Monday, 30 March 2009

A lovely day

What a lovely day we had today.
Kodas mum was back off her honeymoon and after a catch up she accepted my offer of a walk together at the 'deer park' so Sam and I met her in the car park. In order for her mum to see how Koda can mix with dogs and also how to see trigger areas and what Koda had to do to earn being off lead.
Its so lovely to show people what their dogs can achieve and how they can achieve it too. So for this walk we took out the daft, the manic and the steady. After meeting up with all on leads we did our usual sit, this has to be a decent sit in order to persuade us they are ok to be let off. Wth all the excitement this took a bit longer than normal! Isnt it funny how we all react to a new situation.
Once they did as asked off they went, I was so delighted at Bobajob as he was happy to show off and dance about despite there being something new going on and was delighted to have someone new to parade with. Koda behaved well and only once did we have to tell her to watch her manners for grumping over a stick. Today that was ideal as it showed how little it took to stop her 'huffing'.
Truffle and Milliedoodle were partners in crime today in fact they seemed to be intent on having a totally seperate walk to us so spent time on the lead as a little reminder, this made Doodle thing it wasnt worth the restriction but, typical for Truffle, she decided she imply couldnt help chasing the small birds on the field. Baggage!
Our next walk was a delight with all the little ones and the young enthusiastic Dexter. I couldnt get over how much he's grown! Hes going through his 'grab and rag' stage where instead of playing nicely he simply tries to grab and rough house. Bare in mind he is a young pup this is how he learns, so we were able to spend the time allowing him to play whilst he plays well and stepping in when he started to get rough. By the end of the walk he was getting it and I was delighted to see that all but the most delicate was completely comfortable with Dexters learning curve. Hugo the most delicate was, quite rightly, a little overawed by him which is exactly what we wanted and he spent time in our arms then time on the floor when we could supervise Dexter fully. The last thing we want is Hugo to bowl in and find himself in a situation he can't handle that could frighten him yet we also want him to learn who is safe to approach and who isnt.
All in all it was a lovely day for all concerned and I am delighted we have the time to enjoy it.

Enjoy our updated photos:

Friday, 27 March 2009

Bad wind urgh

Normally the main problem we have with wind is in the van( urm no not
me thank you!)this week however its been wind wind, its batters your
ears, makes your hair stand on end and makes the dogs run like, well
like the wind has got up their tail.
Sam and I were walking yesterday when a storm cloud hit us, brrr it
was like being powerhosed, funnier still was all the dogs got all
stirred up literally, dashing about. As soon as it passed all went
calm again it was very spooky.
Ellie and Barney have slotted in well to the guys, Ellie is a shy
pointer puppy and Barney a 'been there before' entire Dally. Ellie
started off a little overawed and for the first time yesterday joined
in in full flow with the younger group playing as all young dogs
should. Barney is more like Bertie and Beau more interested in the
smells and politics of doggy life.
Hugo is coming on a treat, he is at the stage now where he is being
brave enough to go off and try and join in with games then rushing
back when he feels its getting a little full on. This is a wonderful
thing to see and it makes me feel so good to see him not only learning
to be a dog, learning hwo they behave but also knowing he can come to
us as a safe area/ person when things get too much.
Sirus is a funny dog, he throws his weight around and is a real boy.
Likes boys toy and playing rough but seems to bring out the wild side
in dogs. I don't think its particularly anything he does, it just the
way dogs react to him. They get rough with him and get a little out
of hand with him. He never seems to notice and usually we have to
step in. On wednesday Jasp got rougher and rougher with him and
despite stopping them at least twice Jasp managed to make Sirus feel
threatened. For the first time, instead of keeping the game going he
ran to us and asked for the game to stop. The game was stopped
immediately and Jasp was by now floating around like a kite. This was
a real breakthrough with Sirus as he sees us as a bit of a risk. The
risk is if he spends time with us not only might we allwo him to play
with hi spals but we can take it away. This time like Hugo he came to
us to sort a problem and what a treasure he was for he rest of the
walk. He seemed really pleased with himself and once Jasp had
deflated they were allowed to go off and find their fun again albeit
with different mates.
Well now the bath beckons so off I pop ready to fort my tack for
tomorrow, Ella and I are having a lesson with our trainer so I am sur
ethat will be .....interesting ha ha.

Cows and this week

Ooh I do love cows
I dont why and when I started loving cows but I love their ways.
Today we called at the farmer who pops the girls haylage bale in for
me( its 500kg so I certainly couldnt lift it)whilst catching up with
him I went to see his new calves...needless to say I was smitten. One
in particular made me broody as it had its tongue out just like Poppy
boxer does. One of the older heifers was very bold happy to be
stroked and fussed.
This week has been a strange week. Most weeks are both different and
similar, as we have the same customers with very little change we know
our routines very well and even the odd changing dog settles happily
into our busy day. This week has been a vet visiting week with taking
Vinnie and sophie, Vinnie needed to go as he injured his paw over the
weekend and after spending the hwole time licking it he had a nasty
infection. Sophie is walked everyday by her owner with her pals, they
meet up at the local walk and go for a walk together unfortunately one
of her pals had a stomach bug and still being walked so she had then
caught it. So Sam had to make sure all dogs were dopped off and the
van was emptied so she could take Soph to the vet then after dropping
her off clean and scrub the van before any other dogs went in.
Its such a shame people still walk their dogs when they have a virus
not only do they then pass on the infection but they also risk their
dogs catching it again once its gone the rounds.
Buck has also been to the vet for his 'brain boosting' tablets,
Vivitonin dear god I nearly fainted when I was told the bill was £120!
It does help his senility a bit so I will tighten my belt again and
try not to cry when I also have to pay Swift and Shys Previcox bill.
Dexter is back on board as a Petnanny dog, he has changed hands and
for Dexters sake I couldnt be happier, Emma may not have been his
owner by paper but she certainly was in reality. Now his owner has
handed him over to Emma and they are both delighted with the new
arrangement. He is far calmer and no longer pooping and peeing ( well
no more than any young pup)we are rapidly becoming Petnanny the
dalmation walkers!
We cant get over how big Harvey is getting and he is all cocker,
whizzing here there and everywhere. He has the strangest toes! The
outer toes are so short, I love to see these funny little quirks as
long as they dont affect their well being.
Om that note I have noticed Charlienn's right hindleg muscle is
starting to waste away whilst his left leg is building up this means
he is taking most of his weight off his sore leg( his hip) so hes
looking like he needs to start anti inflammatories to ease his
Well I think its coffee time and we can catch up on the guys in a mo.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Two found collie crosses

Well I had a little bit of excitement this morning, coming down from the A693 from Stanley I spotted two collie crosses causing chaos on the road so after popping my hazards on I managed to get both off the road and phone Chester dog warden.
Whilst waiting for them to come out I managed to drive round to Eden place and catch the dog although the little bitch was having nothing to do with me. After sometime I managd to persuade the bitch to relax with me around and flipped a lead around her jut as the wardens appeared and popped them in their van.
Hopefully someone will recognise them and claim them, the dog has a nasty flea allergy that needs treatment but both were in good bodily condition. The bitch was a bit sharp whereas the dog was a sweetie. Both were, bizarrely, docked.
You can contact me on my normal number or leave a message on 0191 4103647.

photos on usual site

A funny tale from Sam

Leaving Lloyds Banking Group Iam now just a one job girl, which is fab I can spend more time with my girlies. I left Lloyds Bank in the middle of Feb and so glad I did, Im now up for taking on Petsitting and other Petnanny work. Working for the bank was very repetitive, it felt like same thing different day although they were the odd one or two things that stick in your mind, the 85 year old person who calls you to tell you they have no heating and the gas has gone off (try telling them they have called their bank and not their gas supplier). Then theres the drunk thats lost their bank card . . . I did find that a little bit funny. Then the soldier who called for car insurance and asked for my phone number . . . needless to say he didnt get it, but the funniest one of all had to be Robbie!! I had a call come through on a tuesday evening and the person I spoke to was talking very fast and difficult to understand. At first I was just picking out small pieces and putting it together, this person at the time wouldn't give me his name he was very angry and said it had nothing to do with me. It was his turn to talk so I just had to listen. I did try to piece it all together although this was hard as he was very random. He has a particular word that he said afer ever sentence. . . . yesum and a cough which sounded like he was clearing his throat.
At first he said he wanted his balance so I asked for his details but he wouldn't give me them saying it wasnt any of my business! He was angry the bank had took his money and wouldn't help him, I asked him questions to try and help but he wouldn't give me any info and got more angry. He said he had been sent by the lord to distroy us all and in his world or the next we were all gonna die, at this point I asked a manager to add another headset and listen to the call incase of a bomb threat. he told me he had put a curse on me and was gonna call back and put a curse on everyone. So he put the phone down and later I found out that he was talking to another girl on the same team, saying very similar stuff- but without any information theres nothing that could be done about the call.
Friday came along and I got back the same caller, that never normally happens so with the last call being 35mins, I just prepared myself for more of the same, this time it was very different. I recognised him straight away with his distinctive yesum and he kept clearing his throat, he began by singing a nice song down the phone to me and this time he told me his name was Robbie. He sounded quite child like "Hi I'm Robbie . . . .Robbie" so I asked how I could help again it was his balance, but he wasnt allowed a bank account as he didnt have any identity, he asked me to keep it a secret that he was an immigrant(I dont think this was true), so couldnt have an account, he was all calm and nice about everything. I thought robbie may need help within life. Everything he said he repeated 2 or 3times, sounded confused and needed simple things explaining so I asked if he had parents or someone with him he said there was just him and his cat, Thomas.
I started just a general conversation with Robbie, this is something the bank encouraged, I asked him if he had been affected by the bad snow and he told me that he lived in the north pole with Thomas and the snow was very bad. He had built an igloo to hide in and invited his friend the polar bear, I asked was he not scared of the polar bear he explained that the polar bear had chewed off his leg. He started to sing me another song and my manager had realied that I was speaking to the same person (for too long) again so they listened in to see if we could get more information.
Robbie did have a bit of a wild imagination and think the men in the white coats will be after him to pay the phone bill, but I dont think I will ever forget that call.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Lost lurcher

As you all know I have a weak spot for lurchers and one of Dianes recently rescued lurchers has managed to slip his lead and run away from Eden Hill vet practise. She is needing treatment and thin. She is a medium sized rough coated blonde lurcher. Shy and afraid she is unlikely to let you catch her. If you see her or even think you see her contact me or Diane via 01913700369.
She hasn't even got a name yet so callingf or her wont help although I am sure she will be hungry so food might help.

Lets hope she is caught soon as its not the best time of year to be running free, spring lambs and spring calving is starting so farmers are naturally a bit jittery at the moment.


Well its Monday!

This morning brought Vinnie hopping on one of his paws so before we walked him I booked an appointment with the vet( owner spotted it Saturday after his walk with them)as its looking infected with him licking it non stop. Poppy who was at vets Thursday for an xray is looking much better but boy oh boy does her body not like aenesthetics she is pooping and pooping, urgh.

What was everyone else like? Well pretty much what they are alway like which is why I am still a Nanny after 11 years. There is Koda new girl trying to break out of her front door and quivering in excitement, Vinnie three legged trying to hug me and run at the same time, Pop and Truff sitting so fast at the front door it made me laugh anything to get me to hurry up nad put them in the van. Bobby gets up off his settee with a smile that melts my heart and a wag that threatens to take over his whole body, Belle who was sunbathing at her front door running as fast as St Bernard can quickly followed by Izzo who helps me put his harness on as I am not going fast enough.

Smudge launches and squeals high enough to make me squirm with he pain in my ears, Sisko dumps his mam with hardly a backward glance then gets annoyed when I stop to kiss young Adam. Ah and Oscar and Hugo, oh do I get a pug loving from them, out they come out of their cages, with a stretch they compete to give me full face kisses before showing off their sits at the front door. Once sitting out they shoot to the van with Hugo now trying to achieve what his brother nearly reach up and start climbing into the cages...hes only tall enough just to reach the bumper but Oscar like to get ready to run up the front of the cages with me holding tight!

Sams van is just as funny....Theres Jasper...'wooowooo' welcome in a morning out he bounds and stands ready to be lifted in to his cage( sorry his penthouse suite), Nero who brings his cushion or usually his mums best cushion as a present running as fast as his poorly hips will take him, Harry who flings himself in the van picking his favourite spot in the middle again without a backward glance. Leia and Zig well firstly there Leia who tootles out and patiently waits to be lifted in with Ziggy supervising and barking panicky orders( well we could take away his comfort blanket you know). Milliedo likes to bring a present but heaven forbid you want to take it off her she doesnt do sharing! Archie in his true independent way trots out straight into the van saying high to all who might be there. Tash now Tash as usual does it her own sweet way. She has a stretch and a yawn, saunters slowly out of the door with a glance at the food cupboard, just in case, out she pops and wanders right round the van before giving Sam the look as if to say ' well open the door woman'.

I could go through each and everyone but we know dont we what the guys do when they see their nannies.....the tails start, the faces light up and off they go on the days adventure.

Enjoy the photos and videos

Heres to us!

Saturday, 21 March 2009


You are all invited to.........

Easter eggstravaganza

Well now Easter is fast approaching us I feel its time for an event.
So we are going to roll some hard boiled eggs down a lovely steep hill
so each of the guys have some real yummy fun. No only that but we are
going to do a decorated egg competition anyone who decorates their egg
will be entered into a competition for the best design and the prize
is a free dog walk and posed photograph of your dog.
As we have different dog on different days I feel we should spread
this event over a week to give eveyone a chance and also give you busy
people a chance to join. Let me know if any of the guys cant tolerate
egg and we will think of an alternative.


Bye for now

Friday, 20 March 2009

New Blog

Hi everyone once again.
This time we moved because of a naughty human who is causing us problems. We are luckily very well liked and respected, have built up a loyal customer base and have always tried to be courteous and helpful. So from now on I will only be giving our blog details out to people we trust and like, please only pass on details if you trust the person.

This blog was started to let you all see your wonderful guys out having fun and also to pass on my thoughts not to be used as ammunition for other people.

We do not need to change anything else we simply want to protect ourselves from unpleasant comments and accusations. Let the fun commence!

Now I am not sure anyone else will have noticed I certainly have......its sunny, not just in a weak watery pathetic kind of a way but really, warming you face kind of sunny. It may shock you but I rode in a t shirt today and didnt need an ambulance. Now this means we have to start thinking about keeping the guys cool, out come the sun reflectors, the cool jackets and the shades.

EllaBella has started her ridden career and I am delighted to say she is actually starting to enjoy it which is what it is all about. Goggles( I will formally introduce her soon) is doing really well that is until the vet comes and jabs her again poor lamb seems to know the vet very well!

My three old guys are currently sleeping infront of the patiodoors soaking up the sun and I just revel in the fact they are still with us. I know that June may be different we know how Swift is when Swift hears we are due to go on holiday so I will dread June with a passion!

Well time to carry on deleting our old post, all will be saved of course and I look forward to our new blog just for us!

From all of us