Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mixed end to the year

Well it's that time of year AGAIN. Where do the years go?

To review the year would be condensing so many trials, tribulations, fun, frolics and relationships that I am reluctant! We have met some amazing dogs who have become Petnanny pooches and I am delighted to say we have so many of our good friends still on board.

Well this is the first time since I left school that I have had a week off at christmas and I have to say its been a welcome break. Its given me time to spend with Buck who's health is declining, as usual when an old boy gets older it's never simple. He has had a blood problem all his life and is currently suffering from brain bleeds increasing his dementia and some bleeding internally. Now this sounds all very dramatic but he is in remarkable good health otherwise, bodily he looks fantastic.

So we are plodding along taking his mood into account and how much enjoyment he is enjoying a day ( me getting up makes him very happy, breakfast, tootle in garden even the green if he wants too, a chewtreat later, a good scratch where his stump wont reach, more treats, a go at the treat puzzle trip in the garden, lie infront of the fire and then teatime again).

Izzy the van has been a wench! Travelling home on christmas eve she had no warning lights on yet by Boxing day, despite having oil. her oil warning light has come on and refuses to go off. So other than ticking her over so she doesn't seeze up completely we haven't dared do anymore in case the oil pump has gone. Of course non of the garages are able to send a mechanic out to see if it is the sensor or the pump so we are a bit stranded. Bruce is currently working himself up into a state incase I have to use 'his' Trooper' for the dogs on Monday, oh the trauma! He is inventing lots of reasons and alternatives while I am resolute, hehe.

The horses are happy as pigs in *hit scoffing their expensive but tasty Haylage and playing in the snow with their new male neighbours watching on. I've only managed to ride out once in the snow before it got too icy, well worth the ride out there is something about having a good canter in deep snow, watching a hare run for miles, still visible against the white for many fields.

Sam has been uncharacteristically grumpy about the weather which makes me laugh, for some reason Sam is so funny when she gets grumpy!

Well I have a date with a hot ciabatta and latte with a friend so all the very best to all canine and otherwise and I look forward to seeing you all in 2010.

Oh and kisses to the newest member of Petnanny babies, Connie Mears I can't wait to meet you little girl and I am pleased you finally arrived!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Random Baubles and Guns

Sam taking a photo of the Bauble

Ah a Christmas suprise!

Well by now I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and all are nursing a rather larger tum. Thak yo so very much for our many many presents.

Our last walk together saw Sam and I walking at one of our favourite walks, Twizell. Usually the most exciting thing we come across at Twizell is the odd terratorial Robin giving us hell for daring to disturb their peace or the odd confident rabbit. Not this time tho, no in true Christmas fashion we were met with an intriguing sight...A bauble very high up in a tree with no clear way of how it got up there, the tree had no branches in which to climb and the branch it was on is very delicate yet if they had thrown it up there how on earth did the small tree hanging catch on?

Well I am sure of one thing we will never know but a very glad sight it was...not that any of the dogs appreciated it as they were preoccupied by the jack in the hole rabbits. Clever bunnies they were as they sat outside their burrows and waggled their bums provocatively then just as the rampaging dogs ran up back they would pop in...very amusing form our point of view not so amusing for the long suffering dogs.

Sam was given the day off on Christmas eve so I was on duty and Takodas mum came and joined me on the walks, in the end I was more than a little bit relieved to have had her company. Now for the first time I had forgotten my phone so didnt pick up the 10 phone calls from a frantic customer So blissfully unaware we carried on our walk at Twizell chatting away about what we had planned over the christmas period before we headed back.

Once our guys were happily on the lead we had spotted to drinking and clearly drunk lads walking up the path, we tried to pretty much leave well alone and keep the dogs concentrating on us but I did notice the lads hiding something in the dumped sofa, we both decided by now we wanted nothing to do with then and took the guys back to the van.

It was then that we noticed Malcolm who looked a tad worried and had said he had tried to ring a few times as he had spotted the lads take two guns out of a hiding place in the woods ( who would have thought an old tractor tyre could hold such things?!) and despite being drunk had gone into the woods, probably to pop off a few unsuspecting bunnies. Needless to say there is no way these guns could have been legal as they wouldn't have risked leaving them in the woods unattended. That explains the 10 phonecalls, poor Malcolm must have been worried!

After we phoned the police we headed off shaking our heads at the thought of two drunk (and possibl worse) lads using a gun. Later the police phoned and couldn't tell what they had found but they missed the lads. They thanked us for the phonecall and said it had been very helpful so here's hoping they found the hidden 'stash'!

Never a dull moment eh? Note to self, don't forget your phone and don't give Sam the day off, something bizarre always happens on Sam's day off.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snowman has the right idea

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep the dogs away from a pristine, happy snowman, it just wouldn't look the same tainted by the fastest dog cocking its leg. I can't take credit for 'Sid' my parents are retired and have obviously idle hands!
Now how could I be bah humbug whilst looking at him?
Here's another of Beaubeau doing goodness knows what!

Lastly the wedgers have been having fun.....
I am gonna catch him

Where's he gone you had him last?

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Snow, sun and fun

What a stunning day!

Yesterday I stayed at home, making sure the girls( horses) had their new bale of haylage and spending a bit time with Buck who is feeling under the weather.

Today I was a little anxious as to how I would manage on the roads. What a doddle and how much easier when there aren't dodgy drivers on the road, lots of the usual tractors on the road feeding the stock. Once over this way I came across a customer in distress their van wouldn't start so after a jumpstart off he went to work.

Once all were picked up we headed off to Twizell woods and oh what fun watching the guys run and play, Jasp sliding across the ice, Murphy shaking all the snow off the trees as his considerable bulk ran past. Lola was up for anything with Koda. Vinnie spotted his tree and managed to catch the over hanging branch then proceeded to batter it. Needless to say this was too exciting for Koda to miss out so she joined in sounding like a demonic troll, certainly Dex and Harry decided far too scary to join in!

Charlielab has just been castrated so he had well and truly spat the dummy out when he was told he couldn't join in so walked forlornly by my side. Suzy the floozy was on fire dashing back and forth the snow clearly gets her all excited and you couldn't help but be caught up in the moment although it has to be said MarsBar cake kindly cooked by Sharon and Hula hoops go a long way to make our walks exciting haha.

Well IT is getting closer and the deadline for the calendars is hurtling towards us but in true Howlett fashion it will be done when its done there are not enough hours in the day!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Raining dogs and dogs

I am guessing you have noticed the rain, if nt where on earth have you been?

Well yesterday we had the guys at the field and as usual they were mad keen, weather? what weather! So they were running around, dashing about splitting up in twos or threes having a game then splitting off to play with two other pals. Hugo who used to hate the rain has now decided its very exciting and he played non stop with Tallulah, Tallulahs hair plastered to her face. Oscar would occassionally join in before peeling off to torment another.

Leia was another who was fired up and boy did she run, run and run, I will never tire of seeing a totally blind dog running without a care running because she can.

Murphy the big lump that he is is still trying to master tight turns, you can't knock him for the effort he puts into training but I am guessing they are way out of his caapbilities, fast tight corner and great Danes dont usually mix. Most of the guys have overcome their mistrust of his size and think he is great for a game of rabbit, Tallulah was regularly the rabbit but it is currently Murphys role. What a funny looking rabbit he makes!

By the end of the walks we were getting chilly and even Tash was looking a bit woebegotten so I said to Sam I would be putting the guys who wanted in the vans back in and I turned around and they were all lined up ready to go in the vans, not just us who were weary of the rain then. I was chuffed with them waiting their turn as I popped them back in some waiting with am and the rest coming when called to sit in the respective cages, heater on ready to defrost them all. I often wonder how many paws I have dried in my time.

Jaspers tactic of trying to deafen us into allowing him 100% priveleges isn't quite going to plan and he is not a happy bunny, how dare we, do we know who he is. He even spat the dummy out with Harvey who he loves playing with as Harvey went for a walk first. Daft dog.

Dexter has also been a muppet and been chewing the mats again, whilst yodelling at the top of his lungs...we have to just relentlessly wait till we get the right behaviour then they can have what they want, to run and play with their mates, lets face it we don't get everything we want for free do we. Dexs mum is trying hard to retrain her spoilt brat and of course we are helping.

Photos have been difficult as its raining so hard most days I dont want to kill my phone but I am sure eventually I will manage to safely take some.

Well it is time for afternoon tootles so back out of the warm and into the cold for all of us.

Love is in the air

Or rather in my van!

First of all there is Charlielab he just lurves Hansom, Hansom just lurves Murphy and Bobby well Bobby also lurves Hanom but limits his desire by quietly airhumping whilst looking longingly at Hansom. So in the van we had Charlielab trying his hardest to 'lurve' Hansom whilst Bobby was airhumping quielty in the corner. Murphy was being hugged and snigged by Hansom whilst Lil the only female looked on in disgust. She went from one to the other telling them to get a grip( Charlie was really trying to get a grip) and I can just imagine her shouting 'erm HELLO I am a girl its me you should be lurving!'.

Lola is just desperate to dive, hug, squeeze and romp with anyone who even shows a passing interest in her direction. Then Poppy was enjoying her chewtoy only it was Truffle's Cone on her head to stop her bothering her stitches....Finally there is grumpy and twitchy Beau and Bertie who can't even stand a dog looking their way unless they happen to be seriously sexy girls.

So for once Izzy was not the relaxng haven she usually is. It didn't take long for the guys to chill out and return to the friendly platonic relationships they usually share although this is partly because Charles humpy pants was seperated from Hansom. Lola worked out that most dogs don't want to play nonstop and enjoy a good snooze before and after a walk then last but not least Poppy decided my offer of a rawhide chew was a far better choice than a plastic cone!

As for Bertie and Beau they continued to grump, Bertie half heartedly just to support his brother and then both fell asleep leaning against the cages back to back with the pugs.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hands up!

Ok hands up who has landed flat on their back today......
Oh that'l just be me then? Huh.
Now I am not a telltale.
It was Vinnie.

Bear in mind I had the Wedgers out....Mila ( a big wedger), Belle( a slightly bigger Wedger), Vinnie ( It was him it was him) Charlie ( more a numpty than a wedger), Bobby ( another numpty) and the wedger of all wedgers Murphy. Now if I was a betting woman I'd have said two St Bernards, a Wiemerarner, two labradors and a Great Dane I'd have betted on the Great Dane or one of the Bernies being the ideal I am not planning on being a betting woman anytime soon as it was Vinnie.

Never mind at least no one saw....huh you should know by now when I land on my face literally or otherwise I usually do it with an audience. Bobbys dad Kevin had joined me and with his camera. Luckily I had cleverly distracted him with a beautiful view. I really enjoyed our walks today as we mixed the dogs up a little so Kevin could see Bobby in full force.

Happy Walking!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Knowing what they have learned

Mila, where do I start with Mila?

Now if you met Mila and asked me to show you what she had been taught since I have been taking her out I'd be able to show you a really shaky sit! Oh and I suppose she walks nicely on the lead. Impressed? Maybe not until I told you what she has afterall learnt.

Mila was one of the hundred St Bernards that were removed from a recent RSPCA( yee gods they do actually step in and help animals, must have been a tv camera there) case after being abused, neglected and abandoned. Mila had been fed well at the rescue home but still lay as if crammed into a cage, didnt look up or do anything other than the bare minimum.

So since being in her new home and being walked/ trained by Petnanny she has learnt to relax.....

She has learnt to be aware of her surroundings

To try new things

To initiate play

To initiate contact

To risk the possible wrath ( linked with trying new things)

To stretch out in a cage and to come out of a cage

Now there are many, many other things she has learnt but it gives you an idea of what has been going on since her complete change of life. he may not win any obedience championships but she has learnt some important life lessons and more importantly she has learnt to live.

Not bad eh? Dogs are amazing things. I can live with a shaky sit can you?

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Rossi the crocodile

Who me? I am an angel me.

After my post yesterday I thought I would let you know what we are currently working on with Rossi. Now Rossi is still a bit of a crocodile, he has very curved puppy teeth so often catches us with his teeth so we are working very hard on teaching him how to be careful with those awful impalers.

Heres what we are currently doing to work on this and to teach him how to calm himself down.

I sit on the floor and either rough house him or play tug.....if he bites or catches me I squeal and walk away if needed I walk out the door. Then I start again. When I feel like it I go all soft and talk very sweetly to him saying 'ahhh Rossi calm, ahhh Rossi' then I hold him quietly stroking him really slowly in long slow strokes until he calms himself. At first it was like holding a death roll croc and my 'ahhhh Rossis' sounded like I was warbling! Now no matter how excited he is I can calm him by the second 'ahhh Rossi' and he snuggles into me for a cuddle and stroke. Once really calm I give him a peck on the side of the face and see if I can let go totally only holding if he tried to restart the game again I can now do this fairly quickly.

Now many many people advise people with highly motivated or excitable dogs not to get them hyper or to rough house them but I have found the sooner you teach them how to calm the better. I personally dont want a robot dog or a dog who never does the mad half hour when they are excited but I do need them to have strategies to calm down themselves. Swiftly the three legged wonder dog was a evil playmate she thought if you were game enough to play with her you should have hands of steel. Yet if you even whispered 'Ow' she'd stop instantly and give a gentle kiss. This coming from a dog that went blue whilst playing with you as she was so competitive.

Am I right or wrong, probably both. Just as positive reinforcement is the right way to go it is not the end all and be all. Is it going to keep your dog safe in every situation? Not a chance. So all I can do is tell you what I have found to work with the dog I have worked with, lived with and enjoyed.

So next time you ring and it appears I am being savaged down worry I am just trying to teach Bruce ( hehe only joking Rossi!) to be calm.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A word or two about group walking

Dogs can be adrenalin junkies, waiting for their next hit, longing for that chance to really let fly. Can you imagine if you could have that all the time.....argh brain overload, what would end up happening is they would require more and more hits, harder play, faster running and more edge to their play. Its up to us to provide that adrenalin fix with control and balance.

Lola( Across a crowded floor, they worked from 8 till 4) couldn't sleep after her walk on wednesday, in fact she couldn't even come down from the ceiling! Instead of putting herself to bed at 7pm she was still doing the chacha at 10pm. So I thought now was a good time to talk yet again about frustration control amongst other things.

Now parents should know all about teaching your kids that they can't have every sweet in the shop and who can forget that fantastic advert where the child has a screaming tantrum only for the mother to scream back with her own tantrum, classic. Does this mean you should fling yourself on the floor everytime your dog is having a wobbler? Yes ( only joking although I would just LOVE to see that).

So using Lola as an example (at the copa co copacabana)I will try and explain what we have to try and achieve.

So we start very simply at the house.
Calm means collar goes on, same for lead
Then we start walking, no pulling means we continue to head for the van which is the transport to the fun place.
In the van no shouting, digging or chewing means we continue to head towards the fun place. Dogs coming and going in the van all helps towards teaching her patience.
The van stops we are at one of the many fun places.
Dogs come and go, will it be Lola or will it be Vinnie?
Lola is excited and starts squeaking, Vinnie yowls so we give the newbie a chance to get it right....the second she is quiet I lift her out and see if I can calmly put the lead on.
Now the dogs are on the lead off we head, only Lola just cant wait shes jumping about and diving on anyone in close range.
Stop. Using treats I show Lola what I want from her, the quiet dogs are asked to sit and wait.
Off the guys go whilst showing Lola we want calm.
Lola manages to be calm enjoying her treats that distract her.
A good sit and shes off

So you can see how there are many oppurtunity to show her what we want with rewards all the way. Even when she is off we will put her back on the lead intermittently so she doesn't presume its all free playing. Somedays she wont get to free play, or she may get to play with only one. Its all about her understanding there are rules.

So what has this got to do with Lola not being able to sleep? Well she obviously found the free play so exciting she couldn't wind down, bit like a child after a trip out to the fair, they are so tired but can't sleep due to the excitement. This is where you help to teach her how to wind down. Go through the usual routine preparing for bed, make sure she is fed, toiletted and then pop her in the cage or where she normally sleeps. Yes this time she may not manage to settle straight down but by going through an established routine she will soon learn to wind down.

Although this makes sense for puppies, it's also the same for older dogs, they can't just run with wild abandon everytime or the expectation will be there causing a great deal of frustration when they don't get it. Just think of it from our point of view, we turn up at work and we grab a cuppa, get our work together and then have a quick look at the computer, a moment or two on facebook with everyone laughing at whats been . Only one day you go in and the boss stops you. Today you cant go on facebook, the coffee is off the menu and you feel frustrated. It's highly likely you will try and sneak on when no one is looking and even have a sly coffee whilst nipping to the loo.

Dogs do the same, sneaking off to go play with a dog, or pinching food of the bench if they dont get their usual treat.

Well enough of the sensible stuff I'm off for coffee!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Smelly chicken walk yeh

Well today apparently I have been driving an invisible van again, I was also vocalising unhearable words funny how you have days when everyone can see your big white van and other days when people pull out in front of you, nearly run up your butt and the usual stuff when you are on the road a lot.

I am pleased I am not the only ranting woman on the road as Sam has exactly he same 'problem' we tend to be very considerate and try and have alternate ad days! In fact I quite enjoy when Sams having a bad day( sorry Sam) as she's funny when she's mad, even funnier when she rants although I am quick to turn down my headset.

Today was a day of change, it was cold but bright on the first walk, I love the smelly chicken walk with the pine trees and beech trees colourful in the delicate sunlight. Most of the leaves have been blown off but the few that remain glow. The smells must be so powerful all the guys had their nose down with Sky throwing his nose up as well.

Smudge is giving me so much amusement at the moment, I am not a lover of hairy white dogs from purely practical reasons but to see Smudge in his new trouser suit with his little hairy feet, head, tail and butt is just the best sight. His face was a picture when he first walked in it although he soon forgot when Ocsar decided to do his puggy best to distract him.

The second walk started out dry but the wind started to get up and it just seemed to fire the guys up. Sam joined us on this walk and boy oh boy did they fluff! Bobby spotte dthe water so Truffle thought it was a great idea to join him where Truffle goes Milliedoodle goes so we had Bobby, Truffle, Milliedoodle and Harvey in hot pursuit hoolying across a field with two ponies looking on in amazement whilst sheltering under the trees.

One hard holler had them turning on their heels I am pleased to say and all enjoyed a spell on the huffy leads, praised for coming back but legging it across a field after shimmying under a fence is not the way to win brownie points with am and I. Harry and Fergus looked on very smug, smug in the knowledge they were free to run, sniff and gallop about though the reality was I am sure they just didn't spot their mates running like eejits down the hill!

By the end of this walk the weather had started to kick off and Sam gave us all a running commentary on howmuch the trees were moving and swaying. We are both accomplished in making ourselves heard so chatting wasn't a problem.

With noses running and eyes streaming it was time for the next walk and I was out with the little fellas. As I wanted to focus on fannyannblot ( Her name is Lola she was a showgirl da da da da da)I only took Hugo and Bruno. Well I can definately say Lola( with yellow feathers in her hair)has some interesting moves! She tried lunging very unshowgirl like( more like a doing the CanCan on a bungee)then tried throwing herself down on the floor ( Darling she should be on the stage) but being the smart girl she is she figured a good supply of sweeties, a dollop of cuddles and a play if she was calm was a pretty good deal.

Hugo was tranfixed....the long delicate form, oh the aroma...shame it was the treats he was fixated on and not the lucsious Lola! The same can be said about Tash and Nero there is some serious pocket love going on with those three.

Bruno has found he is THE perfect height for smelling all things girlie so if we ever can't see him all we have to do is peek at the back of Sophie or any of the other girls and hey presto there is the little lovegod.

After having all the cobwebs blown away it was time to see to the leader guys and then that magical thing....COFFEE ahhhh Bliss.

Happy walking!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Without doubt many old sayings have more than a thread of truth in them and the same can be said about: ' ou can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Older guys are definately more set in their ways, less likely to learn new previously unknown behaviour but this shouldn't be an excuse to not try.

Suzy is an older lady, used to being the only dog and only going out with her dad. Once Bruno arrived and started being walked by us she decided it was only right for us to take her. That meant learning to travel in a strangers van with other dogs( Suzy didnt mix and was fairly intolerant of other dogs), to learn a new routine and to walk in a different way, mixing with the dogs rather than chasing a ball.

She learnt all these things with enthusiasm because there was enough reward at the end of it to justify the effort.....she actually enjoys mixing and going out and about with her new extended family.

Then we have Sandy and Ben. These two 12 year old dachshunds were not only not walked but lived with an old lady all in their self contained life. Little or no exposure of the outside world with all that brings. They messed where they wanted and ate when their mum did. Unfortunately when this lady became unable to care for them they went down to the daughter. What a shock that must have been for all of them!

So their new mum ha to contend with no housetraining, an inability to be able to cope with no company, any restriction and normal meals. Luckily the meals were solved fairly easily as they really enjoy the dogs food. Next is toilet training, down go the puppy pads and constant trips to the garden to try and teach them to toilet outside. As mum works she now has a Nanny or two looking after the lads and we have seen such progress they make me very proud!

As mum had already started wlaking them this wasn't as much of a shock to them so whilst reluctant to go far they enjoy their tootles. Not used to be being around other dogs and both being entire they had been fairly tetchy with other dogs yet both now enjoy quiet dogs as company. Coping with car travel and being caged whilst in the van seemed no problem at all to them.

Today we have had even more of a break through as Sandy the little blind soul pee'd whilst out on a walk and now walks quite happily off lead, sniffing, snuffling and bouncing around. So we have now progressed to popping them into a cage on their return home in order to teach them to hold on for the toilet for when mum comes home and lets them out. So how bout that for a old dog learning new tricks, they have learnt well over 10 brand news things in a very short space in time with very little disruption, go boys!

Some photos and vids updated.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Welcome Lola

I do laugh at this photo as she looks so intent.

Time to welcome Lola.

Lola is a very young Puggle ( Pug cross Beagle) and she knows she is special! Lola has been able to come on board as Leia and Zig are down to three days.

Her first walk was today and she coped brilliantly, I can see with time she will be very gungho and is well taken with Oscar and Hugo. I am hoping to keep her away from Jasper for the moment( haha) so she doesn't pick up any naughty Beagle thoughts!

Hopefully that will be the last newby for a while and all will settle. We do enjoy new dogs and the regular guys love a bit of excitement, it just takes time and lots of training to get them up to scratch.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Walking in the rain

Sometimes it is lovely walking in the rain....hardly anyone around and that virtuous feeling when you have gone out despite the elements.

You can't help but to be enthusiatic when the guys are still mad keen, well apart from the wussies, Hugo is usually a wimp and yet he ran, played, scooted and leapt about, fascinated with Koda and barely noticing the wet. Sisko also makes me laugh as his lovely primped topnot slowly slides down his face till it parts in the middle and he looks less like a smart poodle and more like a drowned rat.

Belle was in the bad books for running into the back of poor Suzy, she got such a fright and it obviously hurt, I caught her up and held her until she was calm, she hadn't seen Belle run up behind and I am sure she thought the pain was being caused by me. A few cuddles latter and a few treats and she had calmed down we will have to keep an eye on her in case she stiffens up.

I am really pleased with Fergus today, he is a confident, if not a little arrogant, little dog and he is at that stage where he is checking how long that piece of rope is! He thoroughly enjoyed running around and when we headed down to the stream I thought he was going to dive in from a great height. Today was in stark contrast to last week where he wouldn't recall, was being nippy when playing and was back to barking, he did spend sometime tied up on a tree when he was a toerag and it seems to have done the trick for now.

Sandy and Ben continue to do well although I look forward to the day they are clean in the house, at 12 yr old and never having mixed with dogs or being wlaked I am so delighted at how well they are coping with the change to their life and now they are barking with excitement when I arrive. Sandy is blind as well so who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!

Well I am downloading some of the photos and vids so I best go I might be a master of multitasking but even I am struggling tryng to eat, drink, sort the phonecalls and downloading all the photos!


I haven't been able to blog as I have been cruelly abandoned to cope ALL ON MY OWN! Mmmm that isn't entirely true, I did have Sam still( thank goodness for Sam) working away with the guys. No I have been left with the fairly large gang at home whilst Bruce went off and had a trip away. The fire may not be an animal but it has it's needs to I was making sure it was going to be on ready for me getting home.

Now anyone who knows Bruce will know he had left a freezer full of home cooked meals, a wood store full of wood and had notified all our lovely neighbours that I may need a hand. So off he went last Sunday and the work really started. At home we have the two old guys in the house Buck and Shy who are a doddle but need regular let outs as Buck is not only senile but his bladder is too. Then of course we have the mad cat who takes umbrage at being left ALL ALONE IN THE WORLD and usually pee's on the dogs beds if he feels he is any way neglected. Outside we have Nip and Buzz who as long as they get a play in the garden and a walk are quite happy then Rossi. Rossi is a hoot but timing his meals letting him out enough whilst not doing too much with him is a balancing act so most of my planning was to fit his needs in. Lastly are the girls, they were due to be fed haylage so I wanted to arrange a bale, pick it up in the trailer then organise a tractor at one end to lift it on then another at the other end to help me take the feeder off before plonking off the bale. Other than that my routine didn't need to change much.

How on earth do you lot cope with children ha ha?

Well in short I haven't had time to blog, the horses have their bale( It involved me going 'huff, urgh, heave, ouch!)the dogs are fed, watered, walked and loved, hugged and squeezed, fire was fed, raked and worshipped, Tumble didn't pee on any beds as he had the nextdoor neighbour Frank spending sometime with him and the freezer is looking decidedly empty!

Yeh he's home...I remember the days I was totally independent and mocked the afflicted woman who relied on their men....mmmm how many times have I had things come back and bite me on my bum!

Happy walking or as is the case today, happy splodging.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Drum roll.........

Hugo the baby of the outfit( that and Pixie) has cocked his leg today, woohoo!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Photos finally uploaded!


Monday, 2 November 2009

Petnanny pooches, a tiny pony called Smurf, two Nannies and the beach

Thursday we had a day out!
I have known Smurf and his mum for well over 13 years, we met whilst working with the clydesdales, so after she came and visited us I thought it was only right we went to visit them. Luckily for us Lisa lives less than a minute away from Cambois Beach so we knew we would have a great time.

It was lovely to see Bane in the flesh( I drew him beginning of this year for Lisa's husband) and of course Smurf, the last time I saw him he was travelling to his new home in the back of my Ford Escort van. Ah he was looking exactly how he has always looked cute and cheeky!

Once all the ntroductions were over we headed to the beach and let some of the guys have a good play whilst Lisa walked Smurf over. Now Smurf isn't any old mini pony he is such a sweetie and his new job is as a hired entertainer, a job he does so well. People can hire him for promotional events, birthday parties and can have a sit in his cart. So it was interesting to see him mixing with up to twelve strange dogs and of course our guys never even batted an eyelid.

As usual I was soooo proud at how well they behaved and Mark( husband), Grant ( son) and Lisa were thoroughly enjoyingbeing surrounded by very happy silly dogs. It was fantastic to see the big girls next to the little fella and I have to say Mila was so bemused and kept trying to sniff his bum Smurf being Smurf merely looked on in a truely tolerant manner before carrying on with his new mates.

The little guys at first were a little overwhelmed, A little more playing and walking soon got them bouncing out of their skins and Bruno fell madly in love and barely left Smurfs side, now that was a funny site! Vinnie was doing his best impression of 'I don't care' whilst making sure he avoided Smurf like the plague so he clearly wasn't as brave as he likes to think.
Once each and every dog had had a good run, meet and greet and plodge Smurf headed back and we got the guys settled they were definately ready for a sleep. Only the middle door on Lily wouldnt open, grrrr! We huffed and puffed and still it wouldn't open in the end I had to climb in the middle and open the emergency doors in the back cages. I am not particularly elegant at the best of times so I am pleased nobody could see me hauling myself over the bulkhead!

Needless to say the dogs thought it was great fun switching back and forth from cage to middle and again is a great testament to their temperaments and training, go Nanny dogs!
Finally we decided to have some fun and put a very good Belle into Smurfs Harness and cart to get a shot with Pixie ( Sam's Chihuahua cross yorkie)and Bruno sitting calmly on the cart waiting for a ride. What a shot what clever dogs! I think Smurf by now had decided if he wasnt going to be the star of the show he would head off and tuck himself into bed, who can blame him he is 19 or 20 yrs old!

Lastly Bertie decided he was cowboy in training and had a sit and ride on Smurf, now tell me how many ponies could be lose with a schnauser on their backs?

So all in all a great day was had by all, I can recommend Smurf 100% if anyone wants to have a pony come along to a childs party, they also work alongside a bouncy castle( yes he copes with people bouncing on Bouncy casltes). If he can cope with lots of curious, excited dogs I have no doubt he can cope with anything thrown at him.
Photos to follow, heres a couple to entertain:

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rossi, me and my mates.

Shys face saws it all

OOh what you doing Uncle Shy

Dogs being dogs
Buck doing a great job of ignoring Rossi

The lads and their 'dad'.
Well Rossi is starting to look like a miniature lurcher now, his long legs and his nose is getting longer. He thinks Shy is the best thing EVER unfortunately for Shy who thinks he is a complete pest. I am very proud how all the boys( I am totally out numbered with six males at home) are behaving around the puppy. Nip is very good and shows him very carefully what is and isn't allowed/ Buzz we watch liek a hawk as he's a devious little sod but again he is doing very well. Buck pretends he's not there and Tumble well he just carries on being Tumble.

Rossi is going out and about on walks with the guys, needless to say he walks for better on the lead when on his own. He's met sheep( boring), cattle ( Aye and?) and the horses (mmmmm lovely to lick and sit on) Ella finds him quite intriguing and enjoys having her face thoroughly licked she wasn't quite as impressed when I plopped him on her back! Zaffi thinks he's a nuisance.

Well time for the guys to have wees so I'll leave you with a couple of photos of young Valentino.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cute fun

Don't know how they do it but it's cute and fun even if you have seen it before.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Unusual step

I thought I would do something a little unusual and recommend a boarding kennel. Now I am often asked if I know of any boarding kennels that I could recommend, unfortunately I haven't come across any that I could recommend...that is not to say there aren't any good kennels out there I just don't see what goes on enough to know they are good kennels.

So this is why I can recommed LinnBank Kennels. Run by Cindy I see on a day to day basis how the dogs are cared for, how often they are out and how nipping clean everything is kept. They live on site and they have a range of paddocks, pens and a field in which they walk the dogs. Now I am not trying to make out they are walked out and about for hours, running loose and playing, that would be reckless with dogs who don't know each other and who may not recall. No the residents go out four times a day stretch their legs, pee and poop to their hearts content, sniff until they invert and usually shout at the cws and sheep who live next door.

The kennels are indoors, the bedding kept dry and clean, I coudl happily lie on the floor and time is spent with each dog so the seperation form their owners is softened by attentive care.

Yes they bark on occassions when they are waiting their turn for walks or when someone comes to pick up their guys but other than that I have heard very little.

As there are only 12 kennels you know they aren't churning out dogs like a production line and more importanly I see that there are repeat bookings meaning the customers are happy with the service.

All the details are on the website.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Would you employ Mr. Kain to do your work?

Interesting company name, not sure they would be the fastest or most efficient outfit eh? What would your grandmother think!

Get on your bike

Now I would like to tell you I had taught the dogs to ride a bike.....only I haven't! So we did the next best thing, we have taught the dogs to run alongside a bike.

As is often the way the big brave opinionated teenage boys were the big wussys and took a little time to realise they were not going to be eaten alive by the bike. Even then I am so proud of how the guys took it all in their stride.

Oscar and Hugo will need to learn how to travel next to a buggy so I was delighted when they happily accepted their new walk or trot as the case may be. Beaubeau is used to being next a bike although I am sure if Andrew( BeauBeaus dad) does it for exercise he needs to spend more time peddling and less time letting Beaubeau pull the bike!

We usually expect Bobby to be a wussy and he likes to prove us wrong and from the beginning he thought it was a complete hoot. Vinnie was the star pupil with Oscar Pugly being the most likely to creat mayhem.

Hope you enjoy the videos:

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rossi again


Well Rossi is finally geting out and about. His first walk was to the village green with Buck and Shy, he had his line on and he just didnt know what to look at, smell or taste first!

For his first walk he certainly had some excitement from his older flatmates....Buck doesn't like to run in frotn of Shy as Shy likes to play rough whereas Buck likes to run unabaited. So Buck look around, he sees his chance, he starts to build up his speed, starts to turn and wollop Shy and Buck collide with Rossi looking on....

So we return home with Shy walking like he's pooped his pants where he went spreadeagled and Buck walking like he had somersaulted ( he did unfortunately) and Rossi was bouncing along thinking it was all very exciting.

After a big cuddle for all three, painkillers for the two sighthounds who seem to had lost the ability to look where they are going and a warm comfortable bed each settled down to a hopefully restful sleep.

Isn't it the youngsters who are supposed to be causing us heart stopping moments as they get used to their legs?

Monday, 12 October 2009


I met Loki and her mum Sonia over four years ago, it was obvious how devoted Sonia was and of course Loki. On first meeting them I was horrified to hear the vet had recommended Loki was put down, now this was a very young happy, full of herself Dalmation who was quite clearly lame but not in the least bit bothered. We sat down and had a coffee whilst I heard what had been happening and by the end of the conversation I had persuaded her ( it didn't take much) that until Loki decided she wasn't happy or comfortable then we would carry on letting her enjoy life to the full.

I don't think I have seen Sonia without a smile on her face yet know she must be like a woman possessed when annoyed or if anyone hurts her baby! In the early days I nagged, cajouled and whined about being a little tougher on her princess, to cut down on her food a little and to say that nonexistent word NO. Most time it was to no avail of course and we accepted our roles as Mummy and Doggy schoolmistress(!)

Now Loki has always grumped, she knows what she wants and sees no reason she shouldn't have it, exercise was always well recieved yet she always did it at her own speed and only with whom she chose. The other guys weren't scared of her because they knew it was grumpiness and being opinionated rather than nasty and looked on in delight when she decided it was playime. Her main love apart from herself and Sonia was food...oh how she loved food, not hunting mind that is for the uncouth, her food should be placed delicately in her smiling mouth and swallowed with relish.

I was very pleasantly suprised how well she took to Nanci another dalmation bitch who I rehomed with Sonia, deaf and with endless energy she seemed to claim Loki as her sister and Loki filled that role so well. Loki ended up a bit of a mother hen, cleaning her ears always making sure Nanci was around and well. Seeing them play, rough and tumble literally made you see spots infront of your eyes! Loki always ended up rolling over with Nanci leaping expertly over her back.

Only after today we won't get to see Loki's smiling eyes and wagging tail, her silly ears that fold over as if an afterthought. Not be able to moan at her grumping at a dog sitting too close, even her hoping to snaffle every bit of rabbit poop out of the field. No after today we will have to remember all those memories, the smells, looks, the way she did things, we will have to remember them because Loki just couldn't recover. She died in her mums arms, the arms who had cared so carefully and diligently for the last five days.

Not even 5yrs old is too young but we all tried so hard, the vets, Sam and I and of course Sonia and Loki.

So cuddle up close to Nanci, Sonia. I will go home and hug Buck and Shy that little bit longer than normal and know she was a friend to so many dogs and lived a fantastic life for those too short years that you had her.

Hope Swift takes you bunny hunting Loki or more likely that you will find the poop while she's terrorising the bunnies.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Who'd have thought it?

Dexter is growing up! After lots of hard work from all of us( Sam, myself, his mum Emma and the flat sharer) he is starting to be a pleasure to walk, he is a hunk of a dog massive for a Dalmation but soft as muck. Many of the dogs look to him to have fun now and I am proud of whatwe have achieved, well done Sam you have done the majority of the work and it shows.....I know you won't want a gold star so a trip to borders is in order I think!

Harvey is also coming on leaps and bounds although he is far more opinionated than Dex, Sirus is a thug! He currently tries to do only the bare minimum to get what he wants and it will be some time before he will be reliable.

Well it's time for wee's( all of us I think) so till next time,
Happy walking


The photobucket site is now full( third one so far!) so I will be starting up another soon, use this link for the new videos I have just put up.

Here is the new site@

Charlielab made me laugh today, he fell madly in love with Hansom, who obviously has a very enticing smell as Charlielab isn't the first to fall for his bewitching smell. Now that isn't what made me laugh, what made me laugh was him running madly through the woods looking longingly at his new love and SMACK he ran into a tree that had inexplicably not jumped out of the way! The look on his face, he was quite clearly unhurt just a little bemused, lesson one to learn.....look where you are going.

So with that thought clearly not in his mind he started to run in the undergrowth still following his manly love and he was being thwacked with so many branches that he tried the close your eyes and keep running technique....mmm hard to look where you are going when your eyes are closed! Ah well it's all about the learning......or not in some cases ha ha.


There are some things that I would love to know...not for any other reason than I want to know.

So one of the routes I take home passes through a lovely village called Stamfordham and just as you leave, past the many pubs( how many pubs does a village need?), there is a house with a porch and in that porch two people sit. Now that doesn't sound life altering does it? Onl it is a basic porch, they have a whopping big nice looking house and rather than sit in there they sit where most people leave their shoes and hang their wet coats.

The man usually sits to the right( my right) and the lady sits to the left ( yup my left) they sit side by side not looking at each other and just watch the road. WHY?

No really, why?

I don't suppose I will ever know, huh.

Then take today, it's pittling down and I was still being munched on by midges, how did that happen, at least when the rain comes I am safe in the knowledge at least I won't have to face the sodding midges. I was not happy!

Finally we have Jasper, yup Jasper again and Maddie. Why would they think screaming at the top of their doggy lungs is going to make us choose them instead of the other, equally excited, dogs? When the other guys have the lightbulb moment and realise what magic formula gave them their fun and frolics WHY doesnt it happen to the Madd one and the Infuriating one?

Wht, why, why, why, why?

Monday, 5 October 2009

Well saying its Monday!

You can certainly tell it's monday.

I was held up today as we had a problem with the documents with the new van Izzy so we had to re test it and as I had picked up all the guy it meant they watched it all. The mechanics just couldn't get over how relaxed and friendly they were. Then I also had Tumble with me so he came in and thoroughly enjoyed showing off his kills to the other mechanics, I don't mind the dogs having different things happen, they are safe, supervised and it means if they are ever faced with a breakdown or even just going in a car wash its not going to be distressing. Its amazing how having their pals take it in their strides helps the new guys cope.

At the field we met Sam and tut tutted at Jasper and Fergus, they had created so much on arrival they were on the naughty bucket and had to watch their friends come out and have fun. Both were shouting, screaming, digging and furious. MONDAYS! Fergus is doing just what we expect and getting over excited at the idea of some fun and play now all he has to learn is the calm controlled behaviour in order to get that fun.

Once my guys cames out Tallulah decided she simply couldnt recall today and danced about when called in and the two St Bernards decided they would rather go anticlockwise then clockwise with us so they ended up on the naughty bucket...unlike the two boys they just looked woebegotten ah shame.

We finished off with an introduction to Tumble in the field, I was very impressed with Mila and Truffle especially with lot of interest and lots of restraint on their behalf. Belle, Izzo, Oscar, Hugo have spent time with him so they were fine although Izzo was having to be watched. Vinnie, Tallulah, Mila, Truffle and Charlielab all were amazed and intrigued clever dog clever cat!

Charlielab had a moment shouting to be let out then digging when I didnt instantly, next when he calmed down and I let him out he set off like a bat out of hell( what a strange saying!) and I managed to cover five strides without touching the ground. All to be expected and very soon he did us proud by trying really hard and settling, meaning he could after some time having fun with his new friends.

So heres to tomorrow and lets see if we have as much action then.

Happy walking

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Catching up with the photos

About two weeks of vids and photos have finally been added!

I hope you enjoy them....


Well the ol' hanky is out again! Charlie Numb Nuts is going to be staying home to play Nanny to his future human brother/ sister and also he is now chief office dog at his Dad's business ( Rise Lettings I can certainly recommend as he manages my terraced house).

We worked so hard on Charlie NN and I am so happy to know I have positively affected his life and behaviour during his years with Petnanny. I look forward to the days we will bump into him at Waldridge Fell.

It is strange how things happen as I only just took on a young dog called......Charlie! A young Black lab he is such a genuine person at that stage in his life where he swings from complete confidence to puppyish perplexy.....I am sure we will have so much fun with this young lad and he is already worming his way into our hearts.

Ah well I am off to eat some comfort food...I don't like change!

Happy walking

Monday, 28 September 2009

what the eye doesnt see

Now Elsie can be a pest with Molly Mc, so we have to stop her being a bit overbearing, I know Mols can handle her but she shouldn't have to.

Now what we couldn't usually see is what Elsie actually does to Mols to make Mols complain so here is the proof, naughty dog! It looks a lot worse than it is as shes not actually biting her but as you can see she certainly trying very hard to.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ted By Jess

My name is Jessica, Ted is my Pomeranian. He is approximately 2 years old. I have had Ted for around 5 months now we chose his name because he is just like a cuddly soft teddy bear. When I found out he was homeless I was very upset to hear that such a dreadful thing like this had happened to him, and that his previous owners had done this to him. I was so happy that Caroline the pet nanny offered the chance to re home him.

Teds favourite toy to play with is his ball, he would play with me all day if he could I throw the ball and he fetches it to me then I ask him to sit and throw it for him. His favourite treat is squirty cheese from a tube, I got this idea from a lovely lady called Jen all you do is give your dog a little lick when the are good then put the top back on. Although he likes this he would much rather have his ball.

This is Ted after his first bath it was outside and such a hot day he really enjoyed being cool.

In August this year we took Ted on his first camping trip to Keswick, he absolutely loved the long walks and we loved spending so much time with him. I also love the idea that you can take your dog into all the shops there which is a lot different to here. This is ted wrapped up after a long walk in the rain, as you can see he went straight to sleep.

Ted loves to be with me, although he knows he has to spend time by him self in his cage at bedtime.

Ted loves to listen to me play the guitar.
He also shares my interest in Irish Dancing.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ummm spot the deliberate mistake only it is not deliberate! So why is it posting the photos sideways?

Ah well Fergus had his first walk with us today and he has so far had a ball! Here he is with Nero, Sophie, Bobby and Harry all retrievers and all quite intrigued by the new boy......mind he ony has eyes for MiniMe check out the video of them on the usual photobucket site!

Birthday Girl

Everyone was very excited to be celebrating Elsies Birthday on Monday mainly because there was lots of the usual fun and because her mum had sent goodies for all the guys, she certainly knows how to win them over!

Happy Birthday Elsie, I know the best present Elsie has recieved is finally finding someone who loves and treats Elsie the way she needs to be treat, Paula you've done yourself and Elsie proud, well done!

Hoppity Poppity

Poppy 'You are never gonna get me in there'

'Huh great view'

Poppy with her humongous bandage, she is progressing well and seems to fairly unperturbed to be wearing half a duvet on her leg!

Poor Pops

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rossi update

Well my new routine of going to bed bout 10pm then getting back up at 1/2am then again at 5am finally surfacing at 6.45am is going ok as Rossi likes to get straight out have a wee then head back for his warm bed, we have a few widdles here and there not helped by the fact when he was with his mum all the pups decided the bed was a place to pee. Luckily the breeders kept them very clean and I am sure with more ( relentless training) he will become clean.

I can see a difference in him already and he faced his second big event( first was leaving his siblings and mum) first injection!

He is becoming increasingly naughty and bosses Bruce about, I am being very good and letting Bruce doing all the training I merely train when he is doing something to me that is painful like chewing my face! I do chuckle when Bruce waggles his fingers at him and Rossi just tries to chew his finger and barks back. Its so interesting to compare him and Swift( she was my last lurcher pup so all I have to compare) they were both opinionated little baggages and I am enjoying watching his personalitiy unfold oh and watch Bruces exasperation, hehe.

Rossi is a great eater and is especially enjoying his mini garden so we have had to fence him in away from the privet and honeysuckle so now he is doing a great impression of a wild boar and currently truffling in the lawn....

We went to a local village show last weekend and had to take him with us so he wasnt left too long, we used the oppurtunity to introduce him to new sounds and sights although he ended up a heavy armful by the time we had carried him around and of course making sure we fielded well meaning puppy fans from handling him until he has had all his vaccinations. He wasn't at all fazed and even the flapping tape didn't frighten him. I don't know what he made of the bird of prey area and was particularly taken with the vulture...oh goody lets hope he doesn't end up being the grim reaper!

Here I am getting a kiss from the boy.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh I didn't introduce Suzy

Suzy lives with Bruno and being a an older lady she was going to be staying home but then she decided older or not she wanted in on the action so Suzie now joins the happy band....Shes a 13 yrold Collie cross springer knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like and is a happy funny little bitch.

I love how she handles the likes of Vinnie:

Vinnie sniffs, Suzy ignores him,

Vinnie sniffs some more, Suzy asks him to go away

Vinnie pretends she doesn't know what she's thinking and carries on sniffing, Suzy turns shouts in his face to get his nose right away from her delicate bits or she will help him with his delicate bits!

Vinnie trots off looking quite bemused, Suzy carries on her own sweet way.

The same happens with Archie and Jasp. Nero and Bobby just need a look from her and they move off smartly safe in the knowledge one sniff is fine two/ three and four is going to get you moved on.

Now I love this kind of bitch, she hasn't a nasty bone in her body she just isn't into dogs, she's happy tootling along, no one bothers her she won't bother them. Who am I to argue with the a dog who's learnt from experience. As long as she doesn't push her luck and start being bossy thats fine by me!

Monster is well named!

Sam had a fright waiting for her Saturday. Monster is a three legged young male cat who lives up to his name and seems to enjoy getting into all sorts of scrapes. Saturday he managed to outdo all other attempts to shock us by playing with a load of carrier bags his mum had left out for the litter tray and had managed to get himself stuck with the handle wrapped tightly around his neck. Poor Sam now has visions of what could have befallen him and a sense of dread as to what he has gotten up to this time! Monster lives with amongst others a wonderful persian called Gandalf who begs on command and looks at all that goes on around him with an air of superiority.

Cats can make you worry yourselves sick waitingf or them to come home after a day spent foraging or raking a round their territory, we are lucky that most of our cats are either indoor cats or tend to prefer hanging around rather than travelling far. They also are a greedy bunch so we tend to be greeted enthusiastically at the door demanding their cuddles and food.

So heres hoping the little Monster is keeping himself out of trouble and it certainly makes you paranoid about making sure everything is put away. Needless to say once his mum had got over the shock of what could have happened she then said we could have a good check around to see if there was anything else she hadn't put away that he might do some mischief with.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The dreaded prices update

Well it was always going to happen and unfortuantely it is going to happen October. As you have all been very loyal and fantastic at keeping us up to date with any changes and holidays I have been able to hold off any price changes until now. The usually price increases in diesel, car repairs etc etc that we all have to bear have meant I can't hold off any longer.

I have sat and trawled through prices from other dog walkers there are non that really compare to how we do things but we are still very competitively priced and in fact too cheap! I was quoted £25 ( I nearly fainted ha ha) when I asked how much it would cost to care for a dog in the way we do so I am happy with a £1 increase per walk. You will of course still recieve a massive discount if you are a five day a week customer and you all benefit from the dogs being out longer, enjoying company, comfort and fantastic care not to mention fun and training.

I know of only one other walker having a private dog park as we do and this is reflected in their price...I don't want a bronze, silver and gold standard tiered service all our dogs are platinum so we give a platinum service for the same price.

Hopefully by next weekend my long awaited van will be kitted out, I have been waiting not so patiently for another transit to replace the Fiat slug, jinxy, call her what you want I certainly did. She was just too unreliable and I just can't have that no slackers on our watch! I am a bit stuck as to the sign writing so she will be naked for a while, yikes. I think I will have to call her after the multi marathon running comedian Eddie Izzard as she will be trailing around for our guys and with me driving she will need a sense of humour( oh and like Lily will be named after a transvestite or maybe he is a cross dresser ah well he'll do). So there will now be Lily the trannie and Izzy the trannie!

I wonder what the guys will make of a window at the side rather than the back doors, if they dont like it I will just have to have back windows fitted as well as the side window that is currently being fitted as well as the willygigs( ventilators). I won't quite be able to buy a heating system in time for me getting it next week but I am trying hard to save for this space.

Thanks as ever for being part of a very special group, I will never become a millionare but I am at least proud of what we do for everyone.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New boy called Fergus!

I am practising my woebegotten look.

Things never stay the same do they? We have Norman( sniff!) staying home and a couple of other guys changing their days due to life changes has made a small space for the two new small people, Bruno and Fergus.

Fergus the Westie is a young lad who is coming out for the first time next week I think he will find it a little harder than Bruno but I also have no doubts he will just love it once he get in the swing of things....

So welcome the new boys and I am sure the regular will enjoy showing them the ropes.

Welcome to the new boy a pug called Bruno!

Bruno has joined out happy gang and if today is anything to go by he's going to have a ball! He loved the van, fell in love with Tallulah wasn't at all fazed by the new routine and was a real pleasure to have.

Ahhhh Norman

Well I am sad to say our Norman is no longer going to be joining the guys. His mum is going to be home so he's going to have a great time, he just loves his mum and dad. He will be sadly missed by not just us but by all the guys who love playing with this gentle soul.

I am grateful we will be able to catch up with him and he will be coming along for the odd walk so he can keep in touch with his mates....


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Our new routines

Well now I get up at 6.30am so that I have time to let the littleman out for his wee it's a close run thing who needs a wee more Buck or Rossi so I try and do both, Rossi in his garden, Buck in their dog garden. Then its my turn and feed the cat, I am grateful at least we Rossi eats Naturediet on a morning and not tripe! Feeding Buck and Shy comes next by then the littleman is ready for another trip to the loo whilst I stand in my Jimjams wondering why I am standing out in the dew and Bruce is still in bed!

Once all are fed and watered emptied and entertained I head off for my work day whilst I leave Bruce with his boy...I have to laugh at the comments like ' what watch him all the time in case he wees, ah man that means I have to get up' and ' what let him out again for a wee' shows just how much we forget the effort involved in bringing up a pup.

Once home I whizz the older lads out for a walk, last night they were convinced there was a nasty rat in the nettles so I watched them leaping and diving thinking of how hot and tingly they'd feel afterwards, Buck thought better of it and tootle around trying to snaffle a bit of cowpat without me noticing. Next is to get changed so he doesn't come into contact with the dogs clothes with all our shoes now outside.

If its not time for me to be fed I have a bit of puppy fun which usually involved me refereeing play fighting between Tumble and Rossi, next is him trying to kill my feet before moving onto magazine thrashing or if hes lucky he might manage a good old nose chomp, ow!

Then its wees, sleeps and feeding just like a relentless march of jobs then I have a bath and hand over all responsibilty to Bruce who is duty bound to do nighttime duties and you know what? Bruce is blessed by angels, the jammie sod hasnt had a single nighttime visit to do with his perfect puppy and I lie there thinking of the times I am going to have to get up when my horror comes least that isn't anytime soon haha.

Ickle Puppies

What comes to mind when you think of puppies? Do you long to hug them and squeeze them, want to smell that unique puppy smell? To watch them play and sleep the special way they do? Erm nope I think of screaming habbjabs, lots of wee, poop and that smell urgh!

Ok so I am not by anymeans a puppy hater( hardly) I just don't succomb to the cuteness of pups I tend to just see the reality of whats involved in caring for a little animal who relies on you for pretty much everything. I feel overwhelmed by the responsibilty of bringing up the pup to become a well mannered happy healthy dog. ( oh you can see why I decided not to have children yikes).

Yet I must admit having a pup around is also a real delight even with the work involved. Maybe it's because my guys are old, worrying about their health and in Bucks case being mentally stable enough to enjoy life has taken over my life. Then along comes a lurcher pup called Rossi and I can think of unadulterated fun, bounding delight and sheer amusement at what they get up to. Even better I don't have to worry too much, thats Bruces job I can sit back and enjoy this young lad growing up and evolving in front of our eyes.

Only he has one bad fault....he's just too good at the minute, he's clean in the house, he sleeps through the night and that means when my time comes to get a pup she's going to be a horror a squawling, chitting, walking just don't get two good pups in a row.

So I am going to enjoy this little lad and our new routines preparing myself for the puppy from hell when she comes....

Happy walking

Maddie managed to cut her tongue playing frisbee today

It looked like a massacre, there was literally bloody foam flying around!

We were walking at a field, playing frisbee with the livelier guys and I noticed I had a couple of drops of blood on my fetching lilac shoes. So I looked up and said to Sam ' someones bleeding', I looked around and to our horror Maddie had returned after the last throw with blood flowing freely from her mouth. There was blood on everyone as Maddie likes to love, hug and slobber everyone so we had to quickly establish just how many had injuries! Luckily it was just Maddie, all her teeth were intact, her tongue wasnt severed haha despite what it might look like and her lips were all fine.

Everyone including Maddie were getting increasingly frustrated at my slow throwing arm whilst I was trying to spot where the blood was coming from, the closer I got, the dafter she got, the more I was covered so it was quite entertaining! All our guys are well handled and steady to handle so we knew we could easily check her over but when a dog is panting hard slobbering even more so and the blood is coming from underneath her tongue it is not that easy to manhandle a slippery tongue....

We did manage to find the source popped her on the lead as everytime she panted and dashed about it was bleeding more. We flushed her mouth out a little to make sure nothing was still in and a very disgruntled Maddie was popped back in the van luckily the other guys were all tired after a good running session so they hopped back in the van for a cool down.

Maddie is doing great now and her tongue is only bleeding if she gets too excited and pants too much. Everyone is also looking a little better after being washed down after their bloodbath.....OOh goody.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

He did!

Well Bruce has a new dog, a brindle lurcher dog puppy called Rossi.

Hes a cracking little dog and full of fun, Tumble thinks he's died and gone to heaven and my two just pretend he isnt there! I have been suprizingly pathetic, swinging from missing Swift to being totally enthralled at this bundle of energy.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Finally my phone and computer are talking again

Now that Cowslip the 'puter and Goggles the phone are talking I have been able to download some photos for you to enjoy.

Buck and Shy enjoyed a rare trip out with the guys and are now fast asleep in the van.

Happy walking

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

So who's wanting to buy a house?

I admit defeat again I just can't work out how to put the house details up on here so here is a link to the house that is for sale and if you would like the file details please email me and I will forward them,

Monday, 7 September 2009

The answer to that question.

Depends on the circumstances, now granted this dog( Buzz our Patterdale) looks particularly evil yet this is what he looks like when he's panting, his lips draw back to pant and he shows all his teeth. So just seeing teeth, just as eeing a wagging tail, never tells the full story.

Below you can see why he was so hot and bothered, his favourite game trying to get the buoy with his brother Nipper.

What would you do faced with this?

What would you do faced with this?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Out and about again

I have uploaded odd photos of trip out and about in the North East, it is easy to forget what a wonderful area we live in...we could just do with more time to enjoy it couldn't we?

I have realised I enjoy County and country shows as much for seeing the dogs out and about as anything else it's just a shame to also see how many lame, fat, gimpy dogs there are out there. Scared and exhausted puppies, tolerant dogs being trampled under foot and aggressive dogs stressed to death. Do people realise what a busy show means to their dogs?

The weather is doing it's best to bring forward Autumn and I am currently in denial at how many trees are turning a lovely shade of brown...

He huffed and he puffed

He huffed and he puffed and still he wasn't allowed to play...when will Sirus ever learn ha ha.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A Muse on rules

I went to visit Caroline last weekend obviously partly to catch up but mainly to introduce my new pup, Beetle( a yorkie x working cocker)to cats namely Tumble. Tumble is a fantastic dog trainer and I honestly think Tumble enjoyed the introducion as much as Beetle.

Whilst at Carolines we were discussing rules as Caroline has lots of rules at her house and not always simple and clear! So I promised I would send her a muse on rules so here it is:

Muse One on Rules. How hard it is to remember my rules, your rules, and I'm a human with a big brain. Poor little doggies with the brains the size of a hen's egg. Caroline says, "You can jump on the sofat, but not the back of the sofa." That's not her only rule. I know that rule now, but it took me a while. I don't think Paris ( my Papillon) knows it and don't think, unless he moves in with Caroline for a while (now there's a thought), I don't think he ever will.

Must Two on Rules. And we have our priorities. My priorities for dogs are: "Come when you're called, quickly, no thinking about it, right now." That's Number One. Number Two: "Pay attention to me when I ask." Number Two really should be Number One coz you can't come when you're called if you can't pay attention, but that's getting nit picky. My background is in obedience competition which requires a huge amount of concentration from both dog and handler when you're in the ring, but as long as doggy not committing imprisonable offences when out of the ring, hey, chill dude. Other people have other priorities: not jumping up, not biting the lead, staying off the furniture. All are fine. It's up to us what we want from our dogs.

That's what I think anyway.

Jenny Adams

Watch out wasps are about

Just a warning that this is the time of year where the wasps tend to be quite arsey and already I have heard from Holly that her dogs have disturbed a wasps nest and needless to say they were pretty angry.

It is handy to carry piriton in your pocket and if the are stung you can safely give them one( for a labrador size two) and of course watch out for an averse reaction.

So if you walk at Sunniside Park watch out as there is a wap nest in the woods and its ( as many are) in dead wood on the ground.

Happy walking

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dexter and Sirus


Both boys Dexter and Sirus are impatient, fun loving daft dalmations who want to live life 150miles an hour. Dex has been worked on very hard, most times this means going over stuff you have done before, sometimes its introducing new things either way despite the tantrums( Dex not us) we have enjoyed working with him. After all its what we do. So why am I talking about this again? Well we are really getting there, he is waiting at doorways more times than he's trying to jump out, he's walking to heel more times than lunging at distractions and even better he's becoming a welcome member of the doggy group. The dogs seek him out for play, they will sit next to him when they are doing sit stays they even allow him to join their established play sessions. I like it!

This doesn't mean we relax and enjoy our spoils it just means we are starting to see progress. Out of the three pups Harvey, Montana and Dex he is the youngest and certainly the mot challenging but he's catching up. Montana fluffed after fanastic progress by refusing to recall and jumping out of the van( in a safe enviroment) but shes a teenager it happens what we have to do now is ensure she can get tings right and make it hard for her to get it wrong, it not a disaster just a reminder to kep working on the basics. Harveys thing is being handled when shocked or when he doesn't want to, this has improved immeasurably but we have to make sure we can gently handle him under every circumstance. He is a high drive spaniel and his recalls are 90% so we have work to do but again its just so nice to work on them.

Now Sirus, Sirus is a funny dog, he has the ability to really pee the other dogs off very easily yet doesn't seem to do much that is that out of line. He tries only enough to get a result and his only focus is full speed dog on dog fun. Only you can't have that all the time. So he gets the sit thing, yup knows that sit calmly and fun comes your way in some shape or form, he even tries the heel thing most times but a bit like a hot horse he seems to go on the boil then takes two hours to cool off and think.

For example( also Jasper)
He goes in the van and he starts to warm up
The dogs are picked up he gets warmer
We stop at the walk and he's starting to bubble
We get some dogs out and he starts to simmer
By the time we either get him out or he sees dogs having fun he's boiling
So you can't get him to simmer down, to just focus he just boils away

Now I think the gambling aspect comes into it here. He knows no matter what we will get him out, it might be high adrenalin frisbee or play fun or it might be walking round the roads the chance it is a adrenalin filled session is enough for him to boil. So we are still focusing on calm behavious nothing more nothing less just calm, once we get calm the rest will come. We can't avoid walking and even when we stop adrenalin games he will still boil until he learns to get his hit he needs to be calm.

We will get there we always do....some just take longer don't they Jasper!

Well, happy walking!

I thought I'd be sad

I thought I would be sad today. You know what I am not, I am really glad. Louis the ShihTzu left us today, he's going to live with his grandma while his dad sorts out his new life. This might mean we wont see him yet I am not sad as his owner has decided not to rehome him. I know why he was wanting to rehome him, hes endured a break up and having to move home, thinking he's not going to offer Louis the fabulous life he has been living. Only I knew he couldn't have a better life even if there was only one dad caring for him and lots of change in his life. So after lot of thought and help from his mum whilst he movesout of his former home he has realised Louis is better off with his dad.

Life is good!

Good luck the pair of you, get through the next six months and I look forward to hearing how things are going, if we get to see you again, all the better, if not I am happier knowing Louis is staying where he belongs.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Updated photos

I have finally caught up with all the photos, now if I can just do that with everything else in my life I will be very happy ha ha.

I took Goggles for a ride yesterday, out with Storm and Samson, for the first time in comapny without Ella. Despite being six she is very inexperienced and I was interested to see how she would cope. I needn't have worried she and I had a ball. We managed all paces although I don't really remember most of the ride just three specific things:the first gallop we had was also the first gallop we had done, the field full of Shitlands and the badger.

The first time I rode out with Cindy and Lorraine with Storm and Samson I quickly learnt their canter was in fact an earth moving gallop, so this time I was prepared......when Cindy asked if we wanted to 'canter' up the steep bit of hill or the smooth bitI opted for the steep bit knowing that if Goggles took a hold she would stop due to the steepness. Knowing where we were going to 'canter' I started to prepare, not soon enough we didnt wait till we got to the hill we were setting off with hooves flailing across the undulating field to the hill.

Now Storm is a wedger he doesn't look like he has a turn of hoof but nobody told him so he was legging it, Samson is all hair and enthusiasm with Goggles tail in the air flying after them. Just as I was getting used to her and she was getting ued to carrying me at speed I saw Samsons bum come up and head go down and Lorraine did the same....uh oh I braced myself for a deep dip and was taken totally by suprise when Goggles leapt expertly over it, wow! By now Storm was battering us both with great clods of dirt and poop( see I told you I have a lot of shit in my life!) dodging these whilst watching her feet I was so impressed with her first gallop.

Now all this sounds fantastic doesn't it? Only I was scared witless yet excited out of my tiny mind. Its quite sometime since I let fly galloping fulltilt across a field and that horse knew what he was doing with me, Goggles was trying to find her feet in a field she'd never even seen never mind walked across. We got to the top of the steep hill in a second( it seemed) and at the top the girls turned around eyes flashing and said 'well how you enjoy that then?' I managed a good holler and a high pitched squeel and we carried on laughing at how much fun we'd had. The horses were buzzing every part of their body must have been tingling from the adrenalin.

Now the badger was a pleasant suprise as this was bout 7.30pm, he was only young as he was half the normal size and our he shot out of the reeds to our left and ran straight for us, quite clearly knowing his bolt hole was past us and he wanted to get there fast. He ran along the fence with big butch Storm panicking at this clearly dangerous wild animal on the other side of the fence, so the badger ran faster to get past him with Storm thinking he'd better go faster to get away form it luckily Cindy persuaded him to chill and the young brock shot past the road and dove under the farmers shed( he will be pleased!) while Goggles looked on in awe.

Just before we were finished we had to pass through a field full of breeding Shitlands luckily the young grey fiesty stallion must have been on away duties. Once in the field I was keeping a close eye on Goggles who is a real hussy, she might shout and advertise her wares but way betide anyone who tries to take advantage. Needless to say the boldest Shitland was the smallest and she 'escorted' us out of the field running in and out of us like a demented collie then once at the gate she shot off bucking and kicking at a job well done. Goggles looked on in amazement and let out a good old snort I think she enjoyed her education last night!

Oh what fun me, the horse and good company what else do you need?

Monday, 24 August 2009

How was your weekend?

All say Ahhhh, Twitter and his teddy.


Jacqui, Ella and Fern

Ella enjoying her massage

Well mine was a busy one! I had a friends daughter staying( her dad is the dolphin trainer/ owner)and she was such a star helping with the horses and shes just so dry for a 15 year old. So with Fern helping we managed to clear a full side of the field of poop( I have a lot of shit in my life!) and then washed both horses for the show they were entered for on Sunday.

Fern had a play on Goggles bareback something she doesn't get to do in her riding school( our insurance driven world) and even had a go on Ella which is a first. So with sleaves rolled up and all the shampoos etc ready we got stuck in a washed the two spottie girls until they were gleaming. Once rugged up and turned out we headed home and relaxed with full bellies waiting for the saddle fitter. As youngsters they change shape regularly and you must make sure you have a comfortable saddle if you want them to carry you safely. So once the saddle fitter came she let me know Ellas saddle needed restuffing and Goggles old one no longer fitted luckily she has a spare as I don't have £600+ for another saddle.

Next was the physio, the physio does exactly what you would expect and just checks to see if there are any problems and manipulates them using their own weight to change any disturbances. Then once this is done she gives them a massage using a massage machine...( such a tough life my horses lead I cant remember the last time I had a massage!) the following photo shows just how much Ella enjoyed it, Goggles on the other hand wasn't that impressed though there was a dopey look on her face.

On taking Fern home i met Twitter the young barn owl and saw a very proud dad, Ferns male Barn owl Raph. We then enjoyed a lovely BBQ although I have to admit whilst I am used to dealing with greeding dogs I wasn't prepared for a thieving Rhea, he nearly managed to snaffle my chicken wing and only headed off with a mouthful of salad.

The show? Urm well it could have gone better! The girls were horrors,they huffed and they puffed, they grunted and shouted and by the end of the show I had severe head rattle off all the whinnying they did back and forth to each other. In the ring Goggles spat the dummy out and dragged me from one end to the other. Ella meanwhile was trying to drop kick her handler( a friend who unfortunately for them decided to offer to hold he wont again). Next was Ellas turn and I managed to break the land speed record for running, the crowd were impressed with my running especially when I was only touching the ground every other time....I believe I can fly!

Well once we recieved our rossettes Goggles came 2nd out of two ( ha ha at least we weren't asked to leave) and Ella 3rd out of six( maybe the other two were three legged?) we headed back to the box where they were sweetness and light. I did manage to do some training by riding Ella a bit at the show and she did very well so all was not lost. Mmmm despite doing plenty of training apart, the show has shown they need more time spent alone....I can feel the tantrums already.

I will add some photos onto the photobucket for you to enjoy especially the ones with my face showing, urm you can see what I am thinking!

Hope you had a good one.