Monday, 27 July 2009

What happens to your animals if you die?

I noticed this on the one forum I pop onto now and again( it's where I found Ellas advert).

So what would happen to your pets if something happened to you. Now I do realise if you have immediate family you may feel this doesn't apply as they would look after 'Booboo' but children move on and they may not be in a position to really care for her. Now I know it a bit morbid yet I think it is something we need to think about.

Now my boys are old guys now so its unlikely I need to consider them, whereas I am convinced mad cat will live forever as he's just having a hoot of a time so why would he go sometime soon? Now most people if really pushed could manage an extra dog if she was a much valued member of family what about the horses in my case? Unless you have experience you can't take on a horse just like that and of course they may not be the easiest to handle.

I don't really know the answer to this one, I know one thing I have told my family that the house would be sold to pay for my guys and gals but assuming my parents wouldn't be here and my brother lives in Blackpool even the practicalities would be awkward. How long would the money last if say the horses had to be in full livery( not very long I can tell you!). I couldn't bear to sell them in my lifetime yet what about when/ if I am gone.

I am starting to feel brain frazzle stay with me brain! As you all know most of my animals are special needs in some way so that has to be taken into account......mmmmm this is something I must really think about.

On a similar note I have dogs already bequeathed to me if anything goes wrong with their owners so they may have to be taken into account too. Maybe I should start interviewing people now ha ha.

I have an idea! When I finally get my new bitch puppy I will have to find it a godparent......theres an idea.

'Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes'.

As you may have gathered from the title I have been enduring a cd of childrens nursery rhymes, played for Keishas( my great neice) benefit. Now all of the songs sounded vagely familiar and I remembered bits but I was so frustrated when I couldn't remember bits that used to be a familiar part of my life. Yes I know it was a longtime ago( thank you for that) but you'd expect to remember wouldn't you? Then there's the technical ones, no kidding have you ever tried to coordinate when singing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes'? I managed the first sequence fairly well only to get distracted by something else and then I was in a right muddle. Then you can imagine the state I was in when I had to do the 'ears, eyes nose and mouth' or was it 'eyes, ears, nose and mouth'?

Maybe I need to relook at what we do with our guys, its not that easy to coordinate when things are even a tiny bit distracting, maybe some of the older guys could have forgotten some of the things that were previously automatic? I also wonder if we can just brush up on the forgotton bits or if we will have to break down the training again.

Anyway gotta go Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, all of the Kings horses and Kings men are on their way.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

A Day on Waldridge Fell

"I just wanted to add a few comments about the day Elsie got lost on Waldridge Fell.
It was the worst and best day. I was thinking the worst of course and it brought out the best in so many people.
The THANKYOU to Caroline and Sam for help support and finally tracking down the Huntress Elsie is immeasurably HUGE. Caroline stuck with me using her 2 ears and my one ear until we found her nearly 6 hours after being lost, while Sam coped with the “good” dogs
The dog walkers on Waldridge - One came up to me as I carried Elsie back to the car and told me that a dog was missing and described Elsie to me – when I told him and his companions that she had been found the relief was immense and everyone started to chat and laugh together – what a great community spirit.
A couple of things made me laugh when I had got over the awfulness of the day:
Dog walker [who I’d been talking to as I arrived on the fell at 9.10am] – 3pm as I left the fell - Are you still here? Me – yes
Dog walker - never!! I was only joking!
Caroline – she’s going to live to 18 so you’d better get used to it!

And finally – yes I am getting a GPS – my body couldn’t take another day like that.
Thanks again Petnannies.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First baby photo

Here's Bobby as a baby all say ahhhhhhh.

Monday, 20 July 2009

I wanna be a Petnanny dog!

Whilst not the clearest picture I was given this by a lady who owns Beau, she's a neighbour of one of the dogs I walk and she looks out of the window longingly everytime I come and pick up the Petnanny dog ahhhhh.

Check out new page on website

I have added a page on my website of (as many of the dogs as I have photos for) the guys.

Hopefully I should have it finished in the next day or so and also to add how long they have been Petnanny dogs. I have also added dogs that have moved on as I have nothing to be ashamed about and even add the one and only dog who didn't like coming out with me.

Hope you enjoy having a look at the page and feel free to leave comments.

Meet the guys and gals

I thought you might like to see some of our guys as pups

Well I thought you might like to see some of our guys as pups, so lets have some photos of the guys I haven't had from the beginning, not to leave out rescues how bout letting me copy the ones of when you first got them.

I thought I'd start it off:

Ha ha didn't expect that did you?
Soon to follow my guys as pups and recently rescued.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Vids again

Money saving tips

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Doesn't do any harm does it?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


So we finally had managed to get everyone seen too( or rather Sam pretty much had done that, thanks love!) and then Sam phoned to say the old girl Hannah hadn't got up all day, now this may not be too unusual for any cat never mind a 20 year old cat but it worried me as she had just come out of the vets. So Sam went back down and lifted her up and placed her next to the untouched food and water.

Well Sam didn't quite expect a club foot, in fact I can guarantee she didn't expect Hannah to now have a foot the size of a Great Danes. The bandage that had been put on after her drip was obviously still on and too tight. So now we had a 20 year old cat recovering from the vets with a badly swollen foot and a bandage we couldnt get off. With a far amount of huffing and puffing from Sam she managed to remove the bandage and got Hannah moving around to try and get the circulation going. Hannah seemed to be lightly bemused by it all but I am relieved to say she has had something to eat and drink and I am now off to see if bigfoot is now a bit more of a normal foot, heres hoping.

On a more entertaining note Sam had a blonde moment and tied her poobag to the towbar as normal only it wasn't the poo bag it was her treat bag so I think she is very lucky to not have been the doggy pied piper as all the local dogs tried to catch up with her for the treats.......I can only hint at what she did next....Jack decided Sams bottom was just the most divine thing ever and spent far too long attached to it so Sam did the only thing a lady could do, ah now thats where I can't tell you what she did you will just have to ask her!!! It worked ha ha.

Well what a day!

So I was writing the blog earlier when I got a phonecall from Paula, Elsie had went off hunting and hadn't returned by then she was already missing for an hour. So off I shot with Sam already heading over to help and we started looking. Now I don't know how many of you have been over to Waldridge Fell recently, its like a mini jungle. So we have a mini dog in a mini vast jungle, oh goody.

Oh and the phones don't have good signal there. Great! Sam had a couple of our guys out 'helping' so I did the road trip first, the one everyone dreads. Luckily there were no little white dogs to be seen so then I went down to the bottom track. There are dozens of tracks leading off here there and everywhere and it seemed we had looked on all of them when we heard a peep. Bear in mind we have a whole blumin orchestra of birds trying to outcompete each other never mind a dog who normally loves the sound of her own voice who had unfortuantely decided to be mute. Oh how we longed for another peep.

In the end Sam took her guys back and went off to finish her other guys and then to visit the old girl Hannah( thats a whole other story) and see to Bob and Jack. I then started to look through the Bracken, is was like swimming through kelp ( great analagy) wading just doesnt cut it I needed a sat nav just to find the way out. By now I could tell poor Paula was starting to envision all the things that could be happening if we didnt find Miss lets go find the rabbits Elsie.

We had to have a sit after disturbing so many fledgling I thought we might be arrested and tackling far too many plants( enough to make me start thinking of the Triffords). We had a little chat whilst I fielded phonecalls( no we havent found her yes we are till there and totally off subject no I cant get the field key to you to cut the grass in the field!)the dog warden was on standby and now we waited. Waiting it seems is a good thing because we heard a voice from over the way, a howl this time and far easier to judge where it came from. So we waded and swam through heather and bracken before we stopped again to listen. How loud are flies for goodness sake it was like the little blighters had tannoys in my lugs? With the next howl we isolated a particularly thick patch and whizzed down to find the biggest meanest patch of whinney bushes( Gorse bushes).

Now this was all making sense, as a certain three legged wonder dog had, over 9 years ago, managed to get herself stuck in this very whinney bush. Down on our hunkers we looked down into it with a grown and hoped we would spot the elusive white terror. A very quiet whiper was all we needed to renew our efforts and we both climber in and around the bush, ow! Paula let out a cry and we had her. Tangled up in the whinney bush. I cried, Paula cried and Elsie had the decency to look relieved and grateful.

Ah don't you just love dogs? They are great for bringing down your anxiety levels and theres nothing like a nice walk in the countryside to soothe your work worries away....errr you tell that to Paula and you might get a colourful reply!

So what is Paulas new plan for Elsie and her rabbit hunting ways....GPS yes you heard me right GP for her collar....

Changing routines

I don't like it! The dogs don't like it and even ever happy Sam doesn't like it!

Mind saying that I think it has dont us the world of good, all of us, humph. The guys are so used to having their every needs seen to day in day out its nice that they have had to wait a little longer for a visit or even just a different routine. All have done so well and taken it all in their stride, albeit a bit like me huffing and puffing all the way.

Even dare I say Jasper has coped and his first trip to the field yesterday Sam felt a little sheel shocked when the screaming banshee was silently playing with his mates amongst the long grass. She was soon brought back to reality whilst trying to find Elsie in the long grass, she might be white and bright, shes also a typical terrier and can be very good at disappearing only to reappear by your side.

Ah I have missed my puglies, Hugo still has his little friends or now they will be coming off very soon poor lad although Oscar will be pleased as hes the current love interest for Hugo!

Well I have just had a text to say Elsie has indeed done her disappearing act and not returned so I am off to see if I can help her mum find her, baggage that she is!

Hugs to Truffles mum and dad, don't let people just say it was only a rabbit Truffle was a much valued part of your family and I am so sorry for you and the lovely runny bunny.

Hugs to Skys mum too, poor Sky is still feeling really weak and being an old boy its really knocked him, hes a lucky lad he couldn't have a better mum.

Getting to work is taking life into your hands

Argh I forgot just how clueless young animals and birds are this time of year. Currently I feel like I spend more time swerving, dodging and getting out and moving the hapless twits than driving to see to the guys.

We have the local hares, they just seem to enjoy running up the road rather than going through the undergrowth, sensible unless they are being followed by an impatient van( not that impatient I love watching hares). Then you have the hedge spuggies sitting sunning themselves whilst looking up all innocently as if to say ' wow look at that big thing' funnily enough its the same look my idiot cat gives whenever he sees a car hence him being a house cat.

So this morning it was the new housemartin, normally so agile and fast I managed to coem upon the only numpty housemartin in Northumberland, its stretched and I swear it yawned before looking a little startled when I honked at it. In time it did take flight and I carried on only to come to an abrupt stop for a spuggie.....only it wasnt a spuggie it was a dried leaf, a very convincing leaf I have to say.

Soon the roe will be rutting so we will be having to watch out for horny males turning up in bizzare places and being a tease for our dogs, chasing deer are not allowed.

The sheep where I now keep the girls are very adventurous( and have a death wish I have to avert my eyes when they go on a suicide mission, its always to late to do anything so I just have to avert my eyes, I just wouldn't be able to stop myself trying cpr) There is only two cattlegrids to keep them in but the fields all link with each other so the young lambs find holes in the fences and just go where they want, they don't stop when they are bigger the holes just get bigger with them! So you head off on a ride and they are in the corn and in the hay fields next you find them in the woods. I am definately not going to be available the day they decide they have to sort them even the ewes seem completely lost as to where their lambs are and which are which. I have a sneaky suspiscion they are relieved to be free of the drinking machine for a while.

I have noticed the girls field is about the only field that isn't over run with sheep so I am guessing they are still enjoying their rounding up and removing them from the field game lets hope the farmer is too busy to notice, gulp!

Happy walking, dodging and watching.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Better than watching tv


Whilst writing this blog I am being studied by Bobajob, hes just come in from his garden after making sure the bin men went on their way.
Now I don't know about you but I tell the dogs how I feel about them all the time( at the moment that isn't a positive thing with HellsBells). I never feel embarassed about this and will tell anyone how I feel about them and even to people who couldn't care less and would rather I go talk to someone else and about anything other than dogs.
What I don't seem to do is say the same to the people I share my life with. Whys that then? I tell Sam how good she is, maybe thats because she needs to be told, not told what she can't do or shouldn't do. Yet my parents and Brucey babes? Not enough if at all.
Why is it I can laugh at Buck and tell him how I love his anteater nose and the fact he is so 'deep'. How I can chatter away at Shy saying he is the funniest lurcher, go gushy over him bringing me his soft toy then using it as a pillow.
Even better I show my guys how important they are to me,if that means switching off from everything else and camly grooming the girls and scratching them on their bellies and boobies( yup I said boobies).
So I think its time I tell those people and even better show them a little more. Ok I will get embarassed and probably a little mortified but I am gonna.
Yup definately. Not in a text maybe in a letter, humph I am not quite up to face to face yet lets not get too carried away.
Right I am off to give Bobajob a good cuddle and if he wants a good belly tickle!

The dog is my oracle!

Ted Update

ell its always nice to hear how our nearly Petnanny dogs are doing.
Ted as you know was found by the side of a very busy road near Rothbury and we never had a single enquiry about him so when the appropriate time was up he was rehomed with a fantastic couple with a lovely daughter called Jessica.He has settled so well and has not put a single one of his four feet wrong.
We did however find in time he was not castrated after all and had two retained testicles( liek most men he didn't want to give 'em up). So week before last I managed to book him in for his op to remove his pride and joy. Now Diane helped me out with a voucher to have him castrated as he was a rescue and he was duly returned to his adoring owners with the tidiest little cut you have ever seen.
He breezed through his recovery and we thought that was the end of it....the owners were so grateful they arranged for some cakes to be made as a thank you to Diane. While delivering these cakes hubby didnt realise the speed limit was thirty and was caught speeding! Typical isn't it how you manage to save money one way and its taken away in another....

Maybe he hould have offered it to the policeman..( bad evil bribery thoughts).

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Its all about compromise, isnt it, life?
I parked up the van, had a nice catch up with Beau Beau the beautiful( sporting a stunning new look stripped down to the wood). I had a coffee and we had our lunch together, she wasn't overly excited at the idea of her lunch in comparison to mine( silly dog I almost swapped my Not Poodle for her dog food).
I even managed to catch a bit of sun( Neighbours)then once we had had our catch up and she had had another toilet stop I left the house and came face to face with the opposite to compromise....Urm I am sure there is a very clever word I coudl use but I am really not that clever.
He huffed and puffed and still he couldn't get the Little van moved! Apparently I shouldn't park there I certainly should park there for an hour and definately should dare to answer him back.
So the conversation went a bit like this:
'You really can't park there, thi isn't for people at the Bungalow to park and I have waited an hour for you to move'
So I say ' Sorry did you want to go somewhere and why didn't you just knock on the door an hour ago rather than now'
'I shouldn't have to knock and it doesn't matter that I don't want to go anywhere, move you van now!'
By now he was a very artistic shade of puce. I was naughtily starting to enjoy this. Yes, yes I know I am a professional who should smile and be nice to everyone and you know thats what I did.
Smiling I said 'You know in a street like this life is much easier if we can all compromise, everyime I have met you you are angry and aggressive.'
Puce then said '**cking move your van now!'
Being a lovely professional that I am I smiled and said 'NO'
Puce repeats again.
So still secretly enjoying our chat 'No not while you are swearing at me, that means if I move when you are swearing at me I am allowing you to bully me, no!'
See I was being very professional, even training when not handling a dog, bad behaviour doesn't get them what they want.
By now I was quite avidly watching his vein which was doing a great impression of turning into the incredible hulk.
Still smiling I asked him if he would like me to move my van, which he promptly replied 'Yes get the van moved'.
I looked at him then looked at the van back to him and said 'I haven't learnt to leapfrog in my van yet can you move your car please?'
Puce jumps in his car rams it into gear and off he goes allowing me to quietly reverse out of the space. As I passed I wound down my window and sweetly said 'Thanks, don't forget to knock next time if you want me moved, see you next week!'
See compromise always the best way. Hope his vein has settled down it was quite alarming.
Happy Walking

Monday, 6 July 2009

Please comment

Now I need some comments please I know you are all shy( well apart form Laura and I never want her to be shy!) this is really important.

We all know the RSPCA is there to protect animals so how would you feel if an animal under their supervision, despite being advised by a vet to have the animal removed from its owners , died? That an owner who had neglected two others which died and had three other young animals removed on an emergency evacuation( on other words under extreme risk) yet handed them back when they improved the animals conditions?

Are you a regular subscriber? If you are have you read, in depth, what their policies are and their accounts. Please make informed choices, it is so important if you do subscribe to a charity or other that you know what you are paying for.

We may feel helpless with many of the government decisions this time we can influence what happens, by voicing how we feel and subscribing only to charities who fulfill your requirements.

Introducing a couple of family members

I was driving Caroline a bit mad going on about horses all the time so she introduced me to Linda who had rescued a Mare and foal from France, Maggie a 15.1hh strawberry roan mare was breeding foals for meat and Harry was her little chestnut boy that was destined for a dinner plate if he had stayed in France, so I went to meet linda and I offered to help out when ever I could I often handled Harry (who is as bright as a button) as Linda didnt trust maggie 100% with me, she came over virtually unhandled and understandably she must find it difficult to trust people. I found out that Maggie was available for loan and someone was very interested and due to take her, we visited maggies possible new home (which was very nice great facilites like a horse walker, 2 outdoor schools an indoor school and miles of off road hacking) I was gutted that maggie was going but I was happy that her new place offered so much more for her to do. Weeks passed and I was curious to when Maggie was going to be collected, Linda had found out that the girl who was going to take Maggie had her hours reduced at work and couldnt afford to take on another horse, so I questioned Linda about Maggie and she gave me the chance to buy Maggie and take her on, it didnt take much for me to decide by the end of that evening I had spoke to Grandma about it and pretty much told my mam and dad I was going for it!!So ive now owned Maggie for 8 weeks and shes only once been naughty! she is a greedy guts (she think's she can get away with kicking the stable door when i walk down the alley with her food and like a dog is very treat orientated) but she seems to enjoy doing something new, she waits every night at the gate fr me, we going out for walks and rides (and i'd like to say working in the school but I think she moves because ive got a lunge whip up her bum....tho secretly she enjoys it!!) Everyone at the stable's comment on how well Maggie is doing and how much of a different horse she is to when she first arrived, so I do feel very proud of what we have achieved so far, and what we will achieve in the future .. . . were just two newbies trying to learn from each other!!

Check out these photos on Sams Facebook page :

Pixie Pixie is a new addition to our household, she is a 8 week old Chihuahua x Yorkie so she is known as a Chorkie she is my grandma's dog though I think shes so cute I might need to pinch her.She has a very loving and confident personality she even thinks she can tell my big girls off, and of course they think she is brilliant and both try to mother and look after her. She has very little interest in the Dogue's unless they let her pull there tail, her real interest is in the old yorkie barney (her mum was a Yorkie so you can understand why shes so interested) but he really doesnt have the patience for her he wont even let her lie next to him, she tries to adventure off down the garden but she doesnt get far we can always tell where she is as Demi will get up follow her around to make sure shes not getting into trouble (tho Demi needs to remember she has 4 feet and not to turn so quick when pixie is underneath her).

Friday, 3 July 2009


I had to phone the vet at Hexham for an emergency as I had picked up a hurt animal on the road. When I said Kngfisher she asked me for a name, so I quickly replied 'urm havent named it but we can call it 'Vivid'.' It was only then I realised she hadnt understood what I had said, thinking I was bringing an animal called King or similar rather than I have a kingfisher to bring in! I did feel a bit of a twit but I think the name quite suits a kingfisher don't you?

The little fella seems to be able to fold its wings in but when Bruce and I checked it over it became apparent it had a broken wing and leg. So once the vet took it in I waited for the diagnosis, unfortunately he had a broken wing and leg at the joint so they were unable to save him.

Ah well. The first sighting I remember seeing of a Kingfisher was a flat mess on road with a flash of vivid blue, urgh next this little fella I do hope at some time I might get to see a robustly healthy Kingfisher fit and well.

Wish people just took a bit more care driving on single track lanes.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

videos uploaded

More videos to enjoy:

it will be back onto the normal photobucket website once it lets me back on again!

So when is a sugar sachet not just sugar?

OK I am stuck till but hey how come sugar in a sachet is no longer just sugar eh?

Wouldn't it be a bit soggy if it contained milk? I think there was something funny in the cherry pie and custard I ate.

More on being boring

Mmmm The animals aren't helping I asked Buck if he thought the blog was boring:

So is he laughing or yawning? I guess I can't take my lovely Bucky boy too seriously as he has got senility.

Ah well I sat Nipper on my knee and read him the blog:

Urm he was pretty keen to get back to sniffing butts, what do terriers know?

Maybe I would be better asking Zaffi:

Urm wakey wakey Zaffi...
Ok time to go and rethink....


I am bored
Dogs aren't boring
Working as a petnanny isnt boring( just ask Sam)
Sam isn't boring( she wouldn't know how to be)
Seeing to the cats isn't boring
Im petsitting the two dilly dallies and that definately isn't boring
Its the blog
Its boring
Maybe it's a bit sensible
Maybe it gets a bit helpful
Dunno it's just boring.
Mmmmm need to work on this.
It's not like my life is boring ( at the moment I'd say destructive)
Right I am off to practise not being boring.

new link page

Check out my new link page on the website, it even has my guilty pleasures on.

Tash the super star

Check out the page below and see who you can find!

I am hoping there will be more photos later, ah doesn't she look beautiful!

Happy Walking