Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dexter and Sirus


Both boys Dexter and Sirus are impatient, fun loving daft dalmations who want to live life 150miles an hour. Dex has been worked on very hard, most times this means going over stuff you have done before, sometimes its introducing new things either way despite the tantrums( Dex not us) we have enjoyed working with him. After all its what we do. So why am I talking about this again? Well we are really getting there, he is waiting at doorways more times than he's trying to jump out, he's walking to heel more times than lunging at distractions and even better he's becoming a welcome member of the doggy group. The dogs seek him out for play, they will sit next to him when they are doing sit stays they even allow him to join their established play sessions. I like it!

This doesn't mean we relax and enjoy our spoils it just means we are starting to see progress. Out of the three pups Harvey, Montana and Dex he is the youngest and certainly the mot challenging but he's catching up. Montana fluffed after fanastic progress by refusing to recall and jumping out of the van( in a safe enviroment) but shes a teenager it happens what we have to do now is ensure she can get tings right and make it hard for her to get it wrong, it not a disaster just a reminder to kep working on the basics. Harveys thing is being handled when shocked or when he doesn't want to, this has improved immeasurably but we have to make sure we can gently handle him under every circumstance. He is a high drive spaniel and his recalls are 90% so we have work to do but again its just so nice to work on them.

Now Sirus, Sirus is a funny dog, he has the ability to really pee the other dogs off very easily yet doesn't seem to do much that is that out of line. He tries only enough to get a result and his only focus is full speed dog on dog fun. Only you can't have that all the time. So he gets the sit thing, yup knows that sit calmly and fun comes your way in some shape or form, he even tries the heel thing most times but a bit like a hot horse he seems to go on the boil then takes two hours to cool off and think.

For example( also Jasper)
He goes in the van and he starts to warm up
The dogs are picked up he gets warmer
We stop at the walk and he's starting to bubble
We get some dogs out and he starts to simmer
By the time we either get him out or he sees dogs having fun he's boiling
So you can't get him to simmer down, to just focus he just boils away

Now I think the gambling aspect comes into it here. He knows no matter what we will get him out, it might be high adrenalin frisbee or play fun or it might be walking round the roads the chance it is a adrenalin filled session is enough for him to boil. So we are still focusing on calm behavious nothing more nothing less just calm, once we get calm the rest will come. We can't avoid walking and even when we stop adrenalin games he will still boil until he learns to get his hit he needs to be calm.

We will get there we always do....some just take longer don't they Jasper!

Well, happy walking!

I thought I'd be sad

I thought I would be sad today. You know what I am not, I am really glad. Louis the ShihTzu left us today, he's going to live with his grandma while his dad sorts out his new life. This might mean we wont see him yet I am not sad as his owner has decided not to rehome him. I know why he was wanting to rehome him, hes endured a break up and having to move home, thinking he's not going to offer Louis the fabulous life he has been living. Only I knew he couldn't have a better life even if there was only one dad caring for him and lots of change in his life. So after lot of thought and help from his mum whilst he movesout of his former home he has realised Louis is better off with his dad.

Life is good!

Good luck the pair of you, get through the next six months and I look forward to hearing how things are going, if we get to see you again, all the better, if not I am happier knowing Louis is staying where he belongs.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Updated photos

I have finally caught up with all the photos, now if I can just do that with everything else in my life I will be very happy ha ha.

I took Goggles for a ride yesterday, out with Storm and Samson, for the first time in comapny without Ella. Despite being six she is very inexperienced and I was interested to see how she would cope. I needn't have worried she and I had a ball. We managed all paces although I don't really remember most of the ride just three specific things:the first gallop we had was also the first gallop we had done, the field full of Shitlands and the badger.

The first time I rode out with Cindy and Lorraine with Storm and Samson I quickly learnt their canter was in fact an earth moving gallop, so this time I was prepared......when Cindy asked if we wanted to 'canter' up the steep bit of hill or the smooth bitI opted for the steep bit knowing that if Goggles took a hold she would stop due to the steepness. Knowing where we were going to 'canter' I started to prepare, not soon enough we didnt wait till we got to the hill we were setting off with hooves flailing across the undulating field to the hill.

Now Storm is a wedger he doesn't look like he has a turn of hoof but nobody told him so he was legging it, Samson is all hair and enthusiasm with Goggles tail in the air flying after them. Just as I was getting used to her and she was getting ued to carrying me at speed I saw Samsons bum come up and head go down and Lorraine did the same....uh oh I braced myself for a deep dip and was taken totally by suprise when Goggles leapt expertly over it, wow! By now Storm was battering us both with great clods of dirt and poop( see I told you I have a lot of shit in my life!) dodging these whilst watching her feet I was so impressed with her first gallop.

Now all this sounds fantastic doesn't it? Only I was scared witless yet excited out of my tiny mind. Its quite sometime since I let fly galloping fulltilt across a field and that horse knew what he was doing with me, Goggles was trying to find her feet in a field she'd never even seen never mind walked across. We got to the top of the steep hill in a second( it seemed) and at the top the girls turned around eyes flashing and said 'well how you enjoy that then?' I managed a good holler and a high pitched squeel and we carried on laughing at how much fun we'd had. The horses were buzzing every part of their body must have been tingling from the adrenalin.

Now the badger was a pleasant suprise as this was bout 7.30pm, he was only young as he was half the normal size and our he shot out of the reeds to our left and ran straight for us, quite clearly knowing his bolt hole was past us and he wanted to get there fast. He ran along the fence with big butch Storm panicking at this clearly dangerous wild animal on the other side of the fence, so the badger ran faster to get past him with Storm thinking he'd better go faster to get away form it luckily Cindy persuaded him to chill and the young brock shot past the road and dove under the farmers shed( he will be pleased!) while Goggles looked on in awe.

Just before we were finished we had to pass through a field full of breeding Shitlands luckily the young grey fiesty stallion must have been on away duties. Once in the field I was keeping a close eye on Goggles who is a real hussy, she might shout and advertise her wares but way betide anyone who tries to take advantage. Needless to say the boldest Shitland was the smallest and she 'escorted' us out of the field running in and out of us like a demented collie then once at the gate she shot off bucking and kicking at a job well done. Goggles looked on in amazement and let out a good old snort I think she enjoyed her education last night!

Oh what fun me, the horse and good company what else do you need?

Monday, 24 August 2009

How was your weekend?

All say Ahhhh, Twitter and his teddy.


Jacqui, Ella and Fern

Ella enjoying her massage

Well mine was a busy one! I had a friends daughter staying( her dad is the dolphin trainer/ owner)and she was such a star helping with the horses and shes just so dry for a 15 year old. So with Fern helping we managed to clear a full side of the field of poop( I have a lot of shit in my life!) and then washed both horses for the show they were entered for on Sunday.

Fern had a play on Goggles bareback something she doesn't get to do in her riding school( our insurance driven world) and even had a go on Ella which is a first. So with sleaves rolled up and all the shampoos etc ready we got stuck in a washed the two spottie girls until they were gleaming. Once rugged up and turned out we headed home and relaxed with full bellies waiting for the saddle fitter. As youngsters they change shape regularly and you must make sure you have a comfortable saddle if you want them to carry you safely. So once the saddle fitter came she let me know Ellas saddle needed restuffing and Goggles old one no longer fitted luckily she has a spare as I don't have £600+ for another saddle.

Next was the physio, the physio does exactly what you would expect and just checks to see if there are any problems and manipulates them using their own weight to change any disturbances. Then once this is done she gives them a massage using a massage machine...( such a tough life my horses lead I cant remember the last time I had a massage!) the following photo shows just how much Ella enjoyed it, Goggles on the other hand wasn't that impressed though there was a dopey look on her face.

On taking Fern home i met Twitter the young barn owl and saw a very proud dad, Ferns male Barn owl Raph. We then enjoyed a lovely BBQ although I have to admit whilst I am used to dealing with greeding dogs I wasn't prepared for a thieving Rhea, he nearly managed to snaffle my chicken wing and only headed off with a mouthful of salad.

The show? Urm well it could have gone better! The girls were horrors,they huffed and they puffed, they grunted and shouted and by the end of the show I had severe head rattle off all the whinnying they did back and forth to each other. In the ring Goggles spat the dummy out and dragged me from one end to the other. Ella meanwhile was trying to drop kick her handler( a friend who unfortunately for them decided to offer to hold he wont again). Next was Ellas turn and I managed to break the land speed record for running, the crowd were impressed with my running especially when I was only touching the ground every other time....I believe I can fly!

Well once we recieved our rossettes Goggles came 2nd out of two ( ha ha at least we weren't asked to leave) and Ella 3rd out of six( maybe the other two were three legged?) we headed back to the box where they were sweetness and light. I did manage to do some training by riding Ella a bit at the show and she did very well so all was not lost. Mmmm despite doing plenty of training apart, the show has shown they need more time spent alone....I can feel the tantrums already.

I will add some photos onto the photobucket for you to enjoy especially the ones with my face showing, urm you can see what I am thinking!

Hope you had a good one.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

more photos

I've managed to fill yet another photobucket site so back to the following sight:

Hope you enjoy as usual

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Great dog ad

I couldn't help love this advert.....blocked nose anyone?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Too much of a good thing

Free playing is what most dogs want, free playing is such an important part of our work yet it can be something that can cause problems. For example our working dogs Bob and Jack do not get automatic free play as they must tolerate mixing with dogs in a work situation without that is understandable you don't want a gundog running up to other gundogs and playing a game of tag with the pheasant do you?

Yet it is just as important that we don't allow our pet dogs to do the same. You can't allow them a loose rein at all times when it comes to meeting dogs and playing. Why? Well what if the dogs were across a busy road? Or if that dog has a bad back and cant play rough and tumble? Then there is the expectation of rough playing and the frustration when they don't get their play.

This is the hardest part for us, we walk the dogs guaranteed, that is what we are paid for but we can't allow screaming habjabs when we dont instantly ake them out and allow them full blown hoolies with each other. So we have to work around these issues, making sure each dog gets what it needs now, set up what they will need long term and also what we might want to do.

Dexter and Harvey are currently learning this and some of our older dogs( yes Jasper beagle how did you guess?!) Montana seems to have cracked it as does Mini, Tallulah definately needs work but again that is what we do everyday. It might seem easier for now to just let them off but we will pay dearly in the medium and long term.

So I have decided I can have a little frustration control eating at will. I am so used to eating as and when I want it is more than a little fustrating to not do I will feel some empathy when Dexter is yowling like a banshee at his friends playing....I feel like doing the same at those buscuits and maltesers that cruelly mock me when I walk past!

Happy walking.
Now we are back to normala I have managed to update some photos:

Hope you enjoy them...

A few photos to enjoy

This makes me smile everytime.

I love the innocense of this photo, we were walking up a lane and over the 6ft fence came two faces....

Summer! Stubble fields, blue sky and a happy dog.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Summer's Here.

When summer comes you think of sun, sea, salads and being able to wear fewer clothes and of course holidays....whilst many of these dont seem to come to fruitition thats what we hope for.

Unfortunately summer also means FLEAS.... that's got you itching hasn't it? Most vets recommend de fleaing every month which is an awful lot of chemicals every month for problem that can be kept an eye on with basic grooming. I have a cat( shoot me now) so our guy get done once or twice a year and if I see any then I also spray the house but as a rule I dont treat for them constantly.

So what do you watch out for? Obviously itching, dark specks in their coats, browny black creatures crawling or leaping through their fur? If you are bitten the bites are very itchy, raised lumps anywhere from 1mm to 4mm and whilst the fleas can't live on you they will definately drive you potty with the odd bite!

If you can the easiest way to check a short coated dog is to use a flea comb or if you have children a nit comb...this is a chemical free way to find them. Some dogs react to the spot on treatment, if this is the case you can use Frontline spray although this will need to be reapplicated if they get very wet. You can buy a house spray for furnishings.

We will be doing a flea check this week so here's hoping your guys won't be sent home from the 'nit' nurse with a letter!

Friday, 7 August 2009

We are live!

The website and photos are now live, I am guessing Laura didn't sleep last night as she knew how excited I was to have the photos up!
We of course are on Lauras Blogspot:

This is probably the easiest way to find the photos, if not just pop Chamfronphotos in google and once on her site head for buying photos: Other and hey presto enjoy yourself having fun laughing at our wonderful dogs....if you want to view press on the photo and you will also see the price and don't get a suprise at the low price yes it really is that price!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cracking weather, Fantastic subjects and Intiuative Camera work

Well we couldn't have asked for better weather could we? The guys knew there was something interesting and exciting going on. Most behaved so well although as usual there were some who lost their training as soon as the camera was pointed in their direction!

To have Laura come down and spend so much time meeting the guys and getting to know how we do things was a delight in itself. I also found I didn't have to explain what we wanted or what look we wanted to capture, she just knew exactly what looked good, funny and has snapped so many different moments I can't even come close to picking a favourite.

Sam as ever was invaluable for making sure one was here and the next one there.....mind somehow I ended up doing all the running, how did that happen?

When I didn't have Laura working we managed to fit quite a lot in, she had a ride on Zaffi then we went for a tootle along the road then we went to see if we could find the Snotters( Bruces name for our local Otters)unfortunately they weren't playing fair so we watched the Badgers playing and inevitably scratching a lot.

So I would like to raise a glass and say thank you very much to Laura and Chamfrom Photos for not only taking some fantastic photos but also making easy work of it.

Hopefully if we haven't worn her out too much she will have all the photos loaded up by the weekend and then you can buy and look to your hearts content.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Year celebration.

Well believe it or not Sam has been with us a year! In many ways it seems like yesterday and in others I can't believe its only a year.

So far we have celebrated with MarsBar cake( thank you Poppy and Truffles mum) and coffee. now we are heading off for a 'staff meeting' at Borders for more coffee food and quite possibly cake. I wonder if we can smuggle some marsbar cake in borders without being spotted.

Heres for a good few more years of a great partnership. You, me and her!

Monday, 3 August 2009

How did that happen?

I just get used to something and pow it changes....bad 'puter.

Hope that works, next I'll be expected to write a letter instead of post!


Uploaded photos as usual:

Only I cant get it to drag and drop the address so I will have to work out what to do....urely I wont have to type it out, heaven forbid!