Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Catching up with the photos

About two weeks of vids and photos have finally been added!

I hope you enjoy them....


Well the ol' hanky is out again! Charlie Numb Nuts is going to be staying home to play Nanny to his future human brother/ sister and also he is now chief office dog at his Dad's business ( Rise Lettings I can certainly recommend as he manages my terraced house).

We worked so hard on Charlie NN and I am so happy to know I have positively affected his life and behaviour during his years with Petnanny. I look forward to the days we will bump into him at Waldridge Fell.

It is strange how things happen as I only just took on a young dog called......Charlie! A young Black lab he is such a genuine person at that stage in his life where he swings from complete confidence to puppyish perplexy.....I am sure we will have so much fun with this young lad and he is already worming his way into our hearts.

Ah well I am off to eat some comfort food...I don't like change!

Happy walking

Monday, 28 September 2009

what the eye doesnt see

Now Elsie can be a pest with Molly Mc, so we have to stop her being a bit overbearing, I know Mols can handle her but she shouldn't have to.

Now what we couldn't usually see is what Elsie actually does to Mols to make Mols complain so here is the proof, naughty dog! It looks a lot worse than it is as shes not actually biting her but as you can see she certainly trying very hard to.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ted By Jess

My name is Jessica, Ted is my Pomeranian. He is approximately 2 years old. I have had Ted for around 5 months now we chose his name because he is just like a cuddly soft teddy bear. When I found out he was homeless I was very upset to hear that such a dreadful thing like this had happened to him, and that his previous owners had done this to him. I was so happy that Caroline the pet nanny offered the chance to re home him.

Teds favourite toy to play with is his ball, he would play with me all day if he could I throw the ball and he fetches it to me then I ask him to sit and throw it for him. His favourite treat is squirty cheese from a tube, I got this idea from a lovely lady called Jen all you do is give your dog a little lick when the are good then put the top back on. Although he likes this he would much rather have his ball.

This is Ted after his first bath it was outside and such a hot day he really enjoyed being cool.

In August this year we took Ted on his first camping trip to Keswick, he absolutely loved the long walks and we loved spending so much time with him. I also love the idea that you can take your dog into all the shops there which is a lot different to here. This is ted wrapped up after a long walk in the rain, as you can see he went straight to sleep.

Ted loves to be with me, although he knows he has to spend time by him self in his cage at bedtime.

Ted loves to listen to me play the guitar.
He also shares my interest in Irish Dancing.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ummm spot the deliberate mistake only it is not deliberate! So why is it posting the photos sideways?

Ah well Fergus had his first walk with us today and he has so far had a ball! Here he is with Nero, Sophie, Bobby and Harry all retrievers and all quite intrigued by the new boy......mind he ony has eyes for MiniMe check out the video of them on the usual photobucket site!

Birthday Girl

Everyone was very excited to be celebrating Elsies Birthday on Monday mainly because there was lots of the usual fun and because her mum had sent goodies for all the guys, she certainly knows how to win them over!

Happy Birthday Elsie, I know the best present Elsie has recieved is finally finding someone who loves and treats Elsie the way she needs to be treat, Paula you've done yourself and Elsie proud, well done!

Hoppity Poppity

Poppy 'You are never gonna get me in there'

'Huh great view'

Poppy with her humongous bandage, she is progressing well and seems to fairly unperturbed to be wearing half a duvet on her leg!

Poor Pops

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rossi update

Well my new routine of going to bed bout 10pm then getting back up at 1/2am then again at 5am finally surfacing at 6.45am is going ok as Rossi likes to get straight out have a wee then head back for his warm bed, we have a few widdles here and there not helped by the fact when he was with his mum all the pups decided the bed was a place to pee. Luckily the breeders kept them very clean and I am sure with more ( relentless training) he will become clean.

I can see a difference in him already and he faced his second big event( first was leaving his siblings and mum) first injection!

He is becoming increasingly naughty and bosses Bruce about, I am being very good and letting Bruce doing all the training I merely train when he is doing something to me that is painful like chewing my face! I do chuckle when Bruce waggles his fingers at him and Rossi just tries to chew his finger and barks back. Its so interesting to compare him and Swift( she was my last lurcher pup so all I have to compare) they were both opinionated little baggages and I am enjoying watching his personalitiy unfold oh and watch Bruces exasperation, hehe.

Rossi is a great eater and is especially enjoying his mini garden so we have had to fence him in away from the privet and honeysuckle so now he is doing a great impression of a wild boar and currently truffling in the lawn....

We went to a local village show last weekend and had to take him with us so he wasnt left too long, we used the oppurtunity to introduce him to new sounds and sights although he ended up a heavy armful by the time we had carried him around and of course making sure we fielded well meaning puppy fans from handling him until he has had all his vaccinations. He wasn't at all fazed and even the flapping tape didn't frighten him. I don't know what he made of the bird of prey area and was particularly taken with the vulture...oh goody lets hope he doesn't end up being the grim reaper!

Here I am getting a kiss from the boy.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh I didn't introduce Suzy

Suzy lives with Bruno and being a an older lady she was going to be staying home but then she decided older or not she wanted in on the action so Suzie now joins the happy band....Shes a 13 yrold Collie cross springer knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like and is a happy funny little bitch.

I love how she handles the likes of Vinnie:

Vinnie sniffs, Suzy ignores him,

Vinnie sniffs some more, Suzy asks him to go away

Vinnie pretends she doesn't know what she's thinking and carries on sniffing, Suzy turns shouts in his face to get his nose right away from her delicate bits or she will help him with his delicate bits!

Vinnie trots off looking quite bemused, Suzy carries on her own sweet way.

The same happens with Archie and Jasp. Nero and Bobby just need a look from her and they move off smartly safe in the knowledge one sniff is fine two/ three and four is going to get you moved on.

Now I love this kind of bitch, she hasn't a nasty bone in her body she just isn't into dogs, she's happy tootling along, no one bothers her she won't bother them. Who am I to argue with the a dog who's learnt from experience. As long as she doesn't push her luck and start being bossy thats fine by me!

Monster is well named!

Sam had a fright waiting for her Saturday. Monster is a three legged young male cat who lives up to his name and seems to enjoy getting into all sorts of scrapes. Saturday he managed to outdo all other attempts to shock us by playing with a load of carrier bags his mum had left out for the litter tray and had managed to get himself stuck with the handle wrapped tightly around his neck. Poor Sam now has visions of what could have befallen him and a sense of dread as to what he has gotten up to this time! Monster lives with amongst others a wonderful persian called Gandalf who begs on command and looks at all that goes on around him with an air of superiority.

Cats can make you worry yourselves sick waitingf or them to come home after a day spent foraging or raking a round their territory, we are lucky that most of our cats are either indoor cats or tend to prefer hanging around rather than travelling far. They also are a greedy bunch so we tend to be greeted enthusiastically at the door demanding their cuddles and food.

So heres hoping the little Monster is keeping himself out of trouble and it certainly makes you paranoid about making sure everything is put away. Needless to say once his mum had got over the shock of what could have happened she then said we could have a good check around to see if there was anything else she hadn't put away that he might do some mischief with.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The dreaded prices update

Well it was always going to happen and unfortuantely it is going to happen October. As you have all been very loyal and fantastic at keeping us up to date with any changes and holidays I have been able to hold off any price changes until now. The usually price increases in diesel, car repairs etc etc that we all have to bear have meant I can't hold off any longer.

I have sat and trawled through prices from other dog walkers there are non that really compare to how we do things but we are still very competitively priced and in fact too cheap! I was quoted £25 ( I nearly fainted ha ha) when I asked how much it would cost to care for a dog in the way we do so I am happy with a £1 increase per walk. You will of course still recieve a massive discount if you are a five day a week customer and you all benefit from the dogs being out longer, enjoying company, comfort and fantastic care not to mention fun and training.

I know of only one other walker having a private dog park as we do and this is reflected in their price...I don't want a bronze, silver and gold standard tiered service all our dogs are platinum so we give a platinum service for the same price.

Hopefully by next weekend my long awaited van will be kitted out, I have been waiting not so patiently for another transit to replace the Fiat slug, jinxy, call her what you want I certainly did. She was just too unreliable and I just can't have that no slackers on our watch! I am a bit stuck as to the sign writing so she will be naked for a while, yikes. I think I will have to call her after the multi marathon running comedian Eddie Izzard as she will be trailing around for our guys and with me driving she will need a sense of humour( oh and like Lily will be named after a transvestite or maybe he is a cross dresser ah well he'll do). So there will now be Lily the trannie and Izzy the trannie!

I wonder what the guys will make of a window at the side rather than the back doors, if they dont like it I will just have to have back windows fitted as well as the side window that is currently being fitted as well as the willygigs( ventilators). I won't quite be able to buy a heating system in time for me getting it next week but I am trying hard to save for this space.

Thanks as ever for being part of a very special group, I will never become a millionare but I am at least proud of what we do for everyone.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New boy called Fergus!

I am practising my woebegotten look.

Things never stay the same do they? We have Norman( sniff!) staying home and a couple of other guys changing their days due to life changes has made a small space for the two new small people, Bruno and Fergus.

Fergus the Westie is a young lad who is coming out for the first time next week I think he will find it a little harder than Bruno but I also have no doubts he will just love it once he get in the swing of things....

So welcome the new boys and I am sure the regular will enjoy showing them the ropes.

Welcome to the new boy a pug called Bruno!

Bruno has joined out happy gang and if today is anything to go by he's going to have a ball! He loved the van, fell in love with Tallulah wasn't at all fazed by the new routine and was a real pleasure to have.

Ahhhh Norman

Well I am sad to say our Norman is no longer going to be joining the guys. His mum is going to be home so he's going to have a great time, he just loves his mum and dad. He will be sadly missed by not just us but by all the guys who love playing with this gentle soul.

I am grateful we will be able to catch up with him and he will be coming along for the odd walk so he can keep in touch with his mates....


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Our new routines

Well now I get up at 6.30am so that I have time to let the littleman out for his wee it's a close run thing who needs a wee more Buck or Rossi so I try and do both, Rossi in his garden, Buck in their dog garden. Then its my turn and feed the cat, I am grateful at least we Rossi eats Naturediet on a morning and not tripe! Feeding Buck and Shy comes next by then the littleman is ready for another trip to the loo whilst I stand in my Jimjams wondering why I am standing out in the dew and Bruce is still in bed!

Once all are fed and watered emptied and entertained I head off for my work day whilst I leave Bruce with his boy...I have to laugh at the comments like ' what watch him all the time in case he wees, ah man that means I have to get up' and ' what let him out again for a wee' shows just how much we forget the effort involved in bringing up a pup.

Once home I whizz the older lads out for a walk, last night they were convinced there was a nasty rat in the nettles so I watched them leaping and diving thinking of how hot and tingly they'd feel afterwards, Buck thought better of it and tootle around trying to snaffle a bit of cowpat without me noticing. Next is to get changed so he doesn't come into contact with the dogs clothes with all our shoes now outside.

If its not time for me to be fed I have a bit of puppy fun which usually involved me refereeing play fighting between Tumble and Rossi, next is him trying to kill my feet before moving onto magazine thrashing or if hes lucky he might manage a good old nose chomp, ow!

Then its wees, sleeps and feeding just like a relentless march of jobs then I have a bath and hand over all responsibilty to Bruce who is duty bound to do nighttime duties and you know what? Bruce is blessed by angels, the jammie sod hasnt had a single nighttime visit to do with his perfect puppy and I lie there thinking of the times I am going to have to get up when my horror comes least that isn't anytime soon haha.

Ickle Puppies

What comes to mind when you think of puppies? Do you long to hug them and squeeze them, want to smell that unique puppy smell? To watch them play and sleep the special way they do? Erm nope I think of screaming habbjabs, lots of wee, poop and that smell urgh!

Ok so I am not by anymeans a puppy hater( hardly) I just don't succomb to the cuteness of pups I tend to just see the reality of whats involved in caring for a little animal who relies on you for pretty much everything. I feel overwhelmed by the responsibilty of bringing up the pup to become a well mannered happy healthy dog. ( oh you can see why I decided not to have children yikes).

Yet I must admit having a pup around is also a real delight even with the work involved. Maybe it's because my guys are old, worrying about their health and in Bucks case being mentally stable enough to enjoy life has taken over my life. Then along comes a lurcher pup called Rossi and I can think of unadulterated fun, bounding delight and sheer amusement at what they get up to. Even better I don't have to worry too much, thats Bruces job I can sit back and enjoy this young lad growing up and evolving in front of our eyes.

Only he has one bad fault....he's just too good at the minute, he's clean in the house, he sleeps through the night and that means when my time comes to get a pup she's going to be a horror a squawling, chitting, walking just don't get two good pups in a row.

So I am going to enjoy this little lad and our new routines preparing myself for the puppy from hell when she comes....

Happy walking

Maddie managed to cut her tongue playing frisbee today

It looked like a massacre, there was literally bloody foam flying around!

We were walking at a field, playing frisbee with the livelier guys and I noticed I had a couple of drops of blood on my fetching lilac shoes. So I looked up and said to Sam ' someones bleeding', I looked around and to our horror Maddie had returned after the last throw with blood flowing freely from her mouth. There was blood on everyone as Maddie likes to love, hug and slobber everyone so we had to quickly establish just how many had injuries! Luckily it was just Maddie, all her teeth were intact, her tongue wasnt severed haha despite what it might look like and her lips were all fine.

Everyone including Maddie were getting increasingly frustrated at my slow throwing arm whilst I was trying to spot where the blood was coming from, the closer I got, the dafter she got, the more I was covered so it was quite entertaining! All our guys are well handled and steady to handle so we knew we could easily check her over but when a dog is panting hard slobbering even more so and the blood is coming from underneath her tongue it is not that easy to manhandle a slippery tongue....

We did manage to find the source popped her on the lead as everytime she panted and dashed about it was bleeding more. We flushed her mouth out a little to make sure nothing was still in and a very disgruntled Maddie was popped back in the van luckily the other guys were all tired after a good running session so they hopped back in the van for a cool down.

Maddie is doing great now and her tongue is only bleeding if she gets too excited and pants too much. Everyone is also looking a little better after being washed down after their bloodbath.....OOh goody.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

He did!

Well Bruce has a new dog, a brindle lurcher dog puppy called Rossi.

Hes a cracking little dog and full of fun, Tumble thinks he's died and gone to heaven and my two just pretend he isnt there! I have been suprizingly pathetic, swinging from missing Swift to being totally enthralled at this bundle of energy.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Finally my phone and computer are talking again

Now that Cowslip the 'puter and Goggles the phone are talking I have been able to download some photos for you to enjoy.

Buck and Shy enjoyed a rare trip out with the guys and are now fast asleep in the van.

Happy walking

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

So who's wanting to buy a house?

I admit defeat again I just can't work out how to put the house details up on here so here is a link to the house that is for sale and if you would like the file details please email me and I will forward them,

Monday, 7 September 2009

The answer to that question.

Depends on the circumstances, now granted this dog( Buzz our Patterdale) looks particularly evil yet this is what he looks like when he's panting, his lips draw back to pant and he shows all his teeth. So just seeing teeth, just as eeing a wagging tail, never tells the full story.

Below you can see why he was so hot and bothered, his favourite game trying to get the buoy with his brother Nipper.

What would you do faced with this?

What would you do faced with this?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Out and about again

I have uploaded odd photos of trip out and about in the North East, it is easy to forget what a wonderful area we live in...we could just do with more time to enjoy it couldn't we?

I have realised I enjoy County and country shows as much for seeing the dogs out and about as anything else it's just a shame to also see how many lame, fat, gimpy dogs there are out there. Scared and exhausted puppies, tolerant dogs being trampled under foot and aggressive dogs stressed to death. Do people realise what a busy show means to their dogs?

The weather is doing it's best to bring forward Autumn and I am currently in denial at how many trees are turning a lovely shade of brown...

He huffed and he puffed

He huffed and he puffed and still he wasn't allowed to play...when will Sirus ever learn ha ha.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A Muse on rules

I went to visit Caroline last weekend obviously partly to catch up but mainly to introduce my new pup, Beetle( a yorkie x working cocker)to cats namely Tumble. Tumble is a fantastic dog trainer and I honestly think Tumble enjoyed the introducion as much as Beetle.

Whilst at Carolines we were discussing rules as Caroline has lots of rules at her house and not always simple and clear! So I promised I would send her a muse on rules so here it is:

Muse One on Rules. How hard it is to remember my rules, your rules, and I'm a human with a big brain. Poor little doggies with the brains the size of a hen's egg. Caroline says, "You can jump on the sofat, but not the back of the sofa." That's not her only rule. I know that rule now, but it took me a while. I don't think Paris ( my Papillon) knows it and don't think, unless he moves in with Caroline for a while (now there's a thought), I don't think he ever will.

Must Two on Rules. And we have our priorities. My priorities for dogs are: "Come when you're called, quickly, no thinking about it, right now." That's Number One. Number Two: "Pay attention to me when I ask." Number Two really should be Number One coz you can't come when you're called if you can't pay attention, but that's getting nit picky. My background is in obedience competition which requires a huge amount of concentration from both dog and handler when you're in the ring, but as long as doggy not committing imprisonable offences when out of the ring, hey, chill dude. Other people have other priorities: not jumping up, not biting the lead, staying off the furniture. All are fine. It's up to us what we want from our dogs.

That's what I think anyway.

Jenny Adams

Watch out wasps are about

Just a warning that this is the time of year where the wasps tend to be quite arsey and already I have heard from Holly that her dogs have disturbed a wasps nest and needless to say they were pretty angry.

It is handy to carry piriton in your pocket and if the are stung you can safely give them one( for a labrador size two) and of course watch out for an averse reaction.

So if you walk at Sunniside Park watch out as there is a wap nest in the woods and its ( as many are) in dead wood on the ground.

Happy walking