buck doing a great job of ignoring Rossi

The lads and their 'dad'.
Well Rossi is starting to look like a miniature lurcher now, his long legs and his nose is getting longer. He thinks Shy is the best thing EVER unfortunately for Shy who thinks he is a complete pest. I am very proud how all the boys( I am totally out numbered with six males at home) are behaving around the puppy. Nip is very good and shows him very carefully what is and isn't allowed/ Buzz we watch liek a hawk as he's a devious little sod but again he is doing very well. Buck pretends he's not there and Tumble well he just carries on being Tumble.

Rossi is going out and about on walks with the guys, needless to say he walks for better on the lead when on his own. He's met sheep( boring), cattle ( Aye and?) and the horses (mmmmm lovely to lick and sit on) Ella finds him quite intriguing and enjoys having her face thoroughly licked she wasn't quite as impressed when I plopped him on her back! Zaffi thinks he's a nuisance.

Well time for the guys to have wees so I'll leave you with a couple of photos of young Valentino.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cute fun

Don't know how they do it but it's cute and fun even if you have seen it before.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Unusual step

I thought I would do something a little unusual and recommend a boarding kennel. Now I am often asked if I know of any boarding kennels that I could recommend, unfortunately I haven't come across any that I could recommend...that is not to say there aren't any good kennels out there I just don't see what goes on enough to know they are good kennels.

So this is why I can recommed LinnBank Kennels. Run by Cindy I see on a day to day basis how the dogs are cared for, how often they are out and how nipping clean everything is kept. They live on site and they have a range of paddocks, pens and a field in which they walk the dogs. Now I am not trying to make out they are walked out and about for hours, running loose and playing, that would be reckless with dogs who don't know each other and who may not recall. No the residents go out four times a day stretch their legs, pee and poop to their hearts content, sniff until they invert and usually shout at the cws and sheep who live next door.

The kennels are indoors, the bedding kept dry and clean, I coudl happily lie on the floor and time is spent with each dog so the seperation form their owners is softened by attentive care.

Yes they bark on occassions when they are waiting their turn for walks or when someone comes to pick up their guys but other than that I have heard very little.

As there are only 12 kennels you know they aren't churning out dogs like a production line and more importanly I see that there are repeat bookings meaning the customers are happy with the service.

All the details are on the website.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Would you employ Mr. Kain to do your work?

Interesting company name, not sure they would be the fastest or most efficient outfit eh? What would your grandmother think!

Get on your bike

Now I would like to tell you I had taught the dogs to ride a bike.....only I haven't! So we did the next best thing, we have taught the dogs to run alongside a bike.

As is often the way the big brave opinionated teenage boys were the big wussys and took a little time to realise they were not going to be eaten alive by the bike. Even then I am so proud of how the guys took it all in their stride.

Oscar and Hugo will need to learn how to travel next to a buggy so I was delighted when they happily accepted their new walk or trot as the case may be. Beaubeau is used to being next a bike although I am sure if Andrew( BeauBeaus dad) does it for exercise he needs to spend more time peddling and less time letting Beaubeau pull the bike!

We usually expect Bobby to be a wussy and he likes to prove us wrong and from the beginning he thought it was a complete hoot. Vinnie was the star pupil with Oscar Pugly being the most likely to creat mayhem.

Hope you enjoy the videos:

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rossi again


Well Rossi is finally geting out and about. His first walk was to the village green with Buck and Shy, he had his line on and he just didnt know what to look at, smell or taste first!

For his first walk he certainly had some excitement from his older flatmates....Buck doesn't like to run in frotn of Shy as Shy likes to play rough whereas Buck likes to run unabaited. So Buck look around, he sees his chance, he starts to build up his speed, starts to turn and wollop Shy and Buck collide with Rossi looking on....

So we return home with Shy walking like he's pooped his pants where he went spreadeagled and Buck walking like he had somersaulted ( he did unfortunately) and Rossi was bouncing along thinking it was all very exciting.

After a big cuddle for all three, painkillers for the two sighthounds who seem to had lost the ability to look where they are going and a warm comfortable bed each settled down to a hopefully restful sleep.

Isn't it the youngsters who are supposed to be causing us heart stopping moments as they get used to their legs?

Monday, 12 October 2009


I met Loki and her mum Sonia over four years ago, it was obvious how devoted Sonia was and of course Loki. On first meeting them I was horrified to hear the vet had recommended Loki was put down, now this was a very young happy, full of herself Dalmation who was quite clearly lame but not in the least bit bothered. We sat down and had a coffee whilst I heard what had been happening and by the end of the conversation I had persuaded her ( it didn't take much) that until Loki decided she wasn't happy or comfortable then we would carry on letting her enjoy life to the full.

I don't think I have seen Sonia without a smile on her face yet know she must be like a woman possessed when annoyed or if anyone hurts her baby! In the early days I nagged, cajouled and whined about being a little tougher on her princess, to cut down on her food a little and to say that nonexistent word NO. Most time it was to no avail of course and we accepted our roles as Mummy and Doggy schoolmistress(!)

Now Loki has always grumped, she knows what she wants and sees no reason she shouldn't have it, exercise was always well recieved yet she always did it at her own speed and only with whom she chose. The other guys weren't scared of her because they knew it was grumpiness and being opinionated rather than nasty and looked on in delight when she decided it was playime. Her main love apart from herself and Sonia was food...oh how she loved food, not hunting mind that is for the uncouth, her food should be placed delicately in her smiling mouth and swallowed with relish.

I was very pleasantly suprised how well she took to Nanci another dalmation bitch who I rehomed with Sonia, deaf and with endless energy she seemed to claim Loki as her sister and Loki filled that role so well. Loki ended up a bit of a mother hen, cleaning her ears always making sure Nanci was around and well. Seeing them play, rough and tumble literally made you see spots infront of your eyes! Loki always ended up rolling over with Nanci leaping expertly over her back.

Only after today we won't get to see Loki's smiling eyes and wagging tail, her silly ears that fold over as if an afterthought. Not be able to moan at her grumping at a dog sitting too close, even her hoping to snaffle every bit of rabbit poop out of the field. No after today we will have to remember all those memories, the smells, looks, the way she did things, we will have to remember them because Loki just couldn't recover. She died in her mums arms, the arms who had cared so carefully and diligently for the last five days.

Not even 5yrs old is too young but we all tried so hard, the vets, Sam and I and of course Sonia and Loki.

So cuddle up close to Nanci, Sonia. I will go home and hug Buck and Shy that little bit longer than normal and know she was a friend to so many dogs and lived a fantastic life for those too short years that you had her.

Hope Swift takes you bunny hunting Loki or more likely that you will find the poop while she's terrorising the bunnies.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Who'd have thought it?

Dexter is growing up! After lots of hard work from all of us( Sam, myself, his mum Emma and the flat sharer) he is starting to be a pleasure to walk, he is a hunk of a dog massive for a Dalmation but soft as muck. Many of the dogs look to him to have fun now and I am proud of whatwe have achieved, well done Sam you have done the majority of the work and it shows.....I know you won't want a gold star so a trip to borders is in order I think!

Harvey is also coming on leaps and bounds although he is far more opinionated than Dex, Sirus is a thug! He currently tries to do only the bare minimum to get what he wants and it will be some time before he will be reliable.

Well it's time for wee's( all of us I think) so till next time,
Happy walking


The photobucket site is now full( third one so far!) so I will be starting up another soon, use this link for the new videos I have just put up.

Here is the new site@

Charlielab made me laugh today, he fell madly in love with Hansom, who obviously has a very enticing smell as Charlielab isn't the first to fall for his bewitching smell. Now that isn't what made me laugh, what made me laugh was him running madly through the woods looking longingly at his new love and SMACK he ran into a tree that had inexplicably not jumped out of the way! The look on his face, he was quite clearly unhurt just a little bemused, lesson one to learn.....look where you are going.

So with that thought clearly not in his mind he started to run in the undergrowth still following his manly love and he was being thwacked with so many branches that he tried the close your eyes and keep running technique....mmm hard to look where you are going when your eyes are closed! Ah well it's all about the learning......or not in some cases ha ha.


There are some things that I would love to know...not for any other reason than I want to know.

So one of the routes I take home passes through a lovely village called Stamfordham and just as you leave, past the many pubs( how many pubs does a village need?), there is a house with a porch and in that porch two people sit. Now that doesn't sound life altering does it? Onl it is a basic porch, they have a whopping big nice looking house and rather than sit in there they sit where most people leave their shoes and hang their wet coats.

The man usually sits to the right( my right) and the lady sits to the left ( yup my left) they sit side by side not looking at each other and just watch the road. WHY?

No really, why?

I don't suppose I will ever know, huh.

Then take today, it's pittling down and I was still being munched on by midges, how did that happen, at least when the rain comes I am safe in the knowledge at least I won't have to face the sodding midges. I was not happy!

Finally we have Jasper, yup Jasper again and Maddie. Why would they think screaming at the top of their doggy lungs is going to make us choose them instead of the other, equally excited, dogs? When the other guys have the lightbulb moment and realise what magic formula gave them their fun and frolics WHY doesnt it happen to the Madd one and the Infuriating one?

Wht, why, why, why, why?

Monday, 5 October 2009

Well saying its Monday!

You can certainly tell it's monday.

I was held up today as we had a problem with the documents with the new van Izzy so we had to re test it and as I had picked up all the guy it meant they watched it all. The mechanics just couldn't get over how relaxed and friendly they were. Then I also had Tumble with me so he came in and thoroughly enjoyed showing off his kills to the other mechanics, I don't mind the dogs having different things happen, they are safe, supervised and it means if they are ever faced with a breakdown or even just going in a car wash its not going to be distressing. Its amazing how having their pals take it in their strides helps the new guys cope.

At the field we met Sam and tut tutted at Jasper and Fergus, they had created so much on arrival they were on the naughty bucket and had to watch their friends come out and have fun. Both were shouting, screaming, digging and furious. MONDAYS! Fergus is doing just what we expect and getting over excited at the idea of some fun and play now all he has to learn is the calm controlled behaviour in order to get that fun.

Once my guys cames out Tallulah decided she simply couldnt recall today and danced about when called in and the two St Bernards decided they would rather go anticlockwise then clockwise with us so they ended up on the naughty bucket...unlike the two boys they just looked woebegotten ah shame.

We finished off with an introduction to Tumble in the field, I was very impressed with Mila and Truffle especially with lot of interest and lots of restraint on their behalf. Belle, Izzo, Oscar, Hugo have spent time with him so they were fine although Izzo was having to be watched. Vinnie, Tallulah, Mila, Truffle and Charlielab all were amazed and intrigued clever dog clever cat!

Charlielab had a moment shouting to be let out then digging when I didnt instantly, next when he calmed down and I let him out he set off like a bat out of hell( what a strange saying!) and I managed to cover five strides without touching the ground. All to be expected and very soon he did us proud by trying really hard and settling, meaning he could after some time having fun with his new friends.

So heres to tomorrow and lets see if we have as much action then.

Happy walking