Friday, 29 May 2009

Editing photgraphers post

I thought it'd be interesting if I posted Laura the photgraphers comment rather than edit my post about her. Apparently she has no collie, all the other critters but no collie, I will let her comments say it all.

'I have no collie though?!! I'm worried you saw one of the local farmers - skinny, neurotic, very shifty, green and daggy?!!! NOT MINE - LOL!!'

Do you get the impression this collie isn't of the quality or condition her animals usually are ha ha? I am going to make it compulsory that she leaves her comments they are funnier than my blog.

Well I am off to enjoy a little sunshine ( instead of packing) in case this is it for nice weather this week and knowing the scottish midges the last time I can show any flesh without a two inch smearing off toxic fly repellent. The sun has got his hat tral la la la la the sun has got his hat........

Happy walking I will be thinking of the guys when I am out walking dog free ( how odd) I wont miss the need for no poo bags!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Time to say tara for now

Well I am off for my holijols, off to Skye for the week. I am not taking my old guys as they just couldnt cope with the travelling and the change. Mam is repaying my petsitting duties by petsitting five dogs, one idiot cat and two horses! She does love to come up to ours she just worries about Swift popping her clogs or Buck going even more gaga.

We usually do lots of walking and definately lots of eating, some lazing about and did I mention eating.

I am sure Sam will be fine and dandy, all the guys are going to be on their best behaviour I am sure ( he he). We went to the field today and the guys joined in with flower watching, everytime we stopped to have a look at the flowers they did which was very amusing. Oh until the ate them or trampelled them I suppose we can put it down to natural selection.

Well a new biggy comes today and I am looking forward to meeting the new girl. Miley is the new St Bernard rescued from a banned for life breeder, she is one of 100 she had neglected how on earth do you rehome 100 St Bernards? She is a 2yr old bitch and from reports very chilled we will of course see in good time. How will Izzo and Belle react?

The guys had a good brush and tidy up today we could have made two new felt dogs out of Tash and Tara they have that kind of coat! Vinnie was a little alarmed at first then went gooey when he realised it was so nice.

Well I have money to put into the bank( that makes a lovely change) so best go and get cracking.

All the best till I am back, have fun!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Film star looks?

I am planning a photographer, Laura to visit a couple of weeks after
my holiday to come and take some shots of our dogs, action and
portrait. These can then be bought online( or if required through me)
on Lauras site. We can also fit in some visits if you would like
family shots or shots done of your guy at home.
Laura is a friend who is a fantastic photographer and has four dogs of
her own, an australian cattle dog, two whippets and a farm collie.
She is also a very proud owner a rather stunning mule just don't ask
me to tell you how many horses she currently owns!
By using Laura I can focus on the guys whilst she grabs the perfect
shot and for ease all is set up to just order and hey presto you have
your high quality masterpiece of your favourite furry friend.
In order to giev us an idea of who might want a professional shot of
their dog please let me know if you might be interested obviouly this
in no way commits you to buying.
If you would like to see her site call in and have a look:

The subject doesn't have to be dog of course Laura is able to
photograph cats, children and anything that's required. I will prvide
a form that means if you are interested you can tick the type of photo
you would like to see.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The end of a week....

Well it is finally the end of the 'no Sam' week. I have refused to let your comments of Sam sunning herself in Tunisia get me down whilt battling with wind and rain lashing down dogs producing copius amounts of you know what and moments of 'argh where am I going now'?

Before we know it Sam will be back with her infectious smile and we'll be back to normal enjoying a good natter and catch up.

I have enjoyed catching up with people I haven't seen since sharing the duties with Sam. To see how Petnanny baby number one Oli has grown and waching him skillfully scoff his fish pie( Harry was watching proudly) I of course see Adam, Petnanny number 2 a lot and he has just started nursery( I think its called nursery ha ha) and I will hopefully be able to announce the cooking of another Petnanny baby soon ( we don't want to tempt fate).

I would never have thought how Petnanny would change my life and introduce me to so many like minded people who may be very different but have such similar outlooks and ideals. I think Sam has also been amazed at how her life has changed. I am looking forward to her blog about her new family member a rather stunning mare saved from the french meat trade called Maggie.

Its looking like I have found a fantastic home for the little stray Pomeranian and he is now to be called Ted which I think is very appropriate as he is a little like a teddy bear. I have known the family for sometime now and despite Ted being their first dog I have no doubt they will do a fantastic job with him. I know mum is very good at managing her family so one little fluff ball will fit in just fine.

It reminds me how fantastic it is to find a good home for a needy dog or horse...Monty the big saluki cross s still happy in his home, Sam the terrier another who landed on his feet, Peter pan the lurcher( now Petey) living the life of luxury with huge numbers of guinea pigs, Luce the lurcher living with a lovely family, Taz and Rogan both living with my parents homed with them by me( all my fault!) as was Bouvier the cat, Bridie the scariest westie ever and Mitzi the smallest little yorkie and happily living with her Petnanny friends Mac and Tosh. Henry Morgan the most handsome sweet stallion and Bumble an ex racehorse who went on to become a point to pointer.

I wont go into anmals I have taken on as my family as it reminds me of how many I have ha ha. I can't believe my old girl Swift is still pootling along at 13 and a half.

Well its that time of day again, to wake up the sleeping dogs, for them to uncurl from their friends and out for a quiet tootle before another kip at home, ah if only we could do the same!

Have a wonderful weekend 'see' you tuesday.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Molly and Elsie go Boating

When my brother and S-in-Law suggested going on a narrow boat trip, I said “What about Mols and Else?””Bring them too” was the fateful answer – so I did. They were kitted out in lifejackets, new leads, toys and beds, and of course masses of food, in the end they had more luggage than me!
Molly is a pretty laid back dog but even she was suspicious of this gigantic bathtub that moved and Elsie is a dog who thinks the worst first, then barks and after that doesn’t like it – whatever it is. Enough to say, they decided to hate every minute of it, and that’s what they did. We humans had a sort of idea to mess around towards Chester, so we set off for Middlewich and a chain of locks to take us up to deep countryside. The dogs were firmly fastened in the boat while Marty and I did the lock business and Joy was driving. All went well until the second run of three Locks – Number 73 – is etched on my brain. Picture it – the boat is at the bottom of the lock and Martin and I are about to open the paddles to let the water flood into the space, when Martin casually observes “There’s a dog in the water” and there was. Elsie.
I learned two important lessons very quickly that morning – if the dogs have life jackets – put them on and keep them on, and inside a boat in a lock is dark, noisy and very frightening. So Elsie did the only thing she could think of and escaped – sadly out of a frightening boat and into a potentially lethal lock.
Martin to the rescue – he shinned down into the lock cavity and hauled a very wet and frightened dog out of the water. I was on the other side of the lock panicking, then very relieved. I learned something else – Elsie can swim!!
The rest of the week went by without much incident, the tally was Molly fell in x3 and Elsie only x2, but she definitely won on points!
The next week we went to cottage in Northumberland leaving the relatives back in Durham. Elsie didn’t like it of course until Molly showed her where the best places were to catch rabbits [smell only]and chase seagulls Endless, empty beaches which both dogs loved. The conversation went like this:
Molly: Race you
Elsie: I’m going to bite your bum
Molly: You will not coz I’m faster than you
Elsie: Aren’t
Molly: Am
Elsie: Aren’t, aren’t
Molly: Am
Elsie: Aren’t, aren’t, aren’t, aren’t, aren’t
Get the picture?

Written by

Paula Howden

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

teh most annoying posting ever

A you will all know I am a diabloical typer so I have decided I cant be bothered to coreect my mistakes and just post instead. Hopefully you will notice a little bit of a diffefrence and see how much I can annoy you.

Montana had a shock yesterday by being bit on her lovely delicate bum buy a thug of germand shepherd. Bloody cheek( excuse the pun). What was worse was she was in a training class! So today we had to be a little careful anbout precious, she already thnks shes so special. Normally she may be a bit of a wussy yet she doesnt let it spoil her fun, joining in with games even if it means she has to duck out at the last minute when it gets too full on. Hang on what is happening with my typing its going well, yee gods who'd have thought it? Anyhoo today she was a little more prickly which we definately dont want, who wants a big lump of a shepherd growing up to be a prickly white terror!

We deicedd to take her out with the little hguys so she could gain comfidence and if she wanted then introduce her to some of her taller pals. I neednt have worried she jumped straight in the van, grumbling and complaining boeofre tormenting her young pals on the other side of teh cage with her taunts to play. Once I picked up Dexter they had a reat old play session in the back of teh van, for once I left them be as Dexter was providing much needed therapy.

Annoying isnt it! Well ( I will wrap up as i am sure it is driving you up the wall) once out in the field she had a ball and even had a rip around on her last lap with some of teh larger thyan life ones, only once having to step in when she deiced to try and join in with Hansom, Sirus and Lil, now that would be too much for. Oh teh ignorance of youth, thank goodness!

Right I am off to practise my typing tiddlypoop

Black bunny and stuff

Well not only am I witness to our second generation dogs I am now the happy spotter of second generation black bunnies! I obviously can't tell if the first black bunny that lives by the roman wall is still going but in exactly the same territory there is now a younger black bunny who is far more adventurous than his predecessor. Whereas as black bun the 1st kept close to the winnie bushes this one likes to live life on the edge and travels to the side of the military road, his pathetic attempt of camouflauging himself with the tufts of grass is so inaffective I can see him despite travelling fairly fast along that rollercoaster road.

I also saw a lot less welcome beastie a much meligned grey squirrel just along from the red colony so I text to warn the guys who help to keep the yanks away from our guys. Little sod doesnt know any better but I am all for the reds surviving.

Oh yes I suppose I should talk dog ha ha. Well there is a link unfortunately between all three, a dog, a bunny and being despatched. Molly Mc Murderer managed to catch a young bunny and swiftly despatched it before kindly handing it to me to deal with. Whilst I wasn't overly happy to behanded a dead bunny I was delighted she came straight back with it and non of the guys saw fit to join in despite watching with great interest.

The Bedlington girls had timed their walk to perfection and missed the downpour, I am impressed with their planning and have decided I need to take a little advice from them. I also have a theory about our field, you can walk all the way around the field without a drop yet walk to the far right hand corner without a cap or coat and rain is a guarantee. Its uncanny, Brce did suggest missing the corner but I am yet to be convinced.

Jasper met his match today and I enjoyed watching him suffer in an enjoyable way. Dexter the young dalmation ( who thankfully has changed from the demonic dalmation sent to haunt us into a normal daft dalmation teenager) loves to play and had picked Jasper as his playmate. First mistake Jasper made was to think he was young and stupid. Second was to think he could impress him with his moves. A bit like a martial arts fighter doing his thing to his adversary when his nemosis pulls out a gun and shoots him! Jasper twisted and turned, leapt and ducked what did Dexter do? Ha ha he grabbed him by his pendulous lugs and hung on! That flumoxed Jasper a bit although not new to this move for some reason Jasp never sees it coming.

So the game carried on with Dexter hanging onto Jaspers ear and Jasper hanging onto Dexters cheek, it was like a styalised battle, all the movements carefully planned( dont want him hurting my ear/ dont want him hurting my cheek)neither relinquishing their grip neither wanting to tug in case it hurt. Both ended up flopping down with big grins on their faces before setting off all over again. Ah if only life were so simple eh?

Happy walking

Monday, 18 May 2009

All alone boohoo

Well actually thats not strictly true I am not all alone as I have plenty of your guys to keep me company oh and also Bruce is helping! Sam is off to exotic climates so Bruce is helping out mainly with the pick ups. So far the dogs are quite excited about it and Bobby is doing a great job of showing Bruce what goes where and what goes on...Bobajob is on top of the world and apart from doing some random air humping over Merlin he has been initiating lots of play with Vinnie, Belle and Milliedoodle among others.

Oscar appears to be taking lessons from Jasper as hes taken to squeaking manically to get out of the van and even trying to scream the place down when hes let out. Im am so proud of Charlienns owners they have turned Charlies weight around and as a result hes charging around like a young'un I can honestly say they have suprised me.

As Sam and I do our own dogs despite meeting up to walk we rarely do each others pick ups so it was entertaining trying out the different keys in the doors, at least no next door neighbours came out and tackled me or Id have been mortified.

I am delighted to say Poppy is improving and finally enjoying on lead walks, she is not delighted needless to say but one step at a time we want her to heel thoroughly or we will be back to square one.

Rogans eye is finally looking a little more normal and with time its looking like it will be back to normal or at least with minimal scarring. Taz still has her yeast infection again its improving by changing her onto a high meat diet and cutting out as many cereals from her diet as we can. Oh and plenty of shampooing...not enjoyed by mam or Taz.

Well I best get cracking
Happy walking

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sharp learning curve

As you all know I am big into anthromorphism, I dont mean to be and its a bad fault although I know I use it as a way to keep the guys welfare and needs in mind. Its so easy to disregard dogs, horses, cats etc by just calling them dogs blah blah. Unfortunately it also means I have higher expectations for them maybe more than they should have deal with.

Now if I have lower expectations of them then I can't keep them as safe without compromising their needs so its such a delicate balance of managing their need as dogs, my needs as a reponsible Nanny and safety. Arghhh.

What made me think of this? The guys. No suprise there, our first walk, my second started the same as ever. Guys on leads starting the walk, no pulling and with the less experienced guys not as much pulling. No weeing when on a lead please ( do you hear Jasper vinnie nero?)no sniffing the ground or playing( why? More on that later).

Then a good sit, sit without a lead and wait until we say otherwise, sometimes all are off sometime we alternate. Off they go, well that wasn't too bad all in all. Then we have a guy walking a dog, no great panic then Dexter and Jasper runover. A big no no. So I have to leave the guys with Sam in a sit so I can go get the little baggages, Yes I know they didnt cause any bother and the guy knows my lot and chuckled at the naughty dogs going to be on the naughty bush, its not good enough.

Did the guys sit quietly with Sam not chance. They tried to follow, they went and chewed grass. So I manage to send Jasp to Sam so she could continue to check the guys who should be sitting with bloody beagle joining in. I had managed to grab Dexter( I might have been a good goalie if you'd seen me catch the line) only he wasn't having any of it so he starts diving about, I mechanically pop him into a sit and he chomps me not a nasty bite a frustrated get off me I want to run chomp so I hold him till he stops eventually. He was doing a pretty impressive screech and I was ready to join in!

Of course we all calmed down, Dexter now enjoying a slow stroke whilst lying down, everyone sitting begrudgingly. So what did we do next? They all went back to the van. Only Ziggy, Molly Mc and Truffle enjoyed a full unadulterated walk. Now I was already very frustrated with them, they all know the rules and the way they have been taught so why oh why do they have to fluff and lose out on their favourite sport?

So heres a different way of looking at it in far simpler terms. They are dogs. They tend to do and not think. I envy their ability to not overthink. Dexter and Jasper were playing a dog was in front of them so they went to check it out. They probably didnt hear me as they were focussed on fun, games and each other.

The guys say me moving fast and maybe even heard a familiar word but my actions and other more important issues were there for the taking....lets face it everyone else was doing the same heck even Nanny was having a run.

Dexter was running back to join in the fun again when out of the blue Nanny grabs the lead. Want to play yet I am being plavced into sit, wanna play! Gerrof! Arghhh gerrof.......

You can see how Dexter would feel frustrated and a little pressured, you can see what I percieved to be wrong was actually dogs being dogs yet where is the middle ground? I need to be 100%, I need them to be 95% yet that kind of pressure can be oppressive. If I ask for less what if that means compromising safety?

The answer? Ah well that is maybe just one less dog going out or changing the friends around a little, working more on distracted recalls or on fastest recalls. Practise is fun, change can be exciting and of course necessary.

So note to self dont think dogs think like humans, they are dogs and most times dont think!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Blasted collars

Thats it I cant take it any more!

We all have a preference for dog collars, they can be leather, nylon and even chain. I dont mind colours, texture not even bling what I do mind is when they dont work or aren't safe. The current worst offender are the snap clip collars and of coure the age old favourite collars os loose they may as well be belts.

So in order to fulfill my moral and legal reponsibilities I am asking you to replace your collars with collars that fit and are safe. My insurance will not cover any dogs wearing collars that I know are unsafe.

Nanci need a collar that doesn't snap open please.
Hansom lil need collar that don't stretch or snap open and thicker so as not to damage neck
Maddie needs a collar she can't duck out of or snap open thanks
Sirus needs a collar he can't slip out of about one size down from what he has now.
Ellie and Barnie two sizes down
Charlie nn need new one his is unravelling
Smudge could do with a slightly heavier one
Skys one size down
Archie needs one that does slip off or open
Sophie has a necklace its only an ornament not useful!
Merlin one size smaller at least

Well thats that!

Please help us to keep your guy safe and sound, as they say in the L'oreal advert 'Because I am worth it'

New photo and vids uploaded

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Now for a Lost dog

So heres for the lost dog:

Alfie is a lovely saluki cross lurcher tan in colour with lighter face markings. Hes tall and smooth coated. He was lost from home( NE20 Ponteland) after going out hunting alone.

Here his poster and I know I have asked this before please help if you can, if you can spare a few minutes it might mean in the future if the worst happens( fingers crossed it never does) someone might just spend those few minutes helping you.

Found dog

I seem to be rapidly becoming the find it Nanny. After getting Izzo back I have recieved the odd phonecall from people who have lost their dogs asking for help. Then I try to have a non doggy day( that never happens unless I am on holiday as I have my guys at home of course, wink!) and we pick up a distressed Pomeranian.

Bruce and I often head to Rothbury at weekends and last weekend was no exception, on teh way we spotted an animal at first Bruce thought it was fox. It turned out to be a beautifully kept Pomeranian. I took quite a while to catch him and in the end I managed to get him to jump into the car. Once in I checked him over and he was well cared for, wellgroomed and seemed a steady little chap.

After driving around the local pubs, vets and phoning the dog warden we headed home and popped him into our spare pen luckily heated and bedded up for my guys when we all go out during the day for Frank to call in or when Bruces sons dog come to stay. This so rarely happens its hardly used so was ideal for PomPom.

He took a while to settle to us and would only eat out of my hand but Bruces dogs Nipper and Buzz didnt faze him at all.

Im so suprized no one has come forward for him so I will be looking to rehome him after the necessary holding time is over. Hes unusual for a pom as hes very quiet, rarely barks and is happy to spend time on his own. He is so well in himself I hope his owner manages to find him.

Heres a photo of young PomPom( I know silly name its just for now) and more on photobucket link.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

ooh clean carpets

It does seem at the moment I am running to stand still. Why do we alway seem to give ourselves more and more to do. I am trying to plan my next charity even I can honestly say its not going to plan ha ha. I have also been taking Poppy to the witch doctor, or at least that is what her dad call him! I trust Steve with my and my dogs welfare over and above anyone else I have met. We are making real progress which makes my 15hour days worth while.
I have been seeing lots of wildlife out and about, I am still seeing hares boxing so I think they must be breeding longer and longer now. Deer are a regular sight and of course the beloved Buzzards. I even saw something of a rarity at our place, a Red Kite. Or should I say two, one was just passing through whereas the other was obviously hunting. Our area is so well covered with Buzzards its pretty hard for any other raptor to find a territory. The Red Kite is definately in the majority in comparison aroung Whickham and gateshead after their release some years back. Bunnies are always a favourite I am obsessed as my old guys I have to admit.
Watching wildlife makes you realise how similar our guys are to these beasties, something we often forget. Louis joining the group has fired the group up again which is fun to see. The lad lads are acting all boyish, cocking their legs left, right and centre, the girls acting all coyish despite most of them being neutered and Louis being neutered. Of course the perverbial butt sniffing, willy and girlie bits sniffing is so important to them and a new boy helps to ignite this greeting.
It make you wonder if thes get a little locked in their routines and if they become a little bored despite every Petnanny day being a super day out. We used to take part in days out then we realised we do that pretty much everyday. So despite all the new smells and the unknown quantity of the new dog brings out their instincts and fires up their curiosity.
The pups are rapidly growing up and it wont be long before the older guys stop putting up with their indescretions. Thi is such an important part of growing up and at least with our dogs they have learnt the lessons slowly, consistently and safely, knowing they can push their luck when they are pups allows them to expand their social skills ready for the day when they might need to use it. I am often pleasently suprised at how tolerant older dogs are once they learn their own social skills. Vinnie is one that can be indulgent with pups of a certain kind yet intolerant of others.
Harvey is coming on a treat we are using a very calming repositioning technique to improve his heel work which is also helping with his touch sensitivety. Montana we are focusing on making her comfort area us rather than the van. She is doing smashing with the dogs and is a real boys girl, she likes all the boys and can turn on her charms very well. Dexter is a very dog orientated dog who we are aiming to manage this a little better so he knows we are the ones who supply the fun!
Tash now and again is showing her age so we are making sure she can pick and choose her play pals, shes a real toughy and knows exactly what she wants so its not hard to fit in with what she prefers. Harrys wrist joint appears to be improving with leader exercize although he thinks its the end of the world poor lad seeing all his friends out having fun and hes babysitting us on the lead.
Hugo where do I start with Hugo? He now screams when I take any dogs out other than him. So here I am getting the dogs out for the next walk and I have a little flat faced #######( as his mother calls him!)stomping in temper, biting the cages and screaming at ear height just what he thinks about not being the one, the only. He also doesnt do rain, not even in his hooded raincoat in racing red with go faster stipes. Oscar may be the keenest walking pug out there. Hugo most definately is not, he prefers his lapdop title best for keeping knees warm and entertaining guests, this walking lark is totally overrated!
Nero and Charlie nn are both losing weight so a very well done to both owners for their hard work...its well worth it to be able to have their guys longer and more comfortable.
Well Im off to have another cuppa, I would like to raise my cup to my rather splendid new vax cleaner, yeh to clean carpets without being on my knees trying to dry them off with towels. Why oh why did Bruce choose cream carpets, arghhh.

Swift finally has a blog

As has been correctly noted by a customer who shall remain annonymous I have very unkindly hijacked Swifts blog. I have no doubts that despite her advancing age she would most definately have lots to say! Now many thing I wouldn't repeat and I also am still smarting from her complete desertion of her doggy responsibilies I will attempt to allow her some blog time. Even though after 13 years I an barely a blimp in her eyes, her eyes, love and attention is taken up with a certain Bruce. Huh.

She leads a very simple life now she is an old kodger. I long to be given the oppurtunity to live my old age in a similar fashion. Its mostly involves sleeping on a variety of very comfortable elevated beds ranging from a beautiful all natural brown sheepskin rug to a very pale wholly unsuitable cream settee. Both must be in close proxcimatly to the log fire. Then there is the waking up and asking, not so politely, for her breakfast. Now just so you know Swift doesn't do food. I believe he thinks she comes from a time when you had a young wench or dog to taste you food for you incase there was something unsavoury and potentially dangerous lurking in your food. o feeding her usually involved popping some delicious food down then picking it back up again when she throws herself away from the offending obsenety that you tried to pass off as food whilst Buck and Shy throw themselves at your mercy hoping to be the sacrificial tasters. Throughout the day this routine will be played out many times over before she decides she will just have to risk her life by trying it

Throughtout the day she may just tootle out in the garden, how long she is out depends entirely on what the weather is like and if there is someone in the arena so she can shout, silently at them( mot of teh time she has no voice). During the day she will have a quiet running battle with the madcat, that all important spot infront of the fire is covetted, both paticularly enjoying cooking their brains or feet on the hearth. At least Swift has yet to burn all the hair off her tail, unlike a certain madcat.

Tickling and sratching is a big part of her day although by her standards not of the quality she expects. She also enjoys yodelling desperatly trying to let us know exactly what she wants unfortunately the days of my giving her a multiple choice question and her accurately selecting what she wanted is long gone( I kid you not she knew, cover over, toilet, drink, love/cuddle, hungry, game, scratch and get me up on the sofa).

A trip in the van is a welcome change of scenery but even that is sometimes not wanted and who am I to insist( he he). Well I am sure I have missed out many of her daily rituals and as she sleeps in front of me I chuckle at the thought she is soon to move into a new position as like a sunflower he follows the sun.