Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rain wont stop play with us

Oh it may be pittling down but we still managed to have lots of fun. We may have been wetter than wet yet they still managed to raise a smile.

Jasper is on leader walks today as he was awol yesterday, in sight but awol. That dog is a sod, a baggage and he is so close to having a dunce hat on indefinately. Its simple he gets to stay out playing with his mates or he can run after one new boring labrador then be tyed to the naughty bench. Harry is a little lame after a game at the weekend so we are just doing leader walks with him much to his distress.

Sirus and Beau fluffed at their sits and it took a little while to persuade them to come back and sit quietly needless to say everyone else were stars and they got to run whilst Sirus and Beau were contemplating the joys of leader exercise! It didnt take long for them to show how good they could be and enjoy the spoils that brings. Of course not all dogs enjoy of tolerate the rain and the bedlington girls looked a little shellshocked when we went for a walk, Hu-Go wouldnt go for a proper walk and decided he would much rather GO in our lovely van so he was plopped outside in the rain for a while whilst I did clear up, nice present thanks Hugo.

Hansom, lil, Sky, Oscar and co were all having so much fun rolling, dashing back and forth through the long wet grass, diving in the pond you cant help but find their pleasure infectious...

Maddie is improving day to day although still on occassions being a baggage for her mum I think the mad moments are decreasing. Dexter and Harvey are doing well although we are now going to start implementing play sessions rather than fullwalk play, we need their attention on us at least most of the time. Harvey is still very quick to use his teeth so we are working hard to make this slowly disappear, he just needs to know using teeth wont work. It just takes time and consistency.

Montana is much mroe confident and less tantrumy( is there such a word) she is learning fast and happier to great people without the huffing and puffing she did before. She is happy in the cage and absorbing all that goes on around her.

Bobajob made my day yesterday when Takoda joined us with her owner. Normally he is a little shy of her but not yesterday he was on fire yesterday! Not only did he bomb around Waldridge fell in true mad labrador style he also growled invitingly at Koda hoping she'd be up for a bit of rough and tumble...Go Bobajob....

Well its time to go again.
Enjoy the videos and photos some from the weekend of Ella and her big trip out, a young horse exploring the big bad world out there.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fun in the sun

Oh how I love the sun. Especially when it is tempered with wind( keeps the dogs cool).

Well the sun was much appreciated at Beamish today and suprisingly all the dogs where chilled. I took my first guys out and walked much slower than normal, normally we fly along keeping them moving and occupied. So with me smelling all the warm smells and the guys sniffing the ground, air, trees and of course each others butts.

We managed some great training move quickly followed by treats and met the odd person walking, their manners where great and all dogs were well recieved.

The second walk was with the young guns and old guys, we pretty much did the same with the first group although Hugo was not in the least bit interested in anything other than willy checks, its always the same with young lads. Our sits werent too bad Hugo is sittinga little longer but was distracted by .....youv'e guessed it willies.

We met a guy with a springer and Truffle spoil herself by running over so she was back on the leader with the other four running having fun. The springer watched us as we left a little bemused by us, totally unflustered just watching the pied piper and her charges.

Soon after Sam joined us and we set off with a livelier group Sirus I have to say was fantastic he is really getting the rules now and Jasper was remarkebly chilled and best of all quiet, not quiet in the running sense quiet in the gob all mighty sense! Maddie (or as I have been calling her for a week Callie!) was very good at coming back just not so good at sitting. Charlie nn must be feeling better on his anti inflammatories as he was being a little bugger, working his ticket but it was nice to seeing him being so active.

Loki, Nanci, Molly Mc and Molly bedlington were a pleasure. Harry is still being a little dumb but hey ho we will just wait that one out he has his funny phases and we just wait until he gets bored and goes back to being the Harry we know and love.

Well I leave you with a bum note.....Laura I know you particularly love this one! The grass is obviously paticularly tasty this time of year and all have been havinga good graze and you know what that means dont you......we will be chasing our dogs having to pull bits of grass out t=of their butts so I thought I'd warn you in advance. Dogs dont you just love 'em?

Happy walking

Monday, 20 April 2009

Ears, toes and bums.

It was maintanence day today, lucky us we decided it was too warm to do bums so only Izzo suffered the indignity of having his anal glands squeezed.

So as follows:

Molly mc

all had ther nails trimmed and ears cleaned
Bobby had his eye drops in
Belle had her tatts removed and brushed no mean feat
Izzo had his bum squeezed and extra points for Dexter as he was a superstar had his nails timrred without drmamtics which is fantastic for a young dalmation and although slightly worried enjoyed his ear cleaning once he realised it wasnt going to hurt him.

Oh its such a pleasure to be able to do the guys without fear on our side or theirs and it means we know they are happy, healthy well mannered.

As promised the pressies will be arriving this week for all the decorated eggs it was a real team effort and I am so impressed with everyones efforts.

As usual more later Nature calls!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Keeping it real and sexy young man.

I often think too much, it not only a woman's problem but

walking with dogs allows you time to think, in between watching and

laughing at their antics of course. Overthinking is a common problem in training, often we overthink as we don't want to accept the reality of whats actually happening.

So whilst I was thinking about Petnanny and how over the year, last

year, my life has changed for the better allowing me to believe that

Petnanny will indeed last for a good while yet. What I also realised

is I dont want to take over the world, or indeed expand, go national

or change much that we do. Its not that I don't have drive I have

just learnt that I am not driven by money. I want a lifestyle and to

be proud of my achievements.

I think one of Petnannys strengths is the personal touch, knowing us

as individuals and knowing we will turn up when you expect us too,

knowing we will look after the guys the same way we always have. I

also think we underestimate the way the guys interact and provide

canine companionship and I suppose an extended doggy family. Whilst

there is a small amount of coming and going I think thi provides a

little excitement without the anxiety involved in lots of tooing and


The long term guys are really as much a part of Petnanny as we are.

Whilst this is obvious its not really quantative you can't measure

their value or the relationships formed. I dont want this to change

and feel quite happy that we have a happy band. Its amazing how fluid

these relationships are and how friendships change, alter and return

depending on changes in their lives. I know Vinnie is going through

major changes at home and this is reflected in his behaviour, he is

feeling frustrated and sour, there is no point reacting to this too

srongly as he is just trying to cope with his new life. I know some

relief is gained from having our routine stay the same. To know that

Norman is still Norman and Tash still oblivious to Vinnies charm.

Well its time to introduce you to a rather sexy young man called

Louis. Hes a rescued Shih Tzu who has spectacularly landed on his

feet with his new owners. Both are dedicated to him and I think he

knows this! Yesterday was his first day out and despite a few worries

from his dads he coped fantastically well and hardly flickered at his

new regime. Let face it their first thought must be that they are

being dognapped but for Louis I think he was just genuinely intrigued

as to what the day would bring.

I feel its time for a coffee and let my old guy out so more later.

Happy walking

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sometimes its all about your time off

Oh what a cracking weekend, it involved friends, dogs, horses and joy of joys fresh scones oh and of course chocolate. Bliss!

Friday I was shattered after my hectic and manic day on Thursday but happy in the knowledge Izzo was safe and sound. I had a lesson first thing with Ella not a ridden lesson all in hand as she has a couple of sore muscles and we dont want to give her reasons to act up shes quite happy to make upi reasons to act up without giving her reasons to! Soon after we got our jobs done at the stables with Goggles providing the whole local bird population with lots and lots of glowing white hair.

The rest of the day was filled with drawing, housework and seeing to the dogs.

Saturday was then horses,dogs, jobs, drawing then just as we wee getting organised for a italian meal I spotted Goggles had the start of Mastitis so I phoned the emergency vets who after two hours injected her then sent us on our way for food. I normally eat fast but I can tell you I did a great impression of a labrador saturday night I demolished my food.

Sunday was preparing for the whirlwinds to arrive and as usual Holly ( pet au pair)was late! We planned a trip on the mega quad, without the dogs they had a walk earlier. To walk down to this particular waterfall is an hour once you have left the quad behind and its a bit like walking constantly up and down a stone quarry...oooh my legs hurt.

I can honestly say we had a ball although we had no chance of seeing any wildlife other than the ravens as the girls don't do quiet. Debs may be a slip of a thing but boy can she do anything not a flicker as we scrambled up and down scree areas of had to walk barefoot through the streams. To know we are one of the very few people who have seen the waterfall as well as being able to just sit and know we arent being watched or disturbed is a wonderful feeling.

After having a wonderful time and once back on the quad we had the best time laughing at each other before Holly said the fateful words......oooh I could just eat a scone. I could have kissed her when Bruce decided he agreed and once home put the scones on whilst preparing the chilli.

Monday was pretty much chilling and then a lovely walk by the river with the dogs, Swift obviously just had a tootle and chatted up the local boxer( who was hugely fat I might add, I did manage to keep my gob shut but it was very hard!) and then sat happily in the van with a beautiful view of the river and a little bit of sun she could lie in if she wanted.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that coming back to work wasn't too much of a shock The guy were very pleased to see us and actually not as manic as normal after a bank holiday but more of that later.....


This is jinxed this post I have now tried to post this four times and each time it has either gone off line, lost it somewhere in the cyberspace or just crashed my computer. So sod the posts previously tried this is going to be short and sweet.
Izzo is back safe and sound with only a couple of bite wounds and a chipped tooth. He was rescued by a gentleman who put himself at risk to take him off a group of lads who were trying to fire him into fighting their other dog. He ran all the way home with him and once he rang and I asked questions about him( there have been many many possible sightings of him which turned out to be roaming staffies I asked questions about his distinguishing features, things that make Izzo him) and I finally started feeling hopeful.
After whizzing around, Sam helping to make sure everyone was dropped off, let out, fed and the usual we have to do I popped over and cried buckets when it was indeed Izzo. I take my hat of to this lovely man who stepped out of his comfortable life ad helped a dog in need. I only wish he had accepted the reward as he deserved a bit of spoiling and I know he was more than a little sad to see the littlest Hobo heading home.
So raise a glass to this special man and to the chunky little dog called Izzo welcome home.
Happy Easter!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Oh what fun we have had and you know I secretly think you have all enjoyed it too. I am so impressed with the eggs that were decorated. The dogs were really impressed with the taste.

As the eggs were so diverse I have decided to award prizes in catagories:

Most artistic: Tigger by Sisko
Most ingenius: The bunny wraps by Smudge
Most like their dog: Dalmation by Loki
The one Sam wants to keep: Funky Chick by Nanci
The most tragic: The green sadly splattered decorated egg by Montana
The Cleverest: Splodgy by Dexter( apparently by Dexters own paws although Im not sure he wrote his age on it, Emma!)
Most appropriate for dog: Queen Beau the bee by Beaubeau
Best delegated egg: Hugo ducky and Oscar bunny by the kids down the road and Oscar and Hugo
Best Bunny: White bunny pink ears by Norman
Strangest subject: Chineseman and Bride ( Chinaman with beard and hat, Bride resplendant with feather boa and roses) by Bobby
Best nativity kind of: Patch's home by Harvey( we laughed so much we nearly had a pee our pants moment)
Most bog eyed egg and amazingly still intact: Mr Bump by Jasper

So prizes will be left next week well done

photos on usual page

Monday, 6 April 2009

The start of the Eggstravaganza week

Well today we had the start of the eggstravaganza week and I can tell you now the dogs certainly approved.

Siskos beautifully decorated egg was very appropriate as Lyndsey is a Disney fanatic and Tigger was a great choice. Smudges mum oined in depite a lack of time and used an ingenius cover for hers with the easter bunnies on it.

Both dogs enjoyed chasing their eggs down the hill though not so sure about sharing a tiny bit with their mates!

Photos on the usual photobucket link.

Hugo had a breakthrough today with a paddle whereas up till now he has avoided the water like the plague. Check out the video of his first voluntary dip. He also told me that his mum tried to drown him yesterday when instead of popping their fresh water down for them she threw it over them instead....

No news unfortunately on Izzo I am hoping he is found...

More of a catch up tomorrow today I have been bogged down with mailings and phonecalls trying to make Izzo to hot to handle.

Happy walking!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

More on Izzo

you can find posters on doglost for Izzo please help in anyway you can, we want to make him too hot to handle. So please poster everywhere you can think of. Poster s available to download from website:

Friday, 3 April 2009

Stolen Staffie

I can barely believe this but one of our wonderful Petnanny dogs has been stolen.

Izzo was stolen from Cotehill drive, Ponteland taken by the proverbial white transit at 11.45am. He was wearing a bright blue collar with tag and is chipped and castrated.
He is a two year old very drak brindle staffie a real bull headed type. A real sweetie who would only fight if really pushed to. Has white on his chest.

They also tried to steal the St Bernard bitch but she wouldnt allow them to catch her.
I will post a photo as soon as I dig one out.

If you see him or hear about a new staffie turning up please let me know on 07881827899
Owner is frantic and we are all desperate to find this popular boy.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I had to share this link with you!

This is a funny blog entry I can just picture the scene!


Its Spring!

I am not sure if it is spring officially but I have decided it is definately Spring. The hedges are throwing on their green over coats, the buds are coming out on the trees and yesterday April 1st I saw my first Swallow. Oh to see that one lone Swallow made my heart glad of course me being me I then was sad because it was alone ha ha.

The girls( the two horses Ella and Goggles) are throwing out their coats, the birds are delighted about this and for the first time I saw a rabbit collecting the hair too I presume it was a doe rabbit and she lining her nest. I now come to work hairier than I finish which I must say is a real novelty if not a little irritating. Yesterday was a big day as I also saw my first Red Kite about the stables, near Hexham we have lots of buzzards which probably mean there isn't enough feeding for red kites too.

Tumble the mad cat has been exceptionally mad , he's driving us up the wall if its not the loudspeaker loud wailing, it the manic spinning and rushing back and forwards. Unfortunately we know the cause...Spring. I don't know why he is so affected but he is and often so are the dogs. Many dogs who aren't walked as regularly are affected even more, they recognise the signs anticipating the walks they are soon to recieve. So Tumble is going back on his serene'um to see us through his loony faze and once this settles its time for his warm weather clip.

Today we did a clean up session with the guys, managed to trim Harry up a little although we have his tail to do, Tash had her nails trimmed and another good brush, Charlienn thoroughly enjoyed his groom and Nero went all silly as usual. Nanci obviously thought Nero looked spectacular after his brush as she spent the remainder of the play session chatting him up. Belle is a bit like the forth bridge you start at one end and by the time you get to the other its time to start again, thats hairy St Bernards for you.

Kodas mum joined us, keeping true to her promise to allow playtime for Koda on the condition Koda holds to her promise not to be a bully. She even helped us do some of the grooming which was excellent experience for the guys, they aren't handled by others so its great for them to have a bit of one on one grooming with someone new.

Poppy is on restricted exercize so she 'helped' me see to mams dogs, Rogan had his lampshade on so she was not impressed with that. Taz knows Poppy so it was a nice catch up and all I had to do was make sure she didnt jump on the settee or the pond. There not even room in the pond at the moment as its so full of frogs spawn. Even dads huge old koi cant face eating anymore of it so its being left well alone.

Ooh I have just heard some wonderful news the blonde lurcher has been found and is well.

So on that note happy walking!